I TRAPPED My FIRST COYOTE in My BACKYARD!!! (Taking to Taxidermist)

17 dec. 2020
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  • I know this sounds grim but the bones once clean could be really cool for art purposes. The fur you could also use for something cool.

    Anon ShrimpAnon Shrimp3 uur geleden
  • Why does it take so long to get it

    reaper KINGreaper KING15 uur geleden
  • You want them to rust

    Max ZormanMax Zorman22 uur geleden
  • Why not

    roger mcneilroger mcneilDag geleden
  • Have you tried using peatmoss instead of dirt to cover your traps because dry Peatmoss doesn’t freeze as easily

    Eric ThiessenEric ThiessenDag geleden

    wheelie boy lifewheelie boy life4 dagen geleden
  • Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid

    wheelie boy lifewheelie boy life4 dagen geleden
  • Stupid stupid stupid

    wheelie boy lifewheelie boy life4 dagen geleden
  • Stupid is my favorite kind of cry kyutie

    wheelie boy lifewheelie boy life4 dagen geleden
  • Chachnclean cook

    Zac ParkinZac Parkin4 dagen geleden
  • Dude stop hunting this kind of game. Go hunt black tail elk or hogs. This shit isn’t cool

    gavin jetergavin jeter4 dagen geleden
  • Yes

    Jeff R.Jeff R.4 dagen geleden
  • Dont hunt animals Pleas Dont kill animals They love their life Dont kill them pleas Dont use your gun into them You will be sad from these works Pleas STOP IT DONT MEYBE they have baby! And you kill their parents Pleas dont hunt and kill animals.

  • 5:53 look at the dogs eyes in slow mode at .25 lmao

    ZixtekZixtek5 dagen geleden
  • Did u guys realise that the dog did a piss in the back round at 31:15

    steven Broadhurststeven Broadhurst5 dagen geleden
  • Killing them causes a bigger problem, they end up reproducing more to replace missing members in the population. Best solution, reintroduce wolf populations (they're a keystone species). Also coyotes don't attack livestock, only wolves do, however the impact wolves would have on cattle is negligible.

    Incognito IguanaIncognito Iguana6 dagen geleden
    • at this point they be killing them 4 fun

      Franek SalamiFranek Salami6 dagen geleden
  • arsen

    Carsen MorganCarsen Morgan7 dagen geleden
  • Shout me out I’m really late...

  • Like in subscribe this video

    Ezra MakaioEzra Makaio7 dagen geleden
  • I pulled a "Flair" Today.... new to trapping and was practicing getting them set up when a 110 body grip trap went off and clamped onto my thumb... gonna bruise but now i'm a little gun-shy.

    Caldwell Country OutdoorsCaldwell Country Outdoors7 dagen geleden
  • Yes u should eat a chiote

    Tyler CalderwoodTyler Calderwood8 dagen geleden
  • Why you do that! That wolf just want eat some food

    Jason PetJason Pet9 dagen geleden
  • Coyotes will never kill livestock unless they are sick or injured not even calf’s

    Aiden GuestAiden Guest9 dagen geleden
  • cool

    Clark LaceyClark Lacey9 dagen geleden
  • No!

    Aydan DahlAydan Dahl10 dagen geleden
  • It’s big Ralph protecting your animals

    crustynoodles chickencrustynoodles chicken10 dagen geleden
  • It is sad 😢 that u kill animals but I get why you do it

    Julie HessJulie Hess11 dagen geleden
  • don't eat the coyote

    Thomas MakehamThomas Makeham11 dagen geleden
  • The shut pendulum lally obey because jelly consistently radiate to a wacky atm. volatile, happy spandex

    Dee KayeDee Kaye12 dagen geleden
  • Eat the next coyote

    Shawn ElgieShawn Elgie12 dagen geleden
  • Flair every 5 minute rip rip rip to him rip rip

    Gina PfeiferGina Pfeifer12 dagen geleden
  • Don’t eat the coyote 😂 basically dog meat

    Julian TorresJulian Torres14 dagen geleden
  • Gg to that kiot

    the 3 amigosthe 3 amigos14 dagen geleden
  • stop kill wolf & coyote

    Lakeshea DavisLakeshea Davis14 dagen geleden
  • would like to see you trapped somewhere

    undercoilundercoil15 dagen geleden
  • Deal with mother nature.

