OVERNIGHT in My Backyard OFF-GRID CABIN for the FIRST TIME!!!! (Snowstorm)

27 dec. 2020
777 980 Weergaven

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  • Thanks for all the tips on heating and electricity for the cabin! You guys are beasts!

    FLAIRFLAIR23 dagen geleden
    • You need a firebox to blow all the heat out so it doesn’t escape the chimney and add a dampener to help with that also

      World Of Arm HustlingWorld Of Arm HustlingDag geleden
    • The insulation is a problem that’s one of the reasons it’s so cold the stove is pretty small I heat my house with wood but I have to have propane as well but the wood burner is pretty big it’s about 4 foot tall and about 3 square feet on the inside

      FabledCollieFabledCollie9 dagen geleden
    • @Brian Johnson christi Costco

      dayten cunhadayten cunha10 dagen geleden
    • @Taesian Soto ? Lp

      Rae RaeeRae Raee12 dagen geleden
    • Had to get this to 800 likes so I’ll like this comment lol I. Know no one cares tho

      Josh VowelJosh Vowel16 dagen geleden
  • Cabin need insulation

    sigshootersigshooter2 uur geleden
  • I'm Canadian you call that a blizzard I'm 13 The Coldest Winter I've ever had was -40

    idiot boiidiot boi6 uur geleden
  • Then you can spray and pray

    Colby DickinsonColby DickinsonDag geleden
  • Get hunter call of the wild

    Colby DickinsonColby DickinsonDag geleden
  • Insulate the roof and walls !

    ghostgirl1971 inc.ghostgirl1971 inc.Dag geleden
  • Sheeshhhh flair eating the fudge 😂

    Alex CastilloAlex CastilloDag geleden
  • Flair why don’t you use the wood from the trees you cut down from the pond and to make space for the cabin

    Nathan CaminatiNathan Caminati2 dagen geleden
    • For your fire wood

      Nathan CaminatiNathan Caminati2 dagen geleden
  • When the next episode from the cabin?

    oko477891oko4778912 dagen geleden
  • The best game is the hunter call of the wild

    William LerouxWilliam Leroux2 dagen geleden
  • Flair: I feel like an oven vacuum isn't off griddish The flat screen tv in the back:

    ILikeTheBearWindowILikeTheBearWindow2 dagen geleden
  • do a 3 day what you hunt

    joshua jamesjoshua james3 dagen geleden
  • The look you gave banjo for eating fruit roll ups like that 😂

    J AustinJ Austin3 dagen geleden
  • Malto mean = cream of wheat plus sugar and butter

    James TaylorJames Taylor3 dagen geleden
  • The propane heater is reaching the temp it’s meant to reach them turns off

    James TaylorJames Taylor3 dagen geleden
  • Catch and cook on red dead redemption 2

    James TaylorJames Taylor3 dagen geleden
  • I would live there

    Alana WebbAlana Webb3 dagen geleden
  • Just use a fan to throw the heat around. That's what I do, it works very well.

    Timothy RoyTimothy Roy5 dagen geleden
  • Hey it’d be a lot better if you slept on the top bunk because heat rises and you’ll be warmer

    Luke MaticLuke Matic5 dagen geleden
  • Play hunter call of the wild it's a much better hunting game

    Tower 130Tower 1305 dagen geleden
  • I ate a fruit roll up with the plastic

    Nfjr IsnbdgNfjr Isnbdg5 dagen geleden
  • I would check out battle born batteries. Theyre lithium (the safe kind) batteries, and you can buy packages with inverter and solar charge controller. They have amazing customer service (I hear). Might be worth a look. They arent giving the batteries away, but theres a 10 year warranty

    Tracy WeilandTracy Weiland5 dagen geleden
  • *gets 2 inches of snow* Flair: WE GOT US A BLIZZARD FOLKS

    nick.twenty3nick.twenty36 dagen geleden
  • Can’t go wrong with insulation

    josh brownjosh brown6 dagen geleden
  • What breed is mily

    Dee Jack38Dee Jack386 dagen geleden
  • you hit the heater

    Garrett HagemeisterGarrett Hagemeister6 dagen geleden
  • Lucy is getting big fast

    hęxity !hęxity !6 dagen geleden
  • It’s called a twin bed for a reason

    Sam SegarsSam Segars7 dagen geleden
  • It’s called a twin bed for a reason

    Sam SegarsSam Segars7 dagen geleden
  • Do not keep a wood burning stove open while it's unattended That's how you burn the place down. 😎

    Angelo JulianoAngelo Juliano7 dagen geleden
  • What is the others dog name not Lucy the other one

    Roblox VideosRoblox Videos7 dagen geleden
  • off grid roughing it in a SNOWSTORM! lol shit is weeeeak eh

    Michelle HardistyMichelle Hardisty7 dagen geleden
  • I love how flair said they make vacuums but I feel like that wasn’t off gridish enough, as he has a PS4 and tv in there 😂

    Stallion 2130Stallion 21307 dagen geleden
  • I shoved a whole bag of jelly beans up my ass

    TheSoupBurnsTheSoupBurns7 dagen geleden
  • The inverter beeping sounds like my RC charger lol.

