7 dec. 2020
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  • It shud b impearative that everyone shud wear EAR PROTECTION....

    Mana DarkMana Dark15 uur geleden
  • Coyote bait.

    David NiceDavid Nice16 uur geleden
  • Flair around where I live in northern Wisconsin CWD is terrible and we find deer all over the place dead

    Zach SchmeltzerZach Schmeltzer3 dagen geleden
  • Make grain digger gold tshirts with llama on em

    Trevor QuinnTrevor Quinn5 dagen geleden
  • Last deer I saw with white eyes was walking around aimlessly and its caused by a mind controlling parasite

    Thatguy MikeThatguy Mike5 dagen geleden
  • Bro flair I swear your the best I wanna meet you one day and fish with you

    Anthony LafreniereAnthony Lafreniere6 dagen geleden
  • I'm not gonna skip ads anymore flair

    Vipex11 _sickVipex11 _sick6 dagen geleden
  • Can I come and take care of the live stock and security for the land? Just give me the atv or a mule that you have and I'll take care of the trespassers. I'll Make sure nobody messes with the land. I'm from Tn and I protect 88 acres of land that is swamp. People love to dump trash and tires there. There hasn't been no more trash on the land or tires since I've been there. I hunt in that swamp.

    Mayburn WrightMayburn Wright9 dagen geleden
  • Guns

    Stephen KoderStephen Koder10 dagen geleden
  • Cayote taxidermy do you have it

    Jonah WilliamsJonah Williams10 dagen geleden
  • I could be dumb but looks like CWD to me.

    Fishin with AndyFishin with Andy13 dagen geleden
  • I was inspired to hunt after u

    Jaden CrewseJaden Crewse14 dagen geleden
  • Did you voice an ad for a company called fishbrain?

    Nova WeaponryNova Weaponry15 dagen geleden
  • 12:30 the decoy ducks following mama Flair

    ianp0530 ianp0530ianp0530 ianp053017 dagen geleden
  • The decoys following mama Flair

    ianp0530 ianp0530ianp0530 ianp053017 dagen geleden
  • The reason Ralf is bitting you is because you feed him out of your hand and he does not know the difference between your finger and a treat. So if you feed him treats you should feed out of a bucket. And you should feed your animals pellets because sweet feed is just shuger. And Carlos won’t let you close is because humans are seen as predators and if you don’t spend enough time with him he with recognize you as a threat. And since he is in a herd with the Donkeys he is going to follow them if they run away from you. It is his instinct to follow the herd away from danger. So I suggest if you aren’t going to do anything with Carlos then take his halter of! The halter can have a LOT of damage on the equine because as he grows his face is going to as well.And the halter will come with it.

    matt riggsmatt riggs17 dagen geleden
  • Does rick like pickles

    Tyson CleggTyson Clegg18 dagen geleden
  • i love ralf

    TeamZTeamZ18 dagen geleden
  • Didn't graduate but he's got millions.. Silver Spoon fed Bird Boy.

    RR ShowtimeRR Showtime18 dagen geleden
  • Where did all your money come from? Did you work for it and earn it? I doubt it TBH. Founding Fathers Bloodlines & Tribes... Bird is the Word.

    RR ShowtimeRR Showtime18 dagen geleden
  • if you find a black clump in a deer call the game warden and tell him the deer fox [ect] have tuberculosis a lung deize if any thing eats the meat they would get tuberculosis

    Amy TribeAmy Tribe19 dagen geleden
  • it's eye was diffrent because it is blind in one eye

    Amy TribeAmy Tribe19 dagen geleden
  • The deer likely had brain worms it’s really common in does and moose really sad but its called the zombie parasite cause it eats the brains till there’s nothin left and the loose all control of their body

    The king of BoredomThe king of Boredom19 dagen geleden
  • me thinking it was and owl

    FriendlyMonsterFriendlyMonster19 dagen geleden
  • what if camal breeds with llama?

