My BEST Moments of 2020!!! - FLAIR

31 dec. 2020
366 363 Weergaven

I just want to thank you all for the continued support! 2021 will be the biggest year yet! Buckle up cuz its about to be a fun ride! PEACE!
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  • Comment your favorite moment for 2020 OR what videos you want to see in 2021!

    FLAIRFLAIR19 dagen geleden
    • Frog catch and cook

      Kolton PowellKolton Powell11 dagen geleden
    • Can you do a diy bow hunting or fishing. It doesn’t matter what animal you go for

      Joey CrockerJoey Crocker12 dagen geleden
    • You should get a quacky 2.0

      TaxessTaxess12 dagen geleden
    • Come to Alaska and do some vids

      Matthew HouleMatthew Houle12 dagen geleden
    • Deer hunting from the island on the backyard pond

      Alfredo MorenoAlfredo Moreno14 dagen geleden
  • I think you should get more animal for the flair farm 👍

    Bryson 50Bryson 5020 uur geleden
  • Haha he's not a happy camper turn in to filays

    Jays WhateverJays WhateverDag geleden
  • I love the trail camera videos

    Jack Ina BoxJack Ina BoxDag geleden
  • My fav was the dooms day shelter

    Elizabeth AndersonElizabeth Anderson2 dagen geleden
  • Poor Steve, his only crime was having nuts.

    Stephen MandelbaumStephen Mandelbaum2 dagen geleden
  • Rip drake

    Jase WardJase Ward4 dagen geleden
  • Sheeew nation happy new year merry Christmas

    Jase WardJase Ward4 dagen geleden

    Andy HicksAndy Hicks5 dagen geleden
  • You should build a indoor pond with big bass like so he can see

    OverDriveOverDrive5 dagen geleden
  • Catch and cook

    Jackson ChoateJackson Choate6 dagen geleden
  • Fishing vlogs

    Landen HareLanden Hare7 dagen geleden
  • rick the lawn mower :)

    Drake GreenleeDrake Greenlee8 dagen geleden
  • New animals

    Tim RijnbeekTim Rijnbeek8 dagen geleden
  • Getting Lucy didn’t make it onto this? /:

    Eric CarrEric Carr8 dagen geleden
  • I wanna see a compilation of you yelling “ rick”

    Daniel KondorDaniel Kondor8 dagen geleden
  • I’m going coyote hunting today and finally got gun ready but it would be cool if you go again

    Kim RaileyKim Railey8 dagen geleden
  • Lets see a hog hunting video

    David LottDavid Lott9 dagen geleden
  • I’m a fan of the ol duck hunting

    Dalton ConnerDalton Conner9 dagen geleden
  • Can we please see more bow fishing and cook thank you

    Clock FNClock FN9 dagen geleden
  • who agrees more fishing and bullfrog CCC?

    Cole HoatsCole Hoats9 dagen geleden
  • Goose hunter

    Colby ReganColby Regan9 dagen geleden
  • me and my brother caught a coyote and a red fox and my cousin shot a coyote in the morning

  • I want to see some ice fishing if your pond is frozen over

    The Boating boysThe Boating boys10 dagen geleden
  • Open a petting zoo

    Gabe LasterGabe Laster10 dagen geleden
  • 17:38 hahaha

    Preston SPreston S11 dagen geleden
  • When you did shoot the coyote in your backyard at your house

    Leandro MiljoLeandro Miljo11 dagen geleden
  • My fav is trapping, hunting and animales

    Blake DunnebackBlake Dunneback12 dagen geleden
  • In the best catch and cook on bobcat bonzo looked high asf

    Paul GushmanPaul Gushman12 dagen geleden
  • It would be awesome if you could do some more survival challenges and catch and cooks

    Matthew HouleMatthew Houle12 dagen geleden
  • Catch, clean ,cook , fishing station next to the cabin

    Daniel GarrettDaniel Garrett12 dagen geleden
  • Keep all the animals especially chungus

    kamryn trowbridgekamryn trowbridge12 dagen geleden
  • I miss Tom and quacky

    Brigette FriendBrigette Friend13 dagen geleden
  • Hey why no wedding video of you all on the bus ? Sorry Flare wife took my laptop

    joseph LaPointejoseph LaPointe13 dagen geleden
  • I miss Dale being highlighted. Very cool animal.