    SwiftXSwiftX15 dagen geleden
  • Congrats on your catch! Coyote is by far the hardest animal to catch in a trap. Try collecting ant hill dirt throughout the year. It's as freeze proof as you will find. Coyote trapping is all about scent control and properly bedding your trap. Looks like you're on your way to success! I have gloves for handling the traps and a different pair for handling the baits and lures. Something to think about if your traps get dug up and sprung. One could write a book just on tips tricks and technique for coyote trapping. There's nothing wrong with eating what you catch. I'd try a coyote shish kabob. Make a good marinade and go for it brother! Remember- most wild game can be tough if not cut properly. Thin to win. That said, you could also tenderize.

    Roger LaneRoger Lane16 dagen geleden
  • The solid breath roughly clear because wrecker bailly chop vice a few fierce forehead. delightful, spotless hydrogen

    Kristy WellsKristy Wells16 dagen geleden
  • I like the new music

    Charron Fish & SurvivalCharron Fish & Survival17 dagen geleden
  • What state is this? Because I know ceder trees don't go far from where I'm from. (Like next state over)

    Judethe badassJudethe badass17 dagen geleden
  • you are mean to animals

    Marielle HumphryMarielle Humphry18 dagen geleden
  • Flair I worked for a taxidermist for 4 years. You can modify any form to fit any coyote. It’s a little more work. But it’s not hard to do.

    FuglsangggFuglsanggg19 dagen geleden
  • Dude i have a pet COYOTE and its sad that you have to kill them

    Gaming Demonz32Gaming Demonz3219 dagen geleden
  • nice coyote

    Wyatt CowlingWyatt Cowling20 dagen geleden
  • coyotes are important to the ecosystem cows,goats,sheep, lamas & Ect are bad and are one of the causes of global warming and live stock were bread for use or consumption

    Victor LopezVictor Lopez20 dagen geleden
  • Lol flair in the beggining of every video looking for something to jump off of👀👀

    Nathan JordiNathan Jordi20 dagen geleden
  • Blinded by the light 😂😂🤣🤣

    KateRob SteeleKateRob Steele20 dagen geleden
  • Is it just me or does that chemicals look like baby making juice.

    Kiefer GingKiefer Ging21 dag geleden
  • Did anyone else see the dog pee

    Mack WleklinskiMack Wleklinski22 dagen geleden
  • Hi

    Mandy AdamsMandy Adams22 dagen geleden
  • Man RIP that coyote his face when flair came up with the gun was just sad

    Aaron AllenAaron Allen22 dagen geleden
  • You should make a coon hunting video

    Keller TwohigKeller Twohig23 dagen geleden
  • Eat the coyote when you kill the other one

    Michele FentonMichele Fenton23 dagen geleden
  • Heck yes eat it, best if mixed with beef. We did chili or tacos. Or a big pot of camp chili that is fed daily from the daily hunt, trapped or speared.

    Noxic 67Noxic 6723 dagen geleden
  • Show us your stuffed animals collection

    Rylee KiparRylee Kipar24 dagen geleden
  • Team send it

    Griffin BerryGriffin Berry25 dagen geleden
  • I would be pretty impressed to see a catch and cook. They are one of the nastiest things you could eat but I would like to see how you could make it good.

    Timothy SwensonTimothy Swenson25 dagen geleden
  • Plz keep doing trapping vids

    Skyler McClureSkyler McClure26 dagen geleden
  • Flair: We can’t half ass this. Also Flair:*proceeds to cut corners whenever he can*

    Josh_da_boss_ helloJosh_da_boss_ hello26 dagen geleden
  • Use a small bit of salt on the top layer of dirt to keep the dirt from freezing. Keeps sets running in freezing conditions. Do not eat a yote. Better to make tea from your boots.

    Cafish AppersonCafish Apperson26 dagen geleden
  • Hey flair! Make sure you don't ever cook your next coyote! They taste funky if you ever cook them, look up how to cook them from a few different sites first! I'm not getting into all that but they taste great if you cook them right. I've had them and I'm here to tell ya that most people wouldn't be able to tell them from beef. People use them for anything you'd put beef in. You can't cook them long or at high temperature though. Just read into it a bit. They'll be one of your favorite wild animals to eat.

    name_ lessname_ less26 dagen geleden
  • Who seen millynand Lucy in the vid 4:22

    Mason Cofield YTMason Cofield YT26 dagen geleden
  • Do it eat it

    Tut MasterTut Master26 dagen geleden
  • Shewww

    Fishing With LilianaFishing With Liliana27 dagen geleden
  • Lucy is so big now she’s a beef cake

    Fishing With LilianaFishing With Liliana27 dagen geleden
  • I love watching your videos

    Fishing With LilianaFishing With Liliana27 dagen geleden
  • Eat the next coyote

    Angel RamirezAngel Ramirez27 dagen geleden
  • imagine if this was liked by flair

    Zach VaneyckeZach Vaneycke27 dagen geleden
  • Did any of your other animals ever come back from the taxidermist ??