    FriendlyMonsterFriendlyMonster19 dagen geleden
  • flair personally if I found it i would burn it

    Chriztopher BrennanChriztopher Brennan20 dagen geleden
  • He saw flairs new fire🔥 mercy and it was too overwhelming and he got blinded by the light

    Tabor SullivanTabor Sullivan20 dagen geleden
  • *_Here is Flair's Aussie cousins. They are brothers & i think my man has competition down under for "MOST EXCITED INTRO", lol_*

    AUDE SAPEREAUDE SAPERE20 dagen geleden
  • It’s called cwd

    CrankBaitShane TVCrankBaitShane TV21 dag geleden
  • I’m might go hunting not sure flair you inspire me xx thank you

    Joseph BeattieJoseph Beattie21 dag geleden
  • Blue tongue disease it’s a water disease that swells the tongue in most animal that drink from the water but I’m pretty sure blue tongue is only common in West Virginia

    pot headpot head22 dagen geleden
  • I would either save the money or buy baseball cards.

    EBLan BlairEBLan Blair22 dagen geleden
  • did he say xander

    james fisherjames fisher23 dagen geleden
  • What kind of bibs are you wearing with the shot shells on em??

    Lake Minded MonstersLake Minded Monsters23 dagen geleden
  • FLAR that wall of Googan louers is crazy

    BFL X BmxBFL X Bmx23 dagen geleden
  • The lamina is a grain digger

    Carson KigerCarson Kiger24 dagen geleden
  • Chronic wasting is caused by prions which i saw a study where oat grass growen on contaminated soil absorbs tru the roots and up into the leaves and when feed to either gerbils or hamsters don't remember which them came down with the disease and died

    Charles WieandCharles Wieand26 dagen geleden
  • 19:51, come on Bambi we’re going for a ride 😂 2nd best flair quote next to “ blinded by the light

    JJ R3cordJJ R3cord29 dagen geleden
  • What kind of dog is Milly? Millie?

  • Troll motor is a good idea for the (tank)

    Gabriel GriffinGabriel GriffinMaand geleden
  • More trapping videos

    jason galbraithjason galbraithMaand geleden
  • Coyote bait.

    pepepepertpepepepertMaand geleden
  • Disney presents bambi on ice

    Logan DuboisLogan DuboisMaand geleden
  • Flair what kind of dog is Rig’s?

    Joshua DavidsonJoshua DavidsonMaand geleden
  • When your dog barked my dog jumped up at 3 am 😂 23:47

    Kaylee LillyKaylee LillyMaand geleden
  • try fishing off the tank

    Bar Boi AnimationsBar Boi AnimationsMaand geleden
  • To be honest flair is one of the best NLworldrs out there

    Supress_ Clipz YtSupress_ Clipz YtMaand geleden
  • 17:30 it is called Blue tongue. Deer get a disease and their intestines. It feels like their intestines is on fire so the deer drink water. The deer drinks too much water in their stomachs explode and die

    Nathan KaufmannNathan KaufmannMaand geleden
  • Are the two dogs at the lake his also?

    tanker 756tanker 756Maand geleden
  • Dang just noticed Flair is over 2 million and LFG is still trying to hit 1 million.

    Redfish SlayerRedfish SlayerMaand geleden
  • Flair your the best!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sam BrothermanSam BrothermanMaand geleden
  • Best NLworld channel ever

    Eva SmithEva SmithMaand geleden
  • Logan paul......

    RAPASHI 69RAPASHI 69Maand geleden
  • What is that extremely cool tank like atv?

    Ben RockwoodBen RockwoodMaand geleden
  • What is that 22? And did that mag come with it?

    Ben RockwoodBen RockwoodMaand geleden
  • the deer could have also had somthing chasing it and tryed to swim across and got exausted and drown

    elijah coleelijah coleMaand geleden
  • Another day in the country would love to be their with yall

    James Russell JrJames Russell JrMaand geleden
  • I love animals I hope you have a wonderful day

    April WilliamsonApril WilliamsonMaand geleden
  • Would of been great coyote bait

    SternTheMernSternTheMernMaand geleden
  • Sounds like that deer had CWD and drowned itself. It makes them act pretty weird and all their senses and sense of fear start shutting down.

    Manda MidnightManda MidnightMaand geleden
  • Gg

    Grayson McKnightGrayson McKnightMaand geleden
  • Blames the birds that untrained dogs think its ok to go after anything that moves. Lol!

    gtpforevergtpforeverMaand geleden
  • 💞 love from south africa 💞

    Patrick LombardPatrick LombardMaand geleden
  • Hey there Flair I’m watching these and mate your entertaining me well. I’m in South Australia held up at home with busted neck and stumbled across the vid with the dude that ruined your deer hunt cause he had trespassed with that deer hide on trailer..