    D BeverlyD Beverly13 dagen geleden
  • All of the subjects

    Jaxson CannonJaxson Cannon13 dagen geleden
  • I’m here for the variety of outdoors activities! Don’t change a thing guys!

    Outdoors with Big JoeOutdoors with Big Joe13 dagen geleden
  • Yo Flair you should build a shooting range

    Nick LugoNick Lugo13 dagen geleden
  • Fishing and trapping are some of the best content of 2020! Keep up the good work Flair! Your channel rocks!! Sheeeeeeew!

    Eric MarshallEric Marshall14 dagen geleden
  • Dale is still my favorite animal of the farm.

    Trevor JohnsonTrevor Johnson14 dagen geleden
  • 2020 building the shop and cabin 2021 building stuff and hunting

    Reece EricksonReece Erickson14 dagen geleden
  • Flair thinking how big Llama is but he has Ralph

    Carter Coakley CoakleyCarter Coakley Coakley14 dagen geleden
  • you can not use a 308 in Iowa for deer hunting check the Iowa DNR regs

    Curtis BahrCurtis Bahr14 dagen geleden
  • frog

    Adam HladekAdam Hladek14 dagen geleden
  • Ocean approved I thought it's OSHA approved

    Finn OConnellFinn OConnell14 dagen geleden
  • What happened to the dock

    Todd MorrisonTodd Morrison14 dagen geleden
  • ralf

    S DoyleS Doyle14 dagen geleden
  • I genuinely miss quacky

    Lindsay TruscottLindsay Truscott15 dagen geleden
  • Man I miss the days of Quacky Tyrone Tom and Dale, I was just thinking about that that video at the end the other day.

    Darrin YoderDarrin Yoder15 dagen geleden
  • Hey

    juan tenajuan tena15 dagen geleden
  • Very thing

    Levi LeviLevi Levi15 dagen geleden
  • Didn’t you get married 🤔🤔🤔

    Jacob HunsingerJacob Hunsinger15 dagen geleden
  • Definitely the qual egg hatching

    Jacob HunsingerJacob Hunsinger15 dagen geleden
  • My favorite video was when he got Lucy

    Luke Outdoors1Luke Outdoors115 dagen geleden
  • What happened to Hookin?

    Tommy DavisTommy Davis15 dagen geleden
  • RIP Quacky Chan

    Cameron ForteyCameron Fortey15 dagen geleden
  • The cabin vlog because i showed them to the wife and she is down with building one 👍

    Shawn PageShawn Page15 dagen geleden
  • Yo what ever happened with hookin hogs?

    Ben BaberBen Baber15 dagen geleden
  • Back when poljet was wearing a wig

    MrRastaFreezeMrRastaFreeze15 dagen geleden
  • def more hunting vids

    Dream Team OutdoorsDream Team Outdoors15 dagen geleden
  • You should do building vlogs, but try to make them only 3 parts cause I feel like it was hard to keep interested throughout the whole cabin build

    Stewart SathoffStewart Sathoff15 dagen geleden
  • Both is nice Flair. I mean less chaos would be nice because it would be less noisy, but it is funny when you're talkin bout somethin but cant stay focused for 5 seconds shouting their names haha. Whatever is best for you, it is nice to keep them gathered like they are due to winter. VIDEO IDEA for 2021 is to take LLama Rhoades on a fishing trip!

    Ethan StewartEthan Stewart15 dagen geleden
  • get the animals halloween costumes!!!

