Winter SQUIRREL HUNTING at My FARM in the SNOW!!! (Catch Clean Cook)

20 dec. 2020
426 214 Weergaven

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  • Note the chicken stock

    Tyler hearndenTyler hearnden3 dagen geleden
  • 10/10 would definitely recommend cooking it in a pressure cooker with chicken broth it is amazing

    Wyatt HarwoodWyatt Harwood5 dagen geleden
  • Will your neighbors not give permission to shoot on their land? I mean why not?? It’s coyotes.

    Aaron ClantonAaron Clanton6 dagen geleden
  • Yeah use your bare hands to pick up an obviously sick possum lol

    Steven DennisonSteven Dennison12 dagen geleden
  • What 6.5 creedmore grain bullets are you using

    Matthew HaleMatthew Hale13 dagen geleden
    • And you should carry a 12 gauge with you coyote hunting 😜

      Matthew HaleMatthew Hale13 dagen geleden
  • Shoot the coyote and “yeah my bad I shot him and he ran over to your property”😂

    Gage StoneGage Stone15 dagen geleden
  • You need to get a thermal and hunt at night

    steven lawrencesteven lawrence16 dagen geleden
  • Wind directions???

    sean hockadaysean hockaday16 dagen geleden
  • A can you watch can you show us how to cook and clean a ASL

    dog angel landdog angel land17 dagen geleden
  • Me remembering 2 years ago you saying you would never squirrel hunt again😂

    ChunkyBaitCastahChunkyBaitCastah17 dagen geleden
  • Shame on you, the poor animals & there families.

    Dylan John CahillDylan John Cahill17 dagen geleden
  • Why does a opossum run? Because hes playing opossum @FLAIR

    Matt ReynoldsMatt Reynolds18 dagen geleden
  • Dress like a road runner

    TbonetimTbonetim19 dagen geleden
  • Here in 2021

    Pam PeggsPam Peggs19 dagen geleden
  • Flair, using coconut water and pineapple is awesome as well. Enjoy.

    StihlnLogsStihlnLogs20 dagen geleden
  • *Does he ever take in account that squirrel might had newborn babies in a nest or something*

    BaldyBaldy21 dag geleden
  • That guy can't clean or cook nothing. Dang he can ruin wild game.

    Robert DavisRobert Davis21 dag geleden
  • What are you doing for scent control? Specific hunting clothing that you don’t wear until hunting. Scent spray on your clothes. Are you setting up with the wind in your favor with the caller downwind from you? You have a ghillie suit but is your camera man wearing one? Do you have a hood for your ghillie suit?

    Jamie GradyJamie Grady21 dag geleden
  • I have MS but I love fishing though, trying to let everyone that I can in form them about it. I’d also love to get fishing gear; tackle box, lures, line, reel n rod to go w it. I enjoy all of the videos that all of the Googan’s Post. I can also give you my address, I live in Western KY. Close to TN n MO. If could could you share the message w Mr. Matt.

    James CallanJames Callan21 dag geleden
  • in the summer turn on pup distress

    kbrock31kbrock3122 dagen geleden
  • Night time thermal hunting ....... Yes!!!!!

    Spencer Five Oh!Spencer Five Oh!22 dagen geleden
  • Does the coyotes attack your pet animals?

    DANZDANZ23 dagen geleden
  • vole squeaks brings them in all the time

    Blake BarrettBlake Barrett24 dagen geleden
  • Shoot em

    Kim PriceKim Price24 dagen geleden
  • thay just show thar theth

    Dixon Lew SextonDixon Lew Sexton24 dagen geleden
  • posims dont acholy bit

    Dixon Lew SextonDixon Lew Sexton24 dagen geleden
  • 1o min of harassing a possum

    cason brookscason brooks25 dagen geleden
  • Nobody: Flair: blinded by the light

    Gman VlogsGman Vlogs26 dagen geleden
  • I have a 6.5 cremore and mines a sniper

    Susan DrewSusan Drew26 dagen geleden
  • Pup in disstress

    Bengt BengtssonBengt Bengtsson26 dagen geleden
  • Idiot and stupid

  • I mean if you shoot it on the neighborhood property and hurry and retrieve it who would ever know 😏

    Demonic PharoahDemonic Pharoah26 dagen geleden
  • Flair cooks a squirrel in chicken stock. Flair " It tastes like chicken!!! It tastes like dark meat chicken. Tell me it doesn't taste like dark meat chicken."

