PUMP vs SEMI-AUTO Duck Hunting CHALLENGE!!! (Surprising Result!) CATCH CLEAN COOK

3 dec. 2020
416 749 Weergaven

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  • I’m guessing you don’t know this but when you say booling that’s gang Termanology bloods use

    skitzx the K.I.Dskitzx the K.I.DDag geleden
  • “Macy did not do the laundry...” 🤣🤣🤣

    Dominic VargasDominic Vargas15 dagen geleden
  • Happy New Year

    student at Prattsburgh Central School Millerstudent at Prattsburgh Central School Miller17 dagen geleden
  • Duck burger

    Harper HarrisonHarper Harrison19 dagen geleden
  • most epic shotgun firing ive seen today lol

    Ethan SyhavongEthan Syhavong19 dagen geleden
  • Potatoes carrots and onion with duck or goose or rabbit or phesant or quail I do it with phesant the most.

    Billy OctaviusBilly Octavius19 dagen geleden
  • Bob cat burritos

    tom westertom wester20 dagen geleden
  • Haha “ Macy didn’t do the laundry” 🤣

    Parker KeithParker Keith21 dag geleden
  • Need to get some garlic an ginger an onion an green onion an some chili paste then use sauce an throw that shit over some white rice

    Andrew NowotarskiAndrew Nowotarski22 dagen geleden
  • I want to see it again but flair has to get the pump

    Country boy StyleCountry boy Style24 dagen geleden
  • I recently got me a new puppy and he's 7.5 weeks old but when you used that duck call he got up and was looking around and was ready to go

    Jamie JohnsonJamie Johnson25 dagen geleden
  • Stir fry.. Serve it over rice or coucus.. soak up those juices

    Heather GibsonHeather GibsonMaand geleden
  • Dux duck hunting duct tape

    Tristin KincheloeTristin KincheloeMaand geleden
  • I got a sweat shirt

    Woodswalker GodWoodswalker GodMaand geleden
  • Yeah man! When are you gonna bust out some tacos? Enchiladas? Where is the love for Mexican food

    Laura CarpenterLaura CarpenterMaand geleden
  • most expensive pump vs cheapest semi

    sjocks tvsjocks tvMaand geleden
  • Flair seed gun

    Byron WylieByron WylieMaand geleden
  • Flair can I have your PO box number to send you some stuff

    Calan CooperCalan CooperMaand geleden
  • you should make some duck jerky I made some goose jerky and it’s amazing

    Cole BurnsCole BurnsMaand geleden
  • duck fried rice

    Aaron MyersAaron MyersMaand geleden
  • People starting my with a semi😳 i have only ever used pumps

    Thomas WardwellThomas WardwellMaand geleden
  • I hate to say it but why banjo be looking like Abraham Lincoln

    Nerf NerdsNerf NerdsMaand geleden
  • Day 6 of telling flair to make a how duck hunt video

    Shortys OutdoorsShortys OutdoorsMaand geleden
  • Make duck roast. Put it in a crock pot after browning in a pan of olive oil, garlic, and onions. Cook until done SLOWLY

    How.About.It.FishingHow.About.It.FishingMaand geleden
  • Deer chili

    howard Tomberlinhoward TomberlinMaand geleden
  • So glad to see Lucy doing a good job!

    Alejandro HernandezAlejandro HernandezMaand geleden
  • duck pzazz

    Cash EubanksCash EubanksMaand geleden
  • You guys should do an all meat challenge

    snoam the mansnoam the manMaand geleden
  • Grind all your meat together and make a all game burger

    Shane YatesShane YatesMaand geleden
  • Venison Chilli!

    Bill KBill KMaand geleden
  • duck tacos or fajitas

    sarah fitorisarah fitoriMaand geleden
  • I love your Channel

    Shawn BoydShawn BoydMaand geleden
  • You should watch some videos on how to use a machete properly! That could have been done a lot quicker

    Cody GlaserCody GlaserMaand geleden
  • I wanna see you guys grill a deer leg quarter

    Wavy DesWavy DesMaand geleden
  • “Macy didn’t do the laundry” uh huh... Flair could do the laundry! But if he does laundry like he cooks, I see why Macy would be doing it!

