QUAIL HUNTING in My BACKYARD with My PUPPY!!! (Catch Clean Cook)

3 nov. 2020
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It was time to get rid of the backyard farm quail so I took them out to trail Lucy with them! I hope you all enjoy!
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  • Yeah, you right he doesn’t talk too much

    Naqib HusseinyarNaqib Husseinyar8 uur geleden
  • Flair: "You got two in a row! You need one more and you get a UAV" Those of us who understand this reference: *dies laughing*

    Rosie Posie1213Rosie Posie12132 dagen geleden
  • Can somebody tell me what is all meat seasoning called

    xwhy u madx 7445xwhy u madx 74455 dagen geleden
  • Just wanna say really Enjoy your videos.

    Brodie BrownBrodie Brown9 dagen geleden
  • I think flare is doing good training the dog

    Brody MosierBrody Mosier11 dagen geleden
  • he messed up her uav

    carson buntioncarson buntion11 dagen geleden
  • FLAIR, keep training Lucy the way you want, because half the time loyalty can beat skill anyday and she is your dog so do what you want. Btw your vids are awesome I’m big on duck hunting and have a puddle pointer dog that is my best friend and although he makes mistakes he is doing what he loves and I think that’s the best thing you can do for a dog

    John AhlgrimJohn Ahlgrim12 dagen geleden
  • Your doing the best she’s doing Amazon she still young that’s about the best they get

    Country BoyCountry Boy13 dagen geleden
  • WOW, I can tell from your rant that some of the people viewing your vids have taken you for more of a 'Prepper'/Homesteader, and expect you to be the expert. Having watched a couple or so of your vids it is clear to me that you are not a professional in any of these things you are attempting. You come across to me as a young dude who is having fun messing around with animals and fish instead of cars and motorcycles. I don't get the impression that you are trying to give strong advice to people, more like just a dude who is doing fun things and filming it so that people can live this live vicariously through your experience. I hope the harsh criticism does not change you and make you bitter. From what I have seen you are learning from your experiences and hoping that people will find it entertaining.

    Wil AdamsWil Adams15 dagen geleden
  • Don't hate on flair

    Jennifer ByromJennifer Byrom15 dagen geleden
  • Lucy is you dog you train her as you see fit . I agree let her play

    Chuck SmithChuck Smith19 dagen geleden
  • Lucy has to hope up

    Georgina PhillipsGeorgina Phillips23 dagen geleden
  • Next time you should tag all the ones you plant so you know if you shoot a wild ine

    Stephanie RussellStephanie Russell27 dagen geleden
  • Haven’t watched flair for a month with work and stuff and brighten my day instantly 😂😂

    Jack LavenderJack Lavender28 dagen geleden
  • i had a dog like Lucy but she did not hunt she got into a chicken pen once (rip)

    Richard PopeRichard Pope29 dagen geleden
  • Awesome vid. More!!

    The207WayThe207WayMaand geleden
  • Lucy's gonna do great with hunting

    Lizard Boy200Lizard Boy200Maand geleden
  • Good job Lucy...I would enjoy a visit to your ranch with my border collies...as a matter of fact; I'd love to live there...

    Dave ThomasonDave ThomasonMaand geleden
  • Flair you vids are asome

    Landyn QuandahlLandyn QuandahlMaand geleden
  • Hay man i tried to train a dog and i could barly get her to sit so you doing a great job.

    Kondroc gamingKondroc gamingMaand geleden
  • I cannot state and express just how incredibly happy and proud of Lucy I am! Goddamn she learns so damn fast when she's focused! I mean hot damn that was lighting speed, and then her thrill and passion she showed once she really got into it is absolutely fantastic to see!

    TheCriminalViolinTheCriminalViolinMaand geleden
  • I’m so sad that I had forgotten about this channel. This dude is living the dream

    Alex DBAlex DBMaand geleden
  • good training flair

    Killer Miller OutdoorsKiller Miller OutdoorsMaand geleden
  • Am I the only one that doesn't know where dale is?