    Andrew DawsonAndrew Dawson26 dagen geleden
  • Hey flair, just btw, I work at a deer Processor and after I skin and gut, simply use a stiff haired brush and brush the meat and the hair comes right off.

    Mall Cop FishingMall Cop Fishing26 dagen geleden
  • What I do to get the hair of is to burn it it smells like a branding but gets rid of the hair definently try it

    OutdoorGenixOutdoorGenix26 dagen geleden
  • You should put on a coyote pup distress or a female coyote whimpers

    Mr. LaymoMr. Laymo27 dagen geleden
  • Why is a possum playing possum

    todd feltstodd felts27 dagen geleden
  • Bro I got a way to fry squirrel to make it more tender than dark meat chicken and still taste like that

    Southgeorgia StuffSouthgeorgia Stuff27 dagen geleden
  • Flair: if you want to know how to clean them NLworld it 5 seconds later: so first you cut the back...

    Dogo TurtleDogo Turtle27 dagen geleden
  • Hey flair those are lymph nodes not scent glands

    Troy AlbrechtTroy Albrecht27 dagen geleden
  • That was a nice ass shot

    Gabriel deHoyosGabriel deHoyos27 dagen geleden
  • What state do you live in?

    jt stevensonjt stevenson27 dagen geleden
  • Bait in the coyotes put some all meat or something near the call maybe

    Thomas HeiderThomas Heider28 dagen geleden
  • Put a rabbit decoy out by the call

    Faith YaunFaith Yaun28 dagen geleden
  • you can use a small torch to get any hairs off.

    dylan ostendorfdylan ostendorf28 dagen geleden
  • 7:08 calm down, JON SNO!

    zaoczaoc28 dagen geleden
  • Flair when u fry it u got to boil it for a little while before frying it that is what my family does

    Joshua FitzwaterJoshua Fitzwater28 dagen geleden
  • Where’s banjo

    Alexander RoseAlexander Rose28 dagen geleden
  • Flair: puts dead squirrel meat it instant pot with broth. Also Flair: “he’s just taking a bubble bath”🤣🤣

    Aerobic TrippAerobic Tripp28 dagen geleden
  • That quiet sheww was legendary

    Taylor BehmTaylor Behm28 dagen geleden
  • I would say don’t play different sounds so it doesn’t get confused

    Ricardo RamirezRicardo Ramirez28 dagen geleden
  • Gotta have that Big Jim energy lol

    Pigert PlayzPigert Playz28 dagen geleden
  • I am pretty sure your neighbours wouldn't mind you killing a coyote on his fence

    Michel CormierMichel Cormier28 dagen geleden
  • I've noticed Flair never answers back so I'm unsubscribing. You suck ass Flair.

    lisa Spelllisa Spell28 dagen geleden
  • blinded by the light

    Fishing With RadeFishing With Rade28 dagen geleden
  • You should post a second video of you actually cleaning the animals. Or would that get you strikes on your channel? Idk how that works but I know they take away the money coming from those videos that don’t apply to their terms of service.

    ForensicMForensicM28 dagen geleden

    Cole EverettCole Everett28 dagen geleden
  • 30 minute sits and move

    Evan FresquezEvan Fresquez28 dagen geleden
  • Make some rabbit stew !!

    GLADDYGLADDY28 dagen geleden
  • not even trying to b rude but when flair walks with the gili one looks like a fat person😂😂

    Dara HarrisDara Harris28 dagen geleden
  • Flair you should do a possum catch Clean cook!

    Young FarmsYoung Farms28 dagen geleden
  • Yes please do a night time coyote hunt!!!

    Evan CroweEvan Crowe29 dagen geleden
  • You should try squirrel dumplings.

    The HighlanderThe Highlander29 dagen geleden
  • Have you picked the winner of the tank

    Barbara WeigmanBarbara Weigman29 dagen geleden
  • "We're gonna cook this low and slow" in an instant pot for 10 minutes...

    SmallieSpottersTVSmallieSpottersTV29 dagen geleden
  • Put in pressure cooker for about 8-10 minutes then batter and then fry.

