24 dec. 2020
607 042 Weergaven

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  • Flair how much did you spend in all?

    Nickollas ValenteNickollas ValenteDag geleden
  • Hey flair , I noticed on your chimney that your pipe should be extended atleast 3ft above your roofline. I work as a chim tech for a living. It's not safe at the height you have it currently. Just a heads up

    Eli VanderVeldeEli VanderVelde4 dagen geleden
  • For the mud at the doorway get wood pallets and lay them out

    Bryce DanielsBryce Daniels4 dagen geleden
  • Flair that wood burner will be plenty for that cabin. Trust me.

    Oh Noo You DiedOh Noo You Died8 dagen geleden
  • U should call the cabin the slymmy slack

    Hannah CatonaHannah Catona11 dagen geleden
  • Finish the flooring all I seen is the dirty rushed job

    J BJ B13 dagen geleden
  • It will only look good if it has flooring in it.

    Darcy MartinDarcy Martin13 dagen geleden
  • Get some rugs for cozy cabin vibes, some rustic decor and maybe put a wall to divide the kitchen and living room

    A&NA&N14 dagen geleden
  • Flair B&B!

    Derek MatuschDerek Matusch15 dagen geleden
  • i will airbnb the cabin next winter if you take me ice fishing!!!

    OzarkBassinTVOzarkBassinTV15 dagen geleden
  • good job with you vdeos

    Charles BelmonteCharles Belmonte15 dagen geleden
  • Add another section of double wall to your chimney. You want it above your roof so embers are getting up and away. You also don't want it getting plugged up from blowing snow off the roof.

    Derek SmithDerek Smith15 dagen geleden
  • Is is Banjo or Bonzo?

    SniperWolf73SniperWolf7316 dagen geleden
  • I saw the thumbnail and thought oh shit he's floating!

  • A flair bnb would be dope

    no nameno name16 dagen geleden
  • Put a bear carpet in front of your armcoch and buy something cozy Lucy and milie can lay on :)

    linus karlssonlinus karlsson16 dagen geleden
  • flair is again the counter tops then do a clear epoxy coat on top of it to make it last longer and make it easier to clean

    Mike TearsMike Tears16 dagen geleden
  • i just facepalmed when you said buy fire wood

    Sabi1234567890AsdfSabi1234567890Asdf16 dagen geleden
  • What size and make tire do you on the ford?

    Cross CountyCross County16 dagen geleden
  • You should leave Christmas lights up on the cabin all year that would be vibby

    Noah maysNoah mays16 dagen geleden
  • Have you seen a uk plug now thats pain

    adam badam b17 dagen geleden
  • It should be the flair bnb 3.0

    Jet GosperJet Gosper17 dagen geleden
  • You need a damper on the stove pipe. It will hold alot more heat in the cabin and the firewood won't burn out as fast. You need to put the stove pipe at least a foot above the roof also.

    Jimbo FieldsJimbo Fields18 dagen geleden
  • What he should do is lay down a roll out carpet that puts carpet through the entire cabin and have a large mat and trey at the door for shoes and wiping them off

    ThatOneCountry DudeThatOneCountry Dude18 dagen geleden
  • Propane heaters do emit carbon monoxide, but you can get an electric space heater

    Mark CashMark Cash18 dagen geleden
  • If your worried about your cabin burning down use some class B pipe. No joke it’s expensive but shouldn’t ever burn down your cabin.

    James ArnesonJames Arneson19 dagen geleden
  • Do you know how to figure square footage? Length x width x height = square footage

    James ArnesonJames Arneson19 dagen geleden
  • If your going to keep using your generator for power maybe some electrical floor board heaters would be great for heating your big cabin.

    James ArnesonJames Arneson19 dagen geleden
  • i 100% support the B&B idea!!!!

    Shabbzs CallzsShabbzs Callzs19 dagen geleden
  • Fridge??

    James HawkJames Hawk19 dagen geleden
  • Or take the muck boots off before you get inside lol

    ATLhockey09ATLhockey0920 dagen geleden
  • Hey flair you used to live by me in Bennington Nebraska Hanover falls park

    Owen VernonOwen Vernon20 dagen geleden
  • Buy some cheap 4x8 sheets of osb and throw them down on the ground as a walkway in front of the door and you'll get less mud inside

    TheRoadfarmerTheRoadfarmer20 dagen geleden
  • I’m starting to realize you half ass a lot projects just to get the content for the videos

    Daniel KondorDaniel Kondor20 dagen geleden
  • Just put a small fan behind that stove it'll keep that entire cabin warm when it's good and hot

    TheRoadfarmerTheRoadfarmer20 dagen geleden
    • You probably also need to put some fireboard behind it against the wall to keep it from getting too hot

