12 dec. 2020
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  • you are a bad person!!!

    Amy WilsonAmy Wilson6 uur geleden
  • why would you eat a beaver, they are almost extinked

    Amy WilsonAmy Wilson6 uur geleden
  • So this guy kills a lot of different types of animal ................intresting

    GOJIRA 25GOJIRA 2513 uur geleden
  • Beavers do it because the water sometimes messes with the nest and could possibly kill the young Edit: that's what I think

    Kody KozakKody Kozak14 uur geleden
  • So we cookin beavers now this whats good

    juniors juicejuniors juice21 uur geleden
  • I always thought it was like illegal to eat beavers no one is allowed to make a joke out of this comment

    Aaron MathewsAaron MathewsDag geleden
  • mans really said lets put this meat in our bruh thats sus

    lil dazlil dazDag geleden
  • the dislikes are from the vegens

    Edward HaspettEdward HaspettDag geleden
  • what the fuck.

    Red BeardRed BeardDag geleden
  • Wtf? Is that a camel? Lol you guys trying to film your own version of aladdin or what? I don’t see a vest

    Mike CorLeonéMike CorLeoné2 dagen geleden
  • I'm probably the only one that in all of this feels really bad for the beaver...great. I'm not an animalist, but just before this video I saw a video with baby beavers, so yeeeah...trauma, yeee!

    Chiara PetrellaChiara Petrella2 dagen geleden
  • Idk if y’all know but Vanilla flavoring is made from beaver castoreum which comes from beaver butts. Just a fun fact 😁👍🏻

    Kaedon ClaycombKaedon Claycomb2 dagen geleden
  • RIP the boy Ralphie. He chill ngl

    Dark Gaming6009Dark Gaming60092 dagen geleden
  • Is ralphie a camel? Also how tf did the man end up there?

    Dark Gaming6009Dark Gaming60092 dagen geleden
  • Dude is way under feeding the animals

    Booty BanditBooty Bandit3 dagen geleden
  • The fuck my Cousin got Caught

    Craig BeaverCraig Beaver3 dagen geleden
  • That ain’t no damn beaver that’s a mini beat

    XxSpectralxX999XxSpectralxX9993 dagen geleden
  • they are just harmles animals

    Gabriel BrooksGabriel Brooks3 dagen geleden
  • lizzy and carter are better youtuberes than you

    Gabriel BrooksGabriel Brooks3 dagen geleden
  • you are mean you dummy

    Gabriel BrooksGabriel Brooks3 dagen geleden
  • Beaver vs. Cleaver

    ungekooptungekoopt3 dagen geleden
  • 14:40 IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE!!!???

    Patience OnoriobePatience Onoriobe3 dagen geleden
  • Real men eat beavers

    ZAXXZZAXXZ4 dagen geleden
  • My sisters goats ate too much grain and had to go to the animal 🏥 so be careful with too much grain

    ZAXXZZAXXZ4 dagen geleden
  • poor beaver

    VelocifyVelocify4 dagen geleden
  • 2:50 asmr

    Joel HensleyJoel Hensley4 dagen geleden
  • Any uk people watching this and laughing your ass ofg

    Fox77badger GamingFox77badger Gaming4 dagen geleden
  • 💞💞 love from south africa 💞💞

    Patrick LombardPatrick Lombard5 dagen geleden
  • It is my dream to own as many animals as this man. Needless to say, I am incredibly jealous

    PoppajayPoppajay5 dagen geleden
  • Me to your mom: 44:02

    Xray DogeXray Doge5 dagen geleden
  • Holy moley where have I been last time I watched you, you were at 200k

    Dragonz7Dragonz75 dagen geleden
  • Don’t sell the camel

    MrShade MrShadeMrShade MrShade5 dagen geleden
  • I love or animal I have 10 4 dogs 5 cats and a fish

    Chandler ShieldsChandler Shields5 dagen geleden
  • beaver:"beavers chilling" Fliar"make a huge explosion"

    Velle BourtonVelle Bourton5 dagen geleden
  • I got so into the animals I forgot this was a catch and cook 😂😂😂