    Jacinta DrewJacinta DrewMaand geleden
  • Llama is a grain digger

    Alec HintzAlec HintzMaand geleden
  • Why does him shooting the gun sound like shaking a spray can😂

    Ancient CyclopsAncient CyclopsMaand geleden
  • It could be blue tongue

    Terry MeyersTerry MeyersMaand geleden
  • went swimming and got attacked by a bass, couldn't move, then froze to death

  • Flair : I cannot pronounce that but yeah I think it’s ehd 😂

    Shelby TrahanShelby TrahanMaand geleden
  • you should really feed those animals more if you want them to cram down

    george haymangeorge haymanMaand geleden
  • Wrong pond pictured!!

    tvfleatvfleaMaand geleden
  • I mean gun our bow their would be a whole

  • My boyfriend and I love watching your videos!!

    reilly fletcherreilly fletcherMaand geleden
  • Help me Ricky help help help!

    HavocDoesGamingHavocDoesGamingMaand geleden
  • Maybe she died from the ronnies

    Tommy McCallisterTommy McCallisterMaand geleden
  • She must of got the covd 19

    doug Oconnordoug OconnorMaand geleden
  • What's the update on the waterfall pond?

    Andrew WongsamAndrew WongsamMaand geleden
  • Flair just admit it you just wanna eat the doe lmao

    Jordon PostJordon PostMaand geleden
  • Bambi going on a fishing trip be like😂😂

    Diegui892 RMDiegui892 RMMaand geleden
  • Is that a dead shot tri I got one for crossbow it's beast

    MrDustin6969MrDustin6969Maand geleden
  • Lama rhodes the grain digger

    Eoin DonohoeEoin DonohoeMaand geleden
  • CWD

    Cory McculloughCory McculloughMaand geleden
  • Get a buffalo 😂 and Anyone who See's this message you are so valuable and special to Jesus, he died for your sins so that they can be forgiven ,come to him as you are doesn't matter how broken you think you are , he loves you so unconditionally , no matter where you've been and he knows you personally doesn't matter what you done he'll forgive and wait for you to come to him so he can give you rest no joke he loves you so much! I was spiritually dead wanted to die didn’t care about life ,I went through so much in life physically and mentally that my feeling became num in a way and I started seeking God and He found me he revealed stuff to me and why I had to go through certain stuff in my life, only to bear more fruit in my life ,I’m not telling people about Jesus because some pastor told me to or something else I’m telling people because He gives a peace that surpasses understanding 😔👍

    R JsR JsMaand geleden
  • Your such a poor excuse for a hunter you don’t even know what chronic wasting disease is

    NSCC _CODNSCC _CODMaand geleden
  • Squirrel hunting is really fun iv killed 2 in 3 years

    Bigdaddyhacks22 BayusBigdaddyhacks22 BayusMaand geleden
  • Love the desil route

    Bigdaddyhacks22 BayusBigdaddyhacks22 BayusMaand geleden
  • Love ur truck its the one i want wen i grow up

    Bigdaddyhacks22 BayusBigdaddyhacks22 BayusMaand geleden
  • it is blue togue

    noah Gamernoah GamerMaand geleden
  • Not gonna lie flair kinda looked like momma duck with all those dekoys trailing him😂😂

    JudeJudeMaand geleden
  • i am new here and this dude owns a camel what where does he live i need to know

    Savage Otter22Savage Otter22Maand geleden
  • I think he was trying to say CWD

    Fresh off wishFresh off wishMaand geleden
  • blue tongue is the disease

    Hunter FarnsworthHunter FarnsworthMaand geleden
  • Cwd is also a disease that deer get

    Mitchell MacBurneyMitchell MacBurneyMaand geleden
  • Flair : we ok pool jet : did you blow a track flair : we good let’s go do donuts

    Jay CJay CMaand geleden
  • It's called blue tongue

    Preston PagePreston PageMaand geleden
  • Maby do some fishing videos again, you have not done one in a hot minute

    Chartrand Fishing & StuffChartrand Fishing & StuffMaand geleden
  • Step one to being straight DONT BUY A FORD Flair just failed

    Noah LusherNoah LusherMaand geleden
  • I signed up to that opinion thing and it screwed me on the first two surveys.... I'm done already. Lol

  • You got to make an ice fishing video at your pond

    Ryder LevensRyder LevensMaand geleden
  • CWD infected

    Roman BoutilierRoman BoutilierMaand geleden