    Dane NielsenDane NielsenMaand geleden
  • hope you had a great thanksgiving

    Albino GuerreroAlbino GuerreroMaand geleden
  • yeah flair don't listen to the haters there losers and have your fun

    Albino GuerreroAlbino GuerreroMaand geleden
  • Hi flair I use this company when I go hunting it's called Dan's hunting gear and they make nice stuff I found a lucky vest here what it's called the brush buster dog vest

    Zach TannerZach TannerMaand geleden
  • Love it

    Lucinda SchoemanLucinda SchoemanMaand geleden
  • lucy is gonna be a beast cant wait to see her brute form lol.

    Anthony CastroAnthony CastroMaand geleden
  • Flair don’t listen to the haters just live your best life! And I think Lucy is good at what she does and the biggest part is that she has fun!

    scOpEs CLUTCHscOpEs CLUTCHMaand geleden
  • 5+4=10?😂🤣

    Ryan TrahanRyan TrahanMaand geleden
  • Love watching lucy work shes hilarious and a GREAT DOG as long as ur having fun

    Cowboy 22Cowboy 22Maand geleden
  • One more and u get a uav * I'm dieing*😂😂😂😂

    Liam campaninoLiam campaninoMaand geleden
  • I think Lucy Is trained really good

    Madie HoughMadie HoughMaand geleden
  • i love your dog he is the bast hunting that i have see and i have wh all your v

    wyattrter#rocks hoodgeswyattrter#rocks hoodgesMaand geleden
  • I love your videos so much

    Eoin mc GonagleEoin mc GonagleMaand geleden
  • Are you a hunter

    Lim LimLim LimMaand geleden
    • Nah he just mostly hunts everyday and makes a bunch of videos about doing it

      Seth WilliamsSeth WilliamsMaand geleden
  • I love your videos and I think you are doing the right thing

    veinquish bad at fortniteveinquish bad at fortniteMaand geleden
  • People have no right how to tell you how to train your dog. Everyone and every dog is trained and works in their own different ways. I scroll through these comments and people nit picking what your doing and I disregard them. Lucy is your dog, it's your job to train her the way YOU want her to be trained. I fully agree on what you say when you support receiving tips. But people telling you the "correct way you should" be training her should be ignored.

    Deviltattoo99Deviltattoo99Maand geleden
    • I agree

      Seth WilliamsSeth WilliamsMaand geleden
  • Bro u are a great NLworld and so awesome do not listen to the haters

    Mack KeatonMack KeatonMaand geleden
  • Don't listen to the haters listen to your 2 million subscribers

    Johnny ThompsonJohnny ThompsonMaand geleden
  • she looks like snoopy from the side

    Adin ZelayaAdin ZelayaMaand geleden
  • They are dick about saying that

    Tanner EverettTanner EverettMaand geleden
  • They are dick about saying that

    Tanner EverettTanner EverettMaand geleden
  • Where is the horse

    Melinie CurrieMelinie CurrieMaand geleden
  • We need more Lucy training

    Riley LaugelRiley LaugelMaand geleden
  • I left for a while off this channel because ive been moving but man that dog got big

    gg no regg no reMaand geleden
  • She's going to get bigger and faster too

    Steven HenrySteven HenryMaand geleden
  • 😎😎🤩

    Roberto SanchezRoberto SanchezMaand geleden
  • Cool

    Roberto SanchezRoberto SanchezMaand geleden
  • She is doing great but you should raise pigeon because they will fly back to the pen that way you get them back because they will fly back to their pen no matter how far away you put them

    Jacob KlingerJacob Klinger2 maanden geleden
  • Also Ive never hunt but I like watching your videos and I hope to hunt soon in the future

    LUIS CRUZLUIS CRUZ2 maanden geleden
  • Flair are you a grower or a shower

    LUIS CRUZLUIS CRUZ2 maanden geleden
  • Hey FLAIR are Gerrys nuts still in the tree?