      TheRoadfarmerTheRoadfarmer20 dagen geleden
  • In 2021 I want to see a flair bradon price collab

    Adam WilliamsAdam Williams20 dagen geleden
    • Hell yes that’d be epic

      ThatOneCountry DudeThatOneCountry Dude18 dagen geleden
  • Amazon LED strip lights for your boat That is some of the brightest stuff known to man put that in the kitchen area

    Mathew AtesMathew Ates20 dagen geleden
  • The funny i have that bedding that’s on that display that you liked

    Brian BairdBrian Baird20 dagen geleden
  • I'd do flooring and more insulation. The flooring will stop that wood from rotting and the insulation will help keep you warm.

    tpalshadowtpalshadow20 dagen geleden
  • i would stay with my sons

    All Star AutomotiveAll Star Automotive21 dag geleden
  • Flair, you need to add a small deck, and make a concrete path so you don’t get a lot of mud on your shoes. Then you can get tile floors

    Kayden WrightKayden Wright21 dag geleden
  • 27:36 Liking the angle

    NathanNathan21 dag geleden
  • Just throw some tile down, floor is going to get trashed with all of that water on it

    Michael NicolaysenMichael Nicolaysen21 dag geleden
  • Heard him talking about the chimney and got cringed out. had to leave before I see it burn down and be full of smoke.

    Dallon PerryDallon Perry21 dag geleden
  • Nobody: FLAIR: 27:31

    Jason McDanielJason McDaniel21 dag geleden
  • FlairBnB and a pic of the cabin get that on a shirt my guy

    Pedro Andrés CruzPedro Andrés Cruz21 dag geleden
  • haha thought it was funny you used the same song while the putting door in that demo ranch uses on abandoned mansion vids

    Kylar BurtonKylar Burton21 dag geleden
  • How bout some gravel in front of the door

    Fatassyou9000Fatassyou900021 dag geleden
  • You need to add another 1foot maybe 2foot double wall to get the chimney at least a foot a over the roof of the cabin and add a dampener on the stove to control air flow

    jonathan boothjonathan booth21 dag geleden
  • Gotta close up the airflow that is going underneath your cabin. Insulate wherever you can. It will make a huge difference.

    Craig KleinCraig Klein21 dag geleden
  • Catch clean and cook in cabin

    Mike jonesMike jones21 dag geleden
  • Yall did a good job

    Mike jonesMike jones21 dag geleden
  • flair make a lure and fish with it

    Jessica PayneJessica Payne21 dag geleden
  • Flair needs to get the flair bnb 2.0 and bring it to the house

    Linda RainboltLinda Rainbolt21 dag geleden
  • I got a name for the cabin. The Flair BNB 3.0

    Random StuffRandom Stuff21 dag geleden
  • Jeez i live in ak and came down to AZ started watching and I seen 45 god dang minutes

    Supr3me twitchSupr3me twitch21 dag geleden
  • I bought everythig i need for my cabin at Cabelas/ Bass pro. Definetly the strat.

    Vito MlatacVito Mlatac21 dag geleden
  • I would love to stay in that Flair BNB.

    Jackson ShamblinJackson Shamblin21 dag geleden
  • Great job! I looked but didnt see anyone say anything about it BUT I'm pretty sure the smoke stack has to be about 30" above the roof for a couple of reasons but the main one being draft. Rock on!

    ZachZach21 dag geleden
  • And another double wall pipe to get above the roof line to not burn down that cabin. Coming from a fire fighter

    Phillip NorthPhillip North22 dagen geleden
  • Flair please put a damper in that chimney so you can regulate the temp

    Phillip NorthPhillip North22 dagen geleden
  • Put some gravel out front so the mud doesn’t get tracked in all the time

    LochRaven GuyLochRaven Guy22 dagen geleden
  • You need a damper in the pipe above the wood stove or all your heat will go straight out the pipe

    Jacob CauseyJacob Causey22 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else notice the recliner in the store that was on display was able to rock but the ones they sold him dont, that's messed up

    Jacob CauseyJacob Causey22 dagen geleden
  • Flair: off grid = matches Also flair: PS4

    Kairit Muddin —Kairit Muddin —22 dagen geleden
  • Run stone up the section behind the wood burner. Thats the cabin vibe winner plus it’s a natural heat shield

    Cody BaldwinCody Baldwin22 dagen geleden
  • Subscribe Zac. Fishing Adventures

    Zac's Fishing AdventurersZac's Fishing Adventurers22 dagen geleden
  • You could’ve rotated the wood stove so it runs parallel with the wall so you can see the tv better