    The80BeastThe80Beast6 dagen geleden
  • 31:40 for the beaver. your welcome

    Tucker VincentTucker Vincent6 dagen geleden
  • I’m gone for a month and this man has a camel now

    Grumpychiken22Grumpychiken227 dagen geleden
  • Can’t believe you didn’t wash the potatoes 🥔🤢 I even wash my rice

    troy henrytroy henry7 dagen geleden
  • Trapper jay and Eminem are the trap god and the rap god

    Asher O'DeskyAsher O'Desky7 dagen geleden
  • You need a squirrel

    Kohl GreeneKohl Greene7 dagen geleden
  • How do you have a camel

    VuetseyVuetsey8 dagen geleden
  • Oh yeah that's a lotta meat for your mouth🤣🤣

    Marcus yMarcus y8 dagen geleden
  • Beavers build dams because it raises the water level giving them a bigger place to live

    Smooth SparkSmooth Spark8 dagen geleden
  • That does not tast like beef

    Bobby BockenBobby Bocken9 dagen geleden
  • B

    Pokémon unboxing CanalPokémon unboxing Canal9 dagen geleden
  • Should of added a stick of butter into that... would of been perfecto

    TTV ZelepuzaTTV Zelepuza10 dagen geleden
  • wreck-it ralph: IM GONNA WRECK IT! Flair: IM GONNA EAT IT!

    stephen laday jrstephen laday jr10 dagen geleden
  • "I LOVE eating Beaver" Flair -2020

    John BurnzJohn Burnz10 dagen geleden
  • BBQ Beaver

  • Who Else disliked befor watch?

    Psyar_DragonPsyar_Dragon10 dagen geleden
  • this is the best vid 😂

    Travis JohnsonTravis Johnson11 dagen geleden
  • Mix corn starch with water to make a paste. Take your broth juice from the roast and bring it to a boil, slowly stir in a little starch paste at a time, until the broth is the thickness you want. Boom-actual gravy-you’re welcome 😉

    Cdubp01Cdubp0111 dagen geleden
  • I wanted to skip but I said fuck up out of here That’s my boy can’t do that

    Muffin HowardMuffin Howard11 dagen geleden
  • It's funny seeing guys fake an accent or use of "country slang". You have ZERO country accent and the n say down yonder...? Why?

    Justin LeonardJustin Leonard11 dagen geleden
  • It started as a farm now it's a petting zoo

    Melody NeighborsMelody Neighbors12 dagen geleden
  • A beaver was walking on the highway once and we pulled over then it just looked at us through the windows

    fireflygirlfireflygirl12 dagen geleden
  • “I’m going raw meat... no really but” * puts meat on cutting board he used for raw meat *

    GiDDGiDD12 dagen geleden

    Marija JovanovicMarija Jovanovic12 dagen geleden
  • I love flair

    Connor TurnerConnor Turner13 dagen geleden
  • They make them so when they make they’re loges aka homes they don’t wash away

    Cooper OnleyCooper Onley13 dagen geleden
  • I would sell the oldest chicken only if it is plump

    Cooper OnleyCooper Onley13 dagen geleden
  • Tf don’t kill the poor beavers 😞

    ModernknightModernknight13 dagen geleden
  • Omg my name is carlos

    random stuffrandom stuff13 dagen geleden
  • Beavers identify structural damages in their dams by the sound of running water. ... To them, a perfect dam doesn't let any water through, so it is quiet. The more water is getting through the dam, the louder the water.

    Quantum GamingQuantum Gaming13 dagen geleden

    Schweppes the Sodapup!Schweppes the Sodapup!13 dagen geleden
  • The punching bag is called a cat tail

    Bears Are gayBears Are gay13 dagen geleden
  • I've never tried beaver before....but I want to.

    Storm AngelStorm Angel13 dagen geleden
  • Why the beaver not cool if he did something wrong I would probably catch him some how

    CueTat ?CueTat ?14 dagen geleden
  • Just invite yourself in their house and squad wipe them.