    RoyRoy2 maanden geleden
  • What we do is we would go shoot some and the bring it back to are dogs and the would sniff it and when we would cut it up to eat it we would let them eat some of the raw meat and now there are hunting dogs for ducks and rabbits and squirrels and a few other things

    XxDeathstar505Xx Ps4XxDeathstar505Xx Ps42 maanden geleden
  • As long as she’s having fun she’ll learn something every time! Just make sure it stays fun and entertaining for her!

    MAC OUTDOORSMAC OUTDOORS2 maanden geleden
  • I like your puppy I wish I had her

    ahmed patelahmed patel2 maanden geleden
  • Goooood girl louse

    Kolton CastleKolton Castle2 maanden geleden
  • I found with partridge hunting with my lab and my springer I will have them sniff the dummy bird and hide it quite a ways away and tell them to find the birds and it seemed to work for me might be something that you could try

    Nicholas BinghamNicholas Bingham2 maanden geleden
  • Dont listen to the haters! There just jealous of your success. Just remember that your the best NLworldr,and do you!!

    Cooper GravesCooper Graves2 maanden geleden
  • I agree alxsander flair don’t listen to the haiters

    Hunting bro’s The huntersHunting bro’s The hunters2 maanden geleden
  • Lucy is a great hunting dog for only being 6 months old

    Brody WehlerBrody Wehler2 maanden geleden
  • I don’t get why people hate on you in the comments. Your videos are awesome. Keep up the good work. I have nothing negative to say.

    Craig BarkerCraig Barker2 maanden geleden
  • I judge a lot of bird dog tournaments (plant 3 birds in a field, the dog and handler gets a 15 min time limit to find the birds, fastest time and best score wins) and this was actually pretty good for a dog not knowing the scent of a quail yet.

    Benjamin LeoneBenjamin Leone2 maanden geleden
  • Flair put the first bird in a headlock

    Julian CunninghamJulian Cunningham2 maanden geleden
  • Flair I have a lab and I trained my dog and it did fine so don’t worry about them just do what you do

    H VanbeekH Vanbeek2 maanden geleden
  • I had 17 dogs and you are right do treats then do not give treat

    Maegan CarterMaegan Carter2 maanden geleden
  • Whoever said that Lucy is not a good dog in Howell you she is Trained you know what I’m talking about you’re so selfish and you might not agree but all the people that like flair like this please

    Fishing with KyleFishing with Kyle2 maanden geleden
  • Your dog Lucy sucks at hunting

    Cynthia HinkleCynthia Hinkle2 maanden geleden
  • Who else wishes Flair was President?

    stonefly69stonefly692 maanden geleden
  • sorry about the haters

    William HESTERWilliam HESTER2 maanden geleden
  • i got a googan ad while watchin ur vid

    Buck KillerBuck Killer2 maanden geleden
  • your dog you life keep on vloging i think your doing an amazing job she done amazing on the quail hunt well done Lucy. Flair start hitting shots she will learn quicker lol. well done to you both keep up the amazing videos, and Peace

    Elmoh's KOIElmoh's KOI2 maanden geleden
  • I have no reason to be as happy as I am for Lucy and flair

    Pgc SnipesPgc Snipes2 maanden geleden
  • Please just make a video of u just quail or pheasant huntin all day

    Jacob PaternosterJacob Paternoster2 maanden geleden
  • Can u do more videos on this, these r the best

    NickNick2 maanden geleden
  • lucy is a great dog to have and to retrieve birds.

    Missy GayMissy Gay2 maanden geleden
  • yo flair fuck the haters man lucy is doing so well retrieving birds for her age dude keep up the hard work it will definitely pay off in the end and your probably right saying some of these people probably don't eve have a dog to train

    Devon BlanchardDevon Blanchard2 maanden geleden
  • Someone tell my why he is wrapping up quail with beacon... quail is good enough by its self

    Ty CossetteTy Cossette2 maanden geleden
  • She is definitely improving, but you need to implement whistle commands for her to return to heel, and for her to hunt out front. Good job on the home training though!

