I Finally BLEW UP the GIANT BEAVER DAM at My FARM!!! (Slo-Mo Explosions)

23 dec. 2020
592 431 Weergaven

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  • a fox

    Grant OakesonGrant Oakeson6 uur geleden
  • Where they all connect is called a river mouth

  • the titles are a bit aggressive but the actual video is actually nice

    Proslayer2428Proslayer24282 dagen geleden
  • you should separate your animals by species or keep the ones that you can see definitely get along together

    Hendo 434Hendo 4343 dagen geleden

    Constant Van HoevenConstant Van Hoeven3 dagen geleden
  • the word for when 2 rivers meet is a creek lol

    JacobJacob3 dagen geleden
  • Flair: that one would of killed you Me: they all would of killed u 😂

    Clean penguinClean penguin4 dagen geleden
  • Did u know that ducks sleep with one eye open, and half of they’re brain off and the other half on at night

    Luke StewardLuke Steward4 dagen geleden
  • If y'all think 2 percent is bad, my parents made me drink skim

    Animation HubAnimation Hub4 dagen geleden

    Joakim Tangen PedersenJoakim Tangen Pedersen5 dagen geleden
  • 💞💞 love from south africa 💞💞

    Patrick LombardPatrick Lombard5 dagen geleden
  • 14:40 booom

    JOE DIRTYJOE DIRTY6 dagen geleden
  • 12:00 I split my eyebrow open when I was 6

    Gallen Hegerty/coulsonGallen Hegerty/coulson6 dagen geleden
  • Words of the day Boom boom (big explosion makers) Pew pew ( a thing that make a bang noise)

    Zachary ConradZachary Conrad6 dagen geleden
  • Beavers are like thanks but think we'll continue building up our dam in the creek you found that we just started

    Corey ShelmanCorey Shelman7 dagen geleden
  • 20:45 I’m not sure why but that kills me😂😂

    Jeffery MorfootJeffery Morfoot7 dagen geleden
  • Blow the beavers hut up

    Jayden GibsonJayden Gibson7 dagen geleden
  • Conference two two rivers joining together

    Nancy CorbeilleNancy Corbeille7 dagen geleden
  • Yo flair, goats are just dogs with horns, if the goats ever get out again and they don’t want to move just nudge there sides in the direction you want them to go

    Shorelands FishingShorelands Fishing7 dagen geleden
  • who else misses quacky chang

    brendan ballardbrendan ballard8 dagen geleden
  • EVIL

    julianjulian8 dagen geleden
  • lets have a minitue of scilence for grey duck R.I.P

    Harley BainHarley Bain8 dagen geleden
  • Flair you need to make a pipeline full of tannerite on a beaver dam

    Lindsey HaleLindsey Hale8 dagen geleden
  • Your a leftie just like me😎

    Title Gmoney04Title Gmoney048 dagen geleden
  • give the donkeys peppermints mine love them

    Cooper AndersonCooper Anderson8 dagen geleden
  • Probably the new dog got killed by the animal all the animals because probably when she was asleep and the animal stepped on her

    De'angela HolmesDe'angela Holmes9 dagen geleden
  • Just put a big boom boom in the beavers house

    Clash With SpeedyClash With Speedy9 dagen geleden
  • ME

    Jean LedsonJean Ledson10 dagen geleden
  • When two streams combine 8ts called a tributary

    Che BarronChe Barron10 dagen geleden
  • Get a blastcap and shock tube and bury the charge, youll at least double the effect of the explosion

    Sigurđbjœŕnìŕ BĕrģssônSigurđbjœŕnìŕ Bĕrģssôn10 dagen geleden
  • this is By FAR the best NLworld channel it’s So intertaning!

    SIBxPLAYZSIBxPLAYZ10 dagen geleden
  • A flare answer this question when you get it do you have siblings I'm just curious

    Ruth JohnsonRuth Johnson11 dagen geleden
  • What's the charge? Do you buy it local or is it an FFL required buy item? Or is it just black powder stuffed in containers?

    Timothy RoyTimothy Roy11 dagen geleden
  • The boom boom 😂

    Mason PlayzMason Playz11 dagen geleden
  • Will the king replie

    Mason PlayzMason Playz11 dagen geleden
  • name her rip

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  • name here rip

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  • Love that you post every day something to look forward to

    Outdoors Energy drinksOutdoors Energy drinks12 dagen geleden
  • My brother just bought all your Merch it is some good stuff I am going to buy your merch soon

    Outdoors Energy drinksOutdoors Energy drinks12 dagen geleden
  • the females quaq

    KangoKid and BananaBearKangoKid and BananaBear12 dagen geleden
  • i love your vidios and your animals are cute

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  • I didn’t see an ak

    W WW W12 dagen geleden
  • bonzoos beard is awesome

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  • Wow I finally found your chanle

    clock works tvclock works tv12 dagen geleden
  • I think the female duck died because there’s to many males and they dried to breed her and she died.