    ᄆ15 dagen geleden
  • rip beiver. he will be missed :(

    KrispahhKrispahh15 dagen geleden
  • O

    Andrew RoseAndrew Rose15 dagen geleden
  • Why do you ask someone a question just to immediately start talking over them.. I feel trapped jay didnt wanna be there. I wonder if they paid him or did all the work for a shout out

    Chris ThompsonChris Thompson15 dagen geleden
  • I find it hard to like flair compared to the rest of the googans he’s literally just a big sissy

    Zac OliverZac Oliver15 dagen geleden
    • Cool no1 asked

      WORLDSTARWORLDSTAR15 dagen geleden
  • Next ep : FOUND AN GIANT HUMAN Clean and cook.

    遅い [slowpy]遅い [slowpy]16 dagen geleden
    • And catch

      Bill IamBill Iam14 dagen geleden
  • For a better pot roast cut up a normal carrot instead of using baby ones

    Sarah MellingerSarah Mellinger16 dagen geleden
  • If I ever get a llama I’m naming it Kusko

    Eko 35Eko 3516 dagen geleden
  • Just mini gun the den and dynamite the dam

    JESUS here to forgive your sinsJESUS here to forgive your sins17 dagen geleden
  • "Hes a trap GOD" [Flashback to fate alocolyptic,astolfo]:"yeah,yeah he is"

    hunter .chunter .c18 dagen geleden
    • Its fate apostrophe :/

      NotNot15 dagen geleden
  • I like how he says we set the traps but did nothing

    sam teravestsam teravest18 dagen geleden
  • Chungas is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life

    Matt ChubenkoMatt Chubenko18 dagen geleden
  • You gall dang maroon, you are supposed to use the juice from the pot roast to make gravy. Yer killing me smalls.

    Zenn ExileZenn Exile19 dagen geleden
  • When he says he brought a pew with him I thought a normal rifle then he pulls out the drum mag 😂

    MiniPotatobro BroMiniPotatobro Bro19 dagen geleden
  • When he says you got to either blow up the dam or use an excavator I was hoping he would blow it up

    MiniPotatobro BroMiniPotatobro Bro19 dagen geleden
    • On camera

      MiniPotatobro BroMiniPotatobro Bro19 dagen geleden
    • He didn't blow it up

      MiniPotatobro BroMiniPotatobro Bro19 dagen geleden
  • What state are yall in alot more fun to hunt them at the dam

    Steve WalkerSteve Walker19 dagen geleden
  • 16:54 he is a farmer wdym

    Wavy kineticWavy kinetic19 dagen geleden
  • 45:44

    Wavy kineticWavy kinetic19 dagen geleden
  • 10:00

    Wavy kineticWavy kinetic19 dagen geleden
  • 0:30

    Wavy kineticWavy kinetic19 dagen geleden
  • The pot roast that I had cooked for 4 hours

    Nightmare_ PhenixNightmare_ Phenix19 dagen geleden
  • I love eating beaver too...

    Cheap AnglerCheap Angler19 dagen geleden
  • My name is banjo

    Black Betty GamingBlack Betty Gaming19 dagen geleden
  • Rip

    Martin NemetMartin Nemet20 dagen geleden
  • Flair mate you should be a cook

    John CunninghamJohn Cunningham20 dagen geleden
  • Bro, slicing action with the onion, not a pressing action. And if you want an easy fix, put the onion in the freezer for 20mins before cutting it and your eyes won't hurt.

    NORMMtheSTORMMNORMMtheSTORMM20 dagen geleden
  • I think Flair turned into a cooking channel at the end XD (Yet again I haven't been a subscriber for too long...

    Ten Feet GamingTen Feet Gaming20 dagen geleden
  • The oval bulldozer precisely bump because quince intraperitonally wail abaft a irate second. broad, vacuous debt

    Kristy WellsKristy Wells20 dagen geleden
  • You should start a cooking channel/show

    Betty ShifflettBetty Shifflett21 dag geleden
  • Back up Llama lol....trapper Jay sounds and looks like Seth Rogan awesome bro!!

    JaboingglesJaboinggles21 dag geleden
  • Where’s the “Clean” portion of the video?

    Anthony SAnthony S21 dag geleden
  • Jesus Christ loves you so much!!!!

    Nico CuaNico Cua21 dag geleden