    DunnRiteOutdoorsDunnRiteOutdoors2 maanden geleden
  • You doing a good job with trying to train Lucy

    Charlie and Andrew ThibodeauxCharlie and Andrew Thibodeaux2 maanden geleden
  • Where you are correct my stepmother she is a dog trainer she's trying to train all my new dogs I would just got her name is Gemma and she's trying to turn in to be a duck hunting dog and is so hard don't ever listen to the haters they're just trying to pull you down

    wilderness outdoorswilderness outdoors2 maanden geleden
  • You should hunt quail more often it's fun to watch

    Elijah chanElijah chan2 maanden geleden
  • If it helps at all for my German Shepherd I just preach the command sit and when the dog comes to me I tell him to sit and he will drop the toy/bird what ever it may be I had the same issue with getting it brought back to me he comes to me and runs around me in circles and the command sit really fixed it all. If they can learn sit and do it perfectly on command you will eliminate her from running around you trying to play instead of releasing it to you. Just a thought to try.

    dakota allendakota allen2 maanden geleden
  • Fuck the haters man. What you are doing with Lucy is showing a lot of people that patience and dedication with your pup is going to get the job done. There are always going to be haters man! Keep up the good work!

    Staticityy 666Staticityy 6662 maanden geleden
  • Yea flair my dog kills a extra duck for me usually

    Nicholas SeemungalNicholas Seemungal2 maanden geleden
  • My man wearing those outlaw boots

    That Permed MulletThat Permed Mullet2 maanden geleden
  • Flair how can I hate on you bro I love you your my favorite NLworldr

    Jeran WhitleyJeran Whitley2 maanden geleden
  • Flair, When i was young we would take and swing the quail around like 3 or 4 times like pitching a softball. It worked well for us. Maybe try that next time and see if you see a difference.

    Bonlee Bombers Fire Dept.Bonlee Bombers Fire Dept.2 maanden geleden
  • When u train her with the tennis balls don’t say fetch because on the hunt u say find the bird so although she did well always give her the same command so u don’t confuse her and don’t be so easy going you no stay strict as hard as it is don’t over treat her either let her no that this is it this is what she dose now treat or no treat

    Joe kingswoodJoe kingswood2 maanden geleden
  • Maybe if you only give her a treat when she puts it in ur hand that will train her to do that

    Seth HiattSeth Hiatt2 maanden geleden
  • Your dogs are the best my dogs can’t do that don’t listen to them

    Alex SuttyAlex Sutty2 maanden geleden
  • Freddy king has a good series on training dogs they helped me with mine.

    The Dedicated HunterThe Dedicated Hunter2 maanden geleden
  • I have a black lab who I trained myself and everyone who sees him thinks I sent him off to get trained or says I should put him in competitions but those competitions and little badges don’t mean anything to me or my dog my dog just likes playing fetch and that’s all it is when you take a dog hunting they are playing fetch the biggest thing is keeping them interested and making it a game flair. One good thing that helps is playing fetch with a 30-50ft leash and when she gets the ball or bumper pull her back to you. Good luck and great videos!

    Austin GunterAustin Gunter2 maanden geleden
  • Lucy is just a puppy she is very impressive

    ethan mitchellethan mitchell2 maanden geleden
  • Your dog does a great job, those haters just jealous

    Mason CMason C2 maanden geleden
  • i have a 2 mounth black lab and i will take advice for training

    Farmer WillyFarmer Willy2 maanden geleden
    • month old *****

      Farmer WillyFarmer Willy2 maanden geleden
  • Flair I think what your doing is amazing don’t listen to the haters pay attention to the real fans that cheer you on and watch your video and like them don’t listen to them and keep up what you do

    Brodys ChannelBrodys Channel2 maanden geleden
  • Me

    Pacita DavidPacita David2 maanden geleden
  • She’s a good girl

    OGC_ PrawnOGC_ Prawn2 maanden geleden