    Pike SimsonPike Simson27 dagen geleden
  • You be taxing everything you trap. I am not against I am just saying that I have to take out a loan to buy me some underwear.

    Nicholas WhitsonNicholas Whitson27 dagen geleden
  • ginger beard flair

    LZR_ MistLZR_ Mist27 dagen geleden
  • what hapended to the bager that you took to the taxidermist

    Le_mustardman43Le_mustardman4327 dagen geleden
  • Yes

    Carson JohnsonCarson Johnson28 dagen geleden
  • You need sentless pad for your knees the are leaving tons of scent

    Quinn SlaysQuinn Slays28 dagen geleden
  • Why did he kill the Kyoto

    fishy squadfishy squad28 dagen geleden
  • Hhyguyggu

    GamingForeverGamingForever28 dagen geleden
  • Egg

    Pigeon MeatballPigeon Meatball28 dagen geleden
  • i want to be a farmer just like you

    Joe Catherine VandenhaakJoe Catherine Vandenhaak28 dagen geleden
  • 28:28 if you want to know

    Joshua MatthewsJoshua Matthews28 dagen geleden
  • me when i see title ok this is cool when i look at what he caches WTF

    Albert D. VillaAlbert D. Villa28 dagen geleden
  • Was anyone watching flair at 4:25 or watching the dogs fight

    Mad HutchMad Hutch28 dagen geleden
  • 4:25 the dogs in the back 😂😂

    OG DiazOG Diaz28 dagen geleden
  • Your supposed to let them rust

    Cashews4dinr 1Cashews4dinr 128 dagen geleden
  • 🤜🏻😾😾😾😾😾😿🐕🐕🐕why jou make dad énimol paste eve cayodi en you wan eet it

    Araz BapiriAraz Bapiri29 dagen geleden
  • I’ve had coyote jerky before and it’s pretty fire.

    KY Teen WildlifeKY Teen Wildlife29 dagen geleden
  • i looked at the title and when it said flair is taking the coyote to the taxidermist i didnt want to watch the video cause why cant you(flair) take it in a cage somewhere far away from your house and release it or call animal control and let animal control deal with it i am gonna watch the video but i am gonna click off as soon as you(flair) say you are gonna go or as soon as you say you are going to put it(the coyote) out

    Troy MelanaphyTroy Melanaphy29 dagen geleden
    • Why are u gay

      Magpie ManMagpie Man27 dagen geleden
  • Eat it

    Cody LudwigCody Ludwig29 dagen geleden
  • SHEEW is the best thing in my life

    PuR EditzPuR Editz29 dagen geleden
  • People that skip the hole video too see the dead coyote

    Ali AlyassiAli Alyassi29 dagen geleden
  • hey i have a problem with the editor of this vid thx pool jet bc we didn’t get a blinded by the light audio after the ricky got taken care if

    Gyro MyroGyro Myro29 dagen geleden
  • I caught a bobcat on Saturday Yee Yee

    Joel SmithJoel Smith29 dagen geleden
  • I am all for killing a Coyote but my mom wants to know why you kill them

    Spencer PriceSpencer Price29 dagen geleden
  • Please...for the love! No need to eat coyote!

    Carolyn WhitneyCarolyn Whitney29 dagen geleden
  • Do you get your dirt from somewhere the dogs go? Could be a reason the pan covers and traps get dug up...

    Jonathan BinghamJonathan Bingham29 dagen geleden
  • Eat that yote

    Cory B.Cory B.29 dagen geleden
  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Flair: "no stick just meat in the hole"

    Redneck VlogsRedneck Vlogs29 dagen geleden
  • Man I swear I watch flairs daily vid every morning while I drink some free range getting prepped for duck hunting and sometimes deer hunting!

    Nathan TidwellNathan Tidwell29 dagen geleden
  • This is the best NLworldr ever flair never stop doing you NLworld

    Jacob ConerlyJacob Conerly29 dagen geleden
  • definitely catch and cook!

    Evan FresquezEvan Fresquez29 dagen geleden
  • XD 🤣 😆 blinding by the light

    Ricardo AlvarezRicardo Alvarez29 dagen geleden