  • i go to a cabin that is not insulated at all, however is way bigger, but we also have a cookstove and a separate woodstove. and we usually only use both when it is below 30 or so. depends on how it feels. but we have the beds upstairs, bc heat rises. i dunno, maybe an idea.

    John HuberJohn Huber7 dagen geleden
  • Flair, you should try Hunting Simulator 2. Its a much funner game and the graphics and game play are more realistic than the first game

    Damian RinaldiDamian Rinaldi8 dagen geleden
  • You also needs some shielding on the wall around the fireplace and on the floor sometime in the future.

    butterball 27butterball 278 dagen geleden
  • Get a stove fan, it's powered by the Heat and will spread the heat throughout the cabin.

    butterball 27butterball 278 dagen geleden
  • They make a foam spray and it insulates we have a 4500 square foot building with a man cave in it and we have a 50 gallon barrel stove and it gets it really warm in there since we started using the spray foam insulation

    Gabe SigmonGabe Sigmon9 dagen geleden
  • Need to get the building insulated... And then tgat wood stove should be plenty to keep that building warm... But insukation in key expecially on the floor and the roof... But omce the floor roof and walls are insukated should be good to fo

    Murph RynkiewiczMurph Rynkiewicz9 dagen geleden
  • You should play hunter: call of the wild

    Nathan LewisNathan Lewis9 dagen geleden
  • I love how its freezing in America and its boiling in Australia

    Joshua HeelanJoshua Heelan9 dagen geleden
  • It normally takes a whole day for our stove to heat the house

    Wyatt DaughertyWyatt Daugherty9 dagen geleden
  • You have a battery issue. You’re gonna need another battery probably and make sure you’re using marine grade deep cycle. Have you sealed around the windows and doors? A lot of air can flow through these areas

    Eric LasleyEric Lasley9 dagen geleden
  • Yes yes that’s how I eat my furit roll up

    Justice PointerJustice Pointer9 dagen geleden
  • The wood stove is fine in my old house we had a 2,000 sqft wood stove and we had a 2,500 sqft house and it kept our house very warm u just have to keep it full (to the brim all the time and empty it out every time there is like an inch or two of ashes in there and with the electricity I’m not to sure how to help u but the stove is perfect for the space u have u just have to keep it full of wood and cast iron gets very warm and radiates well too

    ZAFO -_-ZAFO -_-9 dagen geleden
  • What is the .22 he is using? I’ve seen it in a bunch of videos and can’t find the one where he buys it or explains what it is.

    J BlumJ Blum9 dagen geleden
    • He’s useing a rugar 1022

      Tennyson TalleyTennyson Talley9 dagen geleden
  • You should put a pond Fountain up you could power it from the cabin

    Joey WordenJoey Worden9 dagen geleden
  • That looks like gentert packaging on those brats

    wyatt weberwyatt weber10 dagen geleden
  • put insolation in the roof and cover it with ply wood will help the room stay warmer and heat not escaping

    RupeyRupey10 dagen geleden
  • There is trees all around you

    Cesar CastilloCesar Castillo10 dagen geleden
  • Play hunter call of the wild

    brady ruddbrady rudd10 dagen geleden
  • It’ll help if you arm insulate the roof a lot just a nice warm and probably get a bigger stove

    Liam HardingLiam Harding10 dagen geleden
  • My guy idk if u have done thhis yet but add insulation it will keep ur place warmer

    LAS1INLAS1IN10 dagen geleden
  • Your should cut your own wood from your backyard

    Jimmy WoodJimmy Wood10 dagen geleden
  • I have a wood stove and you can buy a fan that you place on the wood stove and when it gets hot the Heat powers the fan

    Colton PoppColton Popp10 dagen geleden
  • 😂😂 that looking like refried beans 💀💀💀💀💀💀

    TayFishingTvTayFishingTv10 dagen geleden
  • Are you Christian? Just wondering. no big deal

    Talan ListerTalan Lister11 dagen geleden
  • Your outside stove pipe needs to be higher above the roof of cabin. If could start a fire. And you can load that stove packed but you also need a flu for the inside pipe and it’ll make the wood last longer

    Dalton MurrayDalton Murray11 dagen geleden
  • The hand sanitizer burning is true. I've done it in Afghanistan. Poor it in an ammo can and set it on fire lol

    Zachary Renaud-PaulZachary Renaud-Paul11 dagen geleden
  • 243 does more than just wound deer my friend

    RxllieRxllie11 dagen geleden
  • Insulate the roof and put a fan behind the stove pipe 👍🏼

    Cole SchaffCole Schaff11 dagen geleden
  • If you can find one, you need a fisher baby bear wood stove for the cabin. Or you could insulate the roof and keep the same wood stove

    Jr S OutdoorsJr S Outdoors11 dagen geleden
  • Malt o meal slaps my grandma used to make that for us as kids

    Carson JohnsonCarson Johnson11 dagen geleden
  • Insulate that soup to nuts. And put an exhaust fan in your kitchen. Put a damper on your stove as well. Seal anywhere you see light. Good to go.