    Kenny MustreadKenny Mustread22 dagen geleden
  • Generally wood burners go out the roof due to wind helping draw air through

    zach ganseveldzach ganseveld22 dagen geleden
  • Buy gravel

    Carter DavisCarter Davis22 dagen geleden
  • what about a bathroom or maybe just a toilet hahahah

    mackenzie spanglermackenzie spangler22 dagen geleden
  • I would pay 150 a night

    Eli DaggyEli Daggy22 dagen geleden
  • The calm driver immunocytochemically scold because ox macropharmacologically paint within a graceful selection. zonked, violent headline

    Omar BuenoOmar Bueno22 dagen geleden
  • Koreans been using that type heating equipment for YEARS

    Johnny ThorntonJohnny Thornton22 dagen geleden
  • Trump 2020✊🏻✊🏻

    Owen BOwen B22 dagen geleden
  • You don’t have to worry about it not getting warm in that loft , heat rises , so I think it’ll be good for you , it won’t be to the point where your dying of heat lol .

    Hunter PiggHunter Pigg22 dagen geleden
  • What is that move flair made when he was sitting in the chair

    Bryce DejarBryce Dejar22 dagen geleden
  • Id hop on that Flair BnB

    DieselVetDieselVet22 dagen geleden
  • I think that u should stain the cabinets the same color as the tv all looks great. Loved watching u guys.

    KimbleD DarbyKimbleD Darby22 dagen geleden
  • Gravel road to the cabin!!!!

    Gooseman OutdoorsGooseman Outdoors22 dagen geleden
  • Build a deck already

    Brendan FazekasBrendan Fazekas22 dagen geleden
  • I did not see a flue. Do you have any way to close the chimney? No? You just installed a straw for mother nature to suck out all your heat.

    Richard FlanaganRichard Flanagan22 dagen geleden
  • You need to add a damper to the pipe if you don't have one.

    Tyler SchrockTyler Schrock22 dagen geleden
  • I have a NLworld fishing channel and also love to hunt. I really appreciate the videos they are great. I know how hard it is to film and hunt, way harder than filming and fishing lol. Keep up the great work

    SchusterFishingSchusterFishing22 dagen geleden
  • Ok some things I noticed with your wood stove. You don't have a damper connected to it, this will slow down the wood burn and allow the room to heat up. Another thing you want to start your fire by laying the logs in this manner two at the bottom going front to back and a gap between the two then two or three going across it then two or three going back to front. Hit me up to my email and I'll send you pics. Once the fire is going and the logs have set down then you can bank the stove. To start the fire you open the damper once the logs are burning you close the damper. Also whatever you do never burn pine in it, the sap will cause a build up that will clog the pipes.

    Doc NeedlesDoc Needles22 dagen geleden
  • Look up a thing called Magic heat. They are kinda expensive but it works amazing. That is all we used to heat my house growing up. It goes in the chimney and a fan blows the heat out.

    Matt HolmanMatt Holman22 dagen geleden
  • It’s sad to see what the googan squad has turned into

    Dylan MorganDylan Morgan22 dagen geleden
  • get a damper it allows you to control air flow through your wood-burner and when you have it wide open itll just burn up fast and the heat will just go out chimney if you have the damper closed some and itll slow down the burn and make the heat come out and not just go up the chimney

    Bradley CainBradley Cain22 dagen geleden
  • Mad fire hazard but it’s dope

    Domonic JonesDomonic Jones22 dagen geleden
  • You should put Christmas lights in side

    mason scripsickmason scripsick22 dagen geleden
  • The right counter top is mad crooked

    Domonic JonesDomonic Jones22 dagen geleden
  • I think you will regret not finishing the floors and ceiling. The plywood floors will eventually bubble and crack. And it’s not great esthetic.

    Austin KingAustin King22 dagen geleden
  • Chimney should be taller than the roof. Probably 3 foot or more.

    Ty CTy C22 dagen geleden
  • Chill love the cabin build!!!

    Lamborghini LamborghiniLamborghini Lamborghini22 dagen geleden
  • Insulate the roof to heat the cabin

    Nick TorzalaNick Torzala22 dagen geleden
  • Look into a blower setup on that stack to heat it better

    Casey BowlinCasey Bowlin22 dagen geleden
  • Don’t forget more controllers for the ps4 lol

    Nicholas StephensNicholas Stephens22 dagen geleden
  • Flair: *builds cabin in woods* Also Flair: *buys wood* 😂😂😂

    Tyler SullivanTyler Sullivan22 dagen geleden
  • You should have torched the countertops and the cabinets it would look so nice

    Charlie CovacsCharlie Covacs23 dagen geleden
  • you did this on my birthday

    Elijah SnowElijah Snow23 dagen geleden