    Taylor BatesTaylor Bates29 dagen geleden
  • I always thought chicken tasted like squirrel, weird!!!! :)

    Crazy Hand GrowsCrazy Hand Grows29 dagen geleden
  • Flair " We're gonna just leave Jim alone" Pool Jet *continues poking it with stick*

    Crazy Hand GrowsCrazy Hand Grows29 dagen geleden
  • Pool jet woulda convinced me to pick it up lmao

    Crazy Hand GrowsCrazy Hand Grows29 dagen geleden
  • Give us a truck build update.

    zackzack29 dagen geleden
  • Good video bro I’m down and Florida and I’m always looking for new recipes I’ll definitely try this out 🤙

    Christian MarquesChristian Marques29 dagen geleden
  • Trust me your neighbor ain't gonna care if you kill a coyote on his property

    Tyler ShanksTyler Shanks29 dagen geleden
  • U dont get them to come in just blast me and don't say anything

    Donna PrevatteDonna Prevatte29 dagen geleden
  • A tip for frying squirrel you have to boil them for 5 min and then fry it so it aint tough

    Levi FoleyLevi Foley29 dagen geleden
  • Dunk them in a bucket or water to get the hair wet before skinning it, it greatly reduces the amount of hair on the meat.

    Casper6.6Casper6.629 dagen geleden
  • Go to 16:45 and he made a Beat

    Clark GreenleeClark Greenlee29 dagen geleden
  • When your Africa mounts come do a mount tour of all your mounts

    SunnyyBTWSunnyyBTW29 dagen geleden
  • Flair:"think buddy's got any back straps there?" As he shreds it lol

    Nathan McFaddenNathan McFadden29 dagen geleden
  • les go big JIM 2020!!!

    Anthony PedrolAnthony Pedrol29 dagen geleden
  • Do the thermal.. 😁

    thumbs upthumbs up29 dagen geleden
  • 22 scope cam rabbit and squirrel hunting video would be sick!!!!

    Liam HansenLiam Hansen29 dagen geleden
  • Put a pup in destress

    Brayden MuellerBrayden Mueller29 dagen geleden
  • Use a 45-70 if you want it to go down instantly

    FuneralTortoiseFuneralTortoise29 dagen geleden
  • Try squirrel brains it’s an old southern dish

    RyanRyan29 dagen geleden
  • What if you put lure around the call site. Like get some lure of dead/wounded rabbit & then hit the call button to see if they’ll come.

    Olayuwon DennisOlayuwon Dennis29 dagen geleden
  • I love to use a lonesome howl omce or twice then go to jackrabbit in distress then if nothing coyote pup in distress those are the 3 i use

    Toran KingToran King29 dagen geleden
  • I learned to never use the challenge howl very often if at all bc some coyotes that could come in it wont bc it wont wanna try to fight

    Toran KingToran King29 dagen geleden
  • Ask your neighbor if he doesn’t mind if you shoot it if it’s on his property close to the line most ranchers don’t mind

    Texas StrikeKingTexas StrikeKing29 dagen geleden
  • You gotta use pups bc no madder how much the yots are bedded down and not moving they will always get up and come look for that pup

    Christopher SinkuChristopher Sinku29 dagen geleden
  • Just so u know they see you before u see them and coyote hunting is very slow you need to sit in a stand for an hour watch tic tok or sum and again I need a visual

    Elk slayerElk slayer29 dagen geleden
  • Hey this is actually gonna work you need to have something for them to see like a rabbit spinner or a fawn deer just something for them to see so they aren’t running toward your direction but to that spot

    Elk slayerElk slayer29 dagen geleden
  • Those scent glands in it are called lipnods

    Caden ParrsonCaden Parrson29 dagen geleden
  • Don’t shoot possums!

  • Possums are a benefit to your farm

  • Kill that possum and someone will be visiting you , possums eat all the nasty bugs around your farm.

  • try using more lower rodent calls and see if that helps. it will take a while though

    Alaskaboy TVAlaskaboy TV29 dagen geleden
  • YESS! Do a night time thermal imaging coyote hunt. That would be awesome!

    Andrew BennettAndrew Bennett29 dagen geleden
  • Wow you really gonna kill my cousin's like that

    the Squirrel399the Squirrel39929 dagen geleden
  • Day 11 of asking flair to fly me out to spend a few days on the farm dm me @bentley_kinzer_13

    Bentley KinzerBentley Kinzer29 dagen geleden
  • Or decoy

    Keaton BrunaKeaton Bruna29 dagen geleden