    Steven MerenessSteven Mereness12 dagen geleden
  • 18:00 pack a lip

    Carson JohnsonCarson Johnson12 dagen geleden
  • What’s flairs ps4 name 😂

    Gage StoneGage Stone12 dagen geleden
  • Use dryer lint as fire starter

    killer boonanakiller boonana12 dagen geleden
  • U need instillation in walls ceiling then it will stay warm

    Walter SchlaileWalter Schlaile12 dagen geleden
  • Just insulating the whole building will help keep the building worm

    howard Tomberlinhoward Tomberlin12 dagen geleden
  • Damper and a might look in to a Amazon diesel heater I run wood stove and a diesel heater at night in my cabin

    derrick muellerderrick mueller12 dagen geleden
  • get an electrical heater and not a propane because it is very dangerous to have a propane heater going all night and insulate the roof and walls for more warmth and i live in a trailer and have the exacted same stove and it warms the place up fast so the roof is the problem.

    wade jameswade james12 dagen geleden
  • Maltomeal is fireeeeee

    zombie killerzombie killer12 dagen geleden
  • Get a game called the hunter call of the wild

    Clarkson _25Clarkson _2512 dagen geleden
  • Wait does Banjo have a beard woah I watch all of the times but have never noticed

    CLXPED. XZCLXPED. XZ12 dagen geleden
  • What state do you live in

    L TillerL Tiller12 dagen geleden
  • Best Pringles is Pizza Pringles, you dirty nasty sinners haha I legit had battery packs, never have had one which didn't decide to incessantly beep at me, even when everything was setup perfectly. You definitely need insulation in that place in order to keep it warm. The less insulation you have, the colder everything is and the more heat escapes, obviously. Also, I highly recommend you put some kind of proper flooring in there after a period of dehumidifier usage in it. You're going to experience some nasty rot issues without doing so.

    TheCriminalViolinTheCriminalViolin12 dagen geleden
  • You need more wood, should have that stove just roarin

    kyle pachekyle pache12 dagen geleden
  • That's why your cold

    jeff popejeff pope12 dagen geleden
  • Dude you need insulation

    jeff popejeff pope12 dagen geleden
  • Does he have an old school studebaker radio?

    Definitely not jayusDefinitely not jayus13 dagen geleden
  • Flair u need a damper on your chimney. That's how your stove will keep you warm and also.make your wood last way longer and produce a lot more btu. U could sleep in tour cabin at minus 30 if u isolate it and have a damper

    Belle DorrisBelle Dorris13 dagen geleden
  • He should insulate the walls and cover it with some fine plywood

    Cazando Mar Y TierraCazando Mar Y Tierra13 dagen geleden
  • Bring whisky my friend, takes the chill off.

    Gage PalmerGage Palmer13 dagen geleden
  • Do ya have a damper in your stove pipe ? also put a small fan behind the wood burner

    Raymond WoodRaymond Wood13 dagen geleden
  • 100% the insulation and the stove is small asf

    Kolton EstridgeKolton Estridge13 dagen geleden
  • What’s the report on ice fishing video from flair 2021 TBA?? or is he just a hunting vlogger now??

    SoFlo DanglerSoFlo Dangler13 dagen geleden
  • What knife is that that you use

    Jesse Ruiz Jr.Jesse Ruiz Jr.13 dagen geleden
  • Anyone eles try the jermex thing

    David CampbellDavid Campbell13 dagen geleden
  • Try putting a fan by the heater to blow the hot air around the cabin

    Spencer kirkingSpencer kirking13 dagen geleden
  • Get hunter call of the wild it’s better

    Weston HerlongWeston Herlong13 dagen geleden
  • You need to insulate your cabin

    Levi HickLevi Hick13 dagen geleden
  • Add a bucket 9f water on top becuse it becuase humid wich is hotel than dry air

    jones evanjones evan13 dagen geleden
  • The beeping can either mean low battery or capacity overload. If it's a capacity overload problem then you'll need a bigger inverter.

    Jason McDanielJason McDaniel13 dagen geleden
  • That stove is not too small, one tip.. buy one of those fans u just place on the stove and it will start spinning just of the heat from the stove! Popular things here in Norway! Awsome channel! Keep it up!!

    Bjørn-Martin FladvadBjørn-Martin Fladvad13 dagen geleden
  • you keep it couesd

    Michael SklarzMichael Sklarz13 dagen geleden
  • U should get hunter call of the wild

    Gage CockrellGage Cockrell13 dagen geleden
  • Flair we don't want see milley take a dump!! 😐

    Wyatt LoweWyatt Lowe14 dagen geleden
  • You should make that game

    Jackson SchorejsJackson Schorejs14 dagen geleden