    Amanda SlominskiAmanda SlominskiMaand geleden
  • Duck tacos. Cook the duck meat in the crockpot with taco seasoning. Shred meat once cooked. Homemade cilantro lime sauce with mayonnaise, sour cream, red onions, salt, pepper, blended. Sautéed onions and peppers with garlic in olive oil. Soft shell tortillas Diced onions Diced tomatoes

    Jamie GradyJamie GradyMaand geleden
  • Can u cook a hole duck .like u fry a turkey ?

    heath marquardtheath marquardtMaand geleden
  • Buy a cow for 🥩

    ColtColtMaand geleden
  • deer with Italian dressing over night then barbequed at high 3 minutes each side

    Kenan Oney (STUDENT)Kenan Oney (STUDENT)Maand geleden
  • Lucy is getting so much better! She seems to have done pretty well!

    Crazy Hand GrowsCrazy Hand GrowsMaand geleden
  • i just got my dux sweatshirt and i love it

    Jackk DaikerJackk DaikerMaand geleden
  • y’all should go hunt Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Pronghorn, Snipe, Rail, Jackrabbit, Skunk and Woodchuck hunting. You can use traps but I’d prefer if you actually hunted them. Your videos are awesome and keep up the good work!!!

    Carter BennettCarter BennettMaand geleden
  • Make deer carne asada

    oswald cardenasoswald cardenasMaand geleden
  • you should mount some of the prettier ducks in your cabin

    Carter BennettCarter BennettMaand geleden
  • If you do duck again try dales steak seasoning it works on everything for a marinade

    Judson LottJudson LottMaand geleden
  • Flair flair flair flair we need to go hunting together we are basically the exact same person except I’m 13

    BoonerBoonerMaand geleden
  • Am Indonesia .

    HST GamingHST GamingMaand geleden
  • You should do goose and rice in a crockpot

    Elliott FowlerElliott FowlerMaand geleden
  • Yo flair try stuffing duck with jalapeño and cream cheese and rap it in bacon it’s 🔥 trust me

    Drew_fishing SquadDrew_fishing SquadMaand geleden
  • " oh rip banjo got the short and stubby but your used to that"- flair

    DixielandDixielandMaand geleden
  • New subscriber love the content!

    Ty ThompsonTy ThompsonMaand geleden
  • Flair you should do a roast duck

    Jonesy484Jonesy484Maand geleden
  • Bring back the og franks and flour

    Blane FarmerBlane FarmerMaand geleden
  • Lucy’s doing so good!!

    Shane KelleyShane KelleyMaand geleden
  • you should do deer fajitas and then show us the mini pond

    ASF GameingASF GameingMaand geleden
  • Make some deer jerky and sell it

    Jared JonesJared JonesMaand geleden
  • Ma come havete cucinato qurll'anatra c'e più salsa li che nei panini del mek

    Francesco TalozziFrancesco TalozziMaand geleden
  • You need to set full-body goose decoys on the corn field behind you and on the spot in front of you

    rustyapper13 cgrustyapper13 cgMaand geleden
  • Apple pineapple duck

    Peter SPeter SMaand geleden
  • imagine that baby face flair came back

    Maddux KoenigMaddux KoenigMaand geleden
  • I've always heard grilled bbq raccoon/pulled raccoon is suppose to be really good

    Jonny forJonny forMaand geleden
  • Cook southern broil

    Caleb JacobsCaleb JacobsMaand geleden
  • Deer tacos with bacon 👍🏽

    Giovanni CidGiovanni CidMaand geleden
  • Flair you've got to go fishing

    Sean KemnaSean KemnaMaand geleden
  • its just a prefrence thing

    keeping it real with Bartmankeeping it real with BartmanMaand geleden
  • Raising hale and praising dale

    Jacob KessingerJacob KessingerMaand geleden
  • The Beneli shotgun is amazing for ducks

    Patsquale GambrazzioPatsquale GambrazzioMaand geleden
  • All game Christmas dinner????

    Kaiden BurchettKaiden BurchettMaand geleden
  • Cheap vs expensive duck tocos

    Lilcarlos 1320Lilcarlos 1320Maand geleden
  • Venison stew

    ScaleHuntScaleHuntMaand geleden
  • Chicken fried Duck or Goose.