    OH MY GOD I am GONNA CUMOH MY GOD I am GONNA CUM12 dagen geleden
  • Me: the duck looks dead Him:The duck looks dead Me:the duck looks squished Him:the duck looks squished Me:stop copying me Him:stays silent Me:\__(++)__/

    Gunsmith06 MiniGunsmith06 Mini14 dagen geleden

    Kylie SwensonKylie Swenson14 dagen geleden
    • Why you hate him

      Mark DogeMark Doge13 dagen geleden
  • Maybe we got sick of her quacking

    Nathan HilyerNathan Hilyer14 dagen geleden
  • i love your vids

    88kristib88kristib14 dagen geleden
  • Rip qacky

    A 10 WarthogA 10 Warthog14 dagen geleden
  • ❤️ by FLAIR

    Ashley DavisAshley Davis14 dagen geleden
  • 15:24 thank me later

    Young blastYoung blast14 dagen geleden
  • @flair maybe the other animals got tired of her nonstop noise

    Lazy DeityLazy Deity14 dagen geleden
  • U guys should get horses

    SaNDRo LArRYSaNDRo LArRY15 dagen geleden
  • gosh dam flar

    Landen HallLanden Hall17 dagen geleden
  • I wish I had a lot of animals but I’m a kid in a neighborhood where you can’t have farm animals. Guess I’ll have some when I am older. Sad

    Joey CrockerJoey Crocker17 dagen geleden

    Jennifer RigglemanJennifer Riggleman17 dagen geleden
  • You should shoot like one 100lbs bomb lol

    Paul WatsonPaul Watson17 dagen geleden
  • "Beefcake Men of Destruction"‼️💣💣💣💪💪💪👍

    BEARBEAR18 dagen geleden
  • Yall should blow up the beaver lodge cause, f*ck those beavers

    MD TurboMD Turbo18 dagen geleden
  • I love getting flairs fishbrain ad on his vids lol

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  • more chayote huntn

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  • Flair: They forgot left people exist in this world ME: Thats my LIFE Thank you Flair and a shout out to all left handed people.!

    Nathanael ZogataNathanael Zogata19 dagen geleden
  • shhhhheeewwwwwwwwwww

    Claire HayesClaire Hayes19 dagen geleden
  • Rip the ice

    Isabell MöllerIsabell Möller19 dagen geleden
  • Male ducks kill some time kill there mate during intercourse

    Tiny ArsenalTiny Arsenal19 dagen geleden
  • That's what she said

    Riley ZahuronesRiley Zahurones19 dagen geleden
  • RIP duck

    Sebastian kyle RambuyanSebastian kyle Rambuyan19 dagen geleden
  • Him and kendall grey best beaver under takers

    decrepit dingodecrepit dingo20 dagen geleden
  • 1%

    jack3940 jack3940jack3940 jack394020 dagen geleden
  • Remember the effort you went through to build ponds and nature does it for you and you go and destroy it

    adam badam b20 dagen geleden
  • We started small I thought that was 3lbs🤣

    Eli EdwardsEli Edwards20 dagen geleden
  • Imagine ww2 that’s 2x 24/7😂

    David El GüeroDavid El Güero21 dag geleden
  • Don’t worry I struggle too I’m left handed too they make more things for right handed people than left handed

    AF 201AF 20121 dag geleden
  • Me

    Sean SoulsbySean Soulsby21 dag geleden
  • *Or you just ask the military to drop a bomb to explode the beaver damm.*

    Progamer 10191Progamer 1019121 dag geleden
  • Ginnys Are so annoying lmao I got a few

    Criss TuraskyCriss Turasky21 dag geleden
  • more ducks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PJ Murphy PJMPJ Murphy PJM21 dag geleden

    Universe WolfUniverse Wolf21 dag geleden
  • I like how they can say the gun calibers but they can't sag gun just saying

    Benjamin JamesBenjamin James21 dag geleden
  • i thought he wasnt going to say blinded by the light but he did

    FriendlyMonsterFriendlyMonster22 dagen geleden
  • Use the excavator to bust the beaver dam

    Kenton JohnsonKenton Johnson22 dagen geleden
  • Banjo “you want some milk?” 🤣🤣

    Kara NemethKara Nemeth23 dagen geleden
  • SOo... your basicly destorying a damn home

    martin Kennymartin Kenny23 dagen geleden
    • Yeah to make other animal homes better

      Dawson DooleyDawson Dooley22 dagen geleden
  • Advise from someone who used to do beaver dams, and duck nesting habitat with stronger explosives (and I had a permit )the blast goes down the deeper you get the charge the more damage you will do. when you put the jug in and shot the top try digging it in deeper a longer tube down to the main charge and then pack dirt in so it's tight try that and see your results

    Paul DrakePaul Drake23 dagen geleden
  • I like how flair says lest keep widing it and pissing them off

    Moses BroomallMoses Broomall23 dagen geleden
  • Get a outpouring backseat ull know how it died

    Mj gameingMj gameing23 dagen geleden
    • And beacause

      Mj gameingMj gameing23 dagen geleden
    • I mean outospy

      Mj gameingMj gameing23 dagen geleden
  • Where two rivers meet : a tributary

    Henry DixonHenry Dixon23 dagen geleden
  • Flire pet dies: alright

    The doge ShowThe doge Show24 dagen geleden
  • That’s the squirrel from ice age

    TBH2020TBH202024 dagen geleden
  • In the begging of your videos my favorite part is “uuuuuu”

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  • Hell yar

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  • Rip unname 🦆🦆

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  • where two rivers meet is called a conflux

    Dylan TaylorDylan Taylor25 dagen geleden
  • Why does Bangor look like the kid Hans from The Burbs.

    Jon CampionJon Campion25 dagen geleden
  • Only true fans can like this Blinded by the light

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  • Say Flair, the term is a confluence. Happy New Year to you and the crew.

    59BigWalt59BigWalt25 dagen geleden
  • Nice pew pew

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  • You need to get another rabbit

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