    Abby LeeAbby Lee15 dagen geleden
  • I can't believe all that happened just in 2020

    Outdoors NationOutdoors Nation15 dagen geleden
  • You should get a giraffe

    Tucker Schlade108Tucker Schlade10815 dagen geleden
  • Flairs best year was the worst year ever

    Thomas FayThomas Fay15 dagen geleden
  • Flair: he’s not a happy camper. Next scene Flair: yeah delicious

    Nik LaddNik Ladd15 dagen geleden
  • Trapping vids are the best

    Tanner BTanner B15 dagen geleden
  • When you got Ralph

    Jacob PiersonJacob Pierson15 dagen geleden
  • He forgot about when he took dale fishing that should have been one the fishing favorites

    Kyle ThomasKyle Thomas15 dagen geleden
  • Rip Tom the legend

    RobRob15 dagen geleden
  • Bring hooken back for some vids

    Shane FetterlyShane Fetterly15 dagen geleden
  • My favourite is the hunting vids and u should go hunting for elk or moose in 2021

    Shane FetterlyShane Fetterly15 dagen geleden
  • Flair there is nothing that taste better than beaver.

    Bob MarleyBob Marley15 dagen geleden
  • "Best "Ocean Approved" Moment" moment, huh? LUL Was this meant to be OSHA?

    ovey17ovey1715 dagen geleden
    • @Henry Steenwyk that makes sense. If you know, you know. I thought someone messed up 🤣

      ovey17ovey1715 dagen geleden
    • it's a meme only true fans know

      Henry SteenwykHenry Steenwyk15 dagen geleden
  • remember that time you started to build a fish pond and then completely forgot about it. lol

    christopher stuberchristopher stuber16 dagen geleden
  • What a year boys. Fav moment of mine had to be the mondo flathead

    Earthworm J FishingEarthworm J Fishing16 dagen geleden
  • I loved the live stream of ur wedding... everyone was TOASTED!!!!

    Gooseman OutdoorsGooseman Outdoors16 dagen geleden
  • I won’t to see a lot of hunting vids in 2021

    Jay HolmesJay Holmes16 dagen geleden
  • Hunting vibes

    Jay HolmesJay Holmes16 dagen geleden
  • Favorite all time moment was when you put the pool noodles on Rick’s horns and he started hitting everyone trying to get them off😂

    zacr3zacr316 dagen geleden
  • Flair I bet all the other people at the auctions see you an be like who the hell is this young guy buying these animals. Keep it up love the vids

    chevyfishinchevyfishin16 dagen geleden
  • Blinded by the light and I want you to get the water buffalo

  • Hunting and more Ralph

    Stanthony FamStanthony Fam16 dagen geleden
  • plss do more building and project videos

    Enduro GamerEnduro Gamer16 dagen geleden
  • what type of shotgun do you hunt duck with

    David HAASDavid HAAS16 dagen geleden
  • Dale is still the best animal on the farm by far

    MTK143xMTK143x16 dagen geleden
  • Hunting

    Dane,s outdoorsDane,s outdoors16 dagen geleden
  • I forgot quaky and tom and the og birds were still alive back then rip.

    Progamer 10191Progamer 1019116 dagen geleden
  • I like when you got on the camel and when banjo got chased by the camel but tee my favorite things is when you trap or blow up the bever dams

    seabass 22seabass 2216 dagen geleden
  • ur most viewed video is if this spring, u do a 24 hour challenge on the water. either pond, get a couple jon boats and stay on them for 24 hours. im tellin u, itd be badass. and if its ur most viewed after 1 month u owe me a tour!!

    Micah FullerMicah Fuller16 dagen geleden
  • I lost it when I saw the bobcat one second then the reminiscence the next

    BoG SkyzBoG Skyz16 dagen geleden
  • No doubt my favorite moment that made me laugh for a literal hours was when lama Rhodes crop dusted flair

    Noah SwaimNoah Swaim16 dagen geleden
  • I love all of your videos! My favorite vids are the catch n cooks and the farm animals!

    Zane MasonZane Mason16 dagen geleden
  • Flair do a mule deer hunt in Montana next hunting season

    Jamo CJamo C16 dagen geleden
  • RIP to Quackie and Tyrone

    Nicholas GibsonNicholas Gibson16 dagen geleden
  • What ever happened to hookem?

    Trevor SaulsTrevor Sauls16 dagen geleden
  • FLAIR should go fishing with blacktiph

    Huggie 397485Huggie 39748516 dagen geleden
  • “blinded by the light” was the best

    NEPA OutdoorsNEPA Outdoors16 dagen geleden
  • Building, hunting, and fishing is my favorite

    NEPA OutdoorsNEPA Outdoors16 dagen geleden