    ScaleHuntScaleHuntMaand geleden
  • Duck burgers

    ScaleHuntScaleHuntMaand geleden
  • Goose Tacos sound fire.

    ScaleHuntScaleHuntMaand geleden
  • Try duck fried rice or some other meat in it

  • What do you recommend for squirrel seasoning because I’m going squirrel huntin

    Gavin FrederickGavin FrederickMaand geleden
  • Hey Flair you can always send me some of your extra duck meat and other wild game that you have extra of my way 😉 as a chef I could come up with a lot of different recipes for that meat it would be cool

    Toby HaddToby HaddMaand geleden
  • You should try a marinade with lots of soy sauce, some worsheshtier sauce some garlic salt and dux all meat for about 3-4 hours then throw them on the grill and best meat you’ve ever had

    Fishing With LovdalFishing With LovdalMaand geleden
  • Dead bird Ralph dead bird🦆🦆🦆

    The ConjuredThe ConjuredMaand geleden
  • I love Duck😭😭

    Ariahna YorksAriahna YorksMaand geleden
  • 😭😭😭

    Ariahna YorksAriahna YorksMaand geleden
  • i think duck stroganoff would be great i made venison stronganoff and it was fire

    Harry NevaHarry NevaMaand geleden
  • Flair you can just put you sucks over your pants and they won’t scrunch up😂

    Fishing With Phenix JR.Fishing With Phenix JR.Maand geleden
  • Soak the duck in wishbone Italian dressing over night works wonders on duck

    Tnukum DjcjidndhfjfTnukum DjcjidndhfjfMaand geleden
  • I miss the Spongebob time passing meme bit. "2 hours latttaaa." OGs will remember.

    Tim Alberg-DavisTim Alberg-DavisMaand geleden
  • To get rid of some meat, you guys should make some Wild game sausages and wild game summer sausage.

    Leonard CavarettaLeonard CavarettaMaand geleden
  • Flair you can get ride on the gaminess taste by ageing the duck. You can either hang the whole duck like you would a deer for several days, or you can put the plucked carcasses I a cooler of ice water for 48 hours.

    Leonard CavarettaLeonard CavarettaMaand geleden
  • Take a deer roast put in crockpot cover in italian dressing and cook for 9 hours add potatoes freaking amazing!!!

    rick powellrick powellMaand geleden
  • I hear canning dear, duck and stuff is really good. You guys should try to can some and try it

    Pookie VanderbiltPookie VanderbiltMaand geleden
  • I wish you guys would get a meat grinder and try duck burgers or some other meats in burgers. You could have a burger catch clean cook series where every video is a different game animal.

    Kent Egner IIIKent Egner IIIMaand geleden
  • Why does Duxtape sound like it would sell like crazy

    Slipperyrock- ZjSlipperyrock- ZjMaand geleden
  • This restaurant in Charleston has duck spaghetti and it was the best spaghetti I’ve ever had

    Tyler McnellageTyler McnellageMaand geleden
  • you shoud hunt a wood duck.

    Mathias BorresonMathias BorresonMaand geleden
  • Thanks Oli

    Sara RichardsSara RichardsMaand geleden
  • Hey flair I want a beef cake hat for Christmas but my mom says they are all soled out are you making more and I am trying to talk her in to getting me the sweatshirt but it is to much money is there a special code for it

    Sara RichardsSara RichardsMaand geleden
  • what a way to cut down a tree

    Lexy SeeleyLexy SeeleyMaand geleden
  • you should buy a barra 1886 pellet gun

    Emiliano CastanedaEmiliano CastanedaMaand geleden
  • try cooking machboos its really good.👌🏽👌🏽

    TaigauzumakiTaigauzumakiMaand geleden
  • Flair where’s the upload for today

    hunterboy 61705hunterboy 61705Maand geleden
  • Hey flair, does the dux gear ship to ireland

    Liam FitzsimonsLiam FitzsimonsMaand geleden
  • Flair" banjo gets the short and stubby.youre used to it" ...nice😂

    Keith KnechgKeith KnechgMaand geleden