I Bought the Most EXPENSIVE DEER BLIND for My BACKYARD!!! (Heat, A/C, Fridge, Stove, and MORE!)

26 dec. 2020
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  • Thanks for all the tips with the New blind! Y’all are wayyyy smarter than me. I’ll get her fixed up and running right in no time! Thanks for watching!

    FLAIRFLAIR29 dagen geleden
    • Call it the SHEEEEW SHACK!

      Hudson ShortHudson Short16 dagen geleden
    • yeet

      AYMAMI YEETAYMAMI YEET18 dagen geleden
    • You could hunt out of the flair B&B

      Jonah ErnstJonah Ernst21 dag geleden
    • On the camper furnace there should be a pilot that will need to be lit and then the fan will run off the battery.

      WYOMACWYOMAC24 dagen geleden
    • Rack Shack?? Its the Rack Shack... yep. CALL IT THE RACK SHACK FLAIR!! You'll thank me for it. You're welcome, in advance

      Joe JackJoe Jack25 dagen geleden
  • taj mahall

    ronald castrovincironald castrovinci8 dagen geleden
  • My goats follow me allso

    Nolan McCormickNolan McCormick9 dagen geleden
  • Hopefully you didn’t lowball the guy too bad for that blind, that’s some good work he did.

    Inec ThorneInec Thorne10 dagen geleden
  • Only thing I can think of is to put a wrap, or semi transparent cloth to break up the shinyness of the windows.

    david zdavid z11 dagen geleden
  • Yooooo I should spend the night in the new dear blind

    Brady VrableBrady Vrable16 dagen geleden
  • That’s not a deer blind it’s an rv

    Game and GamingGame and Gaming18 dagen geleden
  • I promise you that Dirty muzzleloaders are NOT accurate learn from my mistakes!

    Parker KeithParker Keith18 dagen geleden
  • Put some sound paneling on every inch of the inside so you can move around and do all kinds of things and nothing can hear you

    Donny WillisDonny Willis18 dagen geleden
  • Add a second story

    Matthew MeadowsMatthew Meadows19 dagen geleden
  • You should put a tv in it and get cotts for beds

    lurk fishinglurk fishing19 dagen geleden
  • You should take the flairbnb 2.0 camping with the dogs and make videos out of that

    Daniel KondorDaniel Kondor20 dagen geleden
  • You should cover the windows with web-tex sniper scrim net cause of the reflection like just buy a couple of the nets and staple gun them onto the outside so when you drop the window not much changes your choice but you should defo check it out for camo purposes

    CodedCreepCodedCreep20 dagen geleden
  • Deer b&b

    Weston BeckWeston Beck21 dag geleden
  • The dogs give me anxiety bad

    john dycusjohn dycus21 dag geleden
  • The bonzo bunker or deer downer

    killcreaskillcreas21 dag geleden
  • Rick running like a dog is the best part

    Alexander MarinoAlexander Marino21 dag geleden
  • 27:15 well you get down the fiddle and you get down the bow

    Mark CashMark Cash21 dag geleden
  • The table folds down and goes on something in between the seats and put the seats on top of it then it’s a bed my family owns a camper so Ik how to do it

    Jessica TaylorJessica Taylor21 dag geleden
  • Why do you just let your dogs trample on everything all the time?

    Brady McCallBrady McCall21 dag geleden
  • If it’s brown it’s down doesn’t mean what you’re saying it like it means you will shoot any deer that walks in front of you

    Dawson KrekeDawson Kreke21 dag geleden
  • For your in-line muzzleloader. A reason for it to not be accurate could be that there’s a role in the barrel that’s screwing up the shots. A role as in when you sharpen a knife it gets roles on it. So that could be your problem. To fix it just run some light steel wool down it using a brass cleaning rod.

    Sam StrangeSam Strange22 dagen geleden
  • flair you need to do a 12 wheeler video and my grand son said that he is a big fan his name is austyn

    James HaskinsJames Haskins22 dagen geleden
  • Ok

    Graham FutterGraham Futter22 dagen geleden
  • Fold the table down then put the back cushions over top of the table and it turns into a bed

    Landon and Tristan vlogsLandon and Tristan vlogs22 dagen geleden
  • Do an overnight challenge in it

    IanIan22 dagen geleden
  • U still got to hook up power to use the heat or check an see if it’s got a pliot light

    Joseph BrewerJoseph Brewer23 dagen geleden
  • Your cow looks very unhealthy skinny fella might wanna send her and get it processed

    Waldo’s vvlogWaldo’s vvlog23 dagen geleden
  • Window tint the windows cameo where you can see outside but can't see inside

    Scott HallScott Hall23 dagen geleden
  • the g waen

    kaden rosekaden rose23 dagen geleden
  • You need a battery hooked up to start the furnace

    Jacob WJacob W23 dagen geleden
  • Check under the stove and see if there’s a valve to shut off the propane. Maybe that’s why your heater isn’t working either.

    James ArnesonJames Arneson24 dagen geleden
  • I would just add 2x4 all around the seating area and add plywood too the 2x4 and make some supports under the plywood and you’ll be safe.

    James ArnesonJames Arneson24 dagen geleden
  • what a life! dream of having a ranch someday where i can have all sorts of animals, bass lakes, etc.

    The DawsonianThe Dawsonian24 dagen geleden
  • The Lodge would be a good name

    Jaxon ShawJaxon Shaw24 dagen geleden
  • I saw an ice cream truck on the road painted just like your mobile blind it was wild

    Death_Eater 279Death_Eater 27924 dagen geleden
  • This dudes dogs are so annoying

    Dylan CollierDylan Collier24 dagen geleden
  • Should name the blind the camo condo

    aaron leeaaron lee24 dagen geleden
  • Me watching thinking this is nicer than the cabin. 🤣

    Ezra babcockEzra babcock24 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else see how jacked Millie is

    Blake LiterskiBlake Literski24 dagen geleden
  • you could put some holes in the hunting blind, for ice fishing.

    nsinger20nsinger2024 dagen geleden
  • Yes

    Fat DaddyFat Daddy25 dagen geleden
  • Bring chungus inside

    Will OutridgeWill Outridge25 dagen geleden
  • I think we all want to own goats that act like Rick and Dale. If I didn't live in the city I would😂 I'm gonna try to talk my uncle into letting me keep some on his homestead😂

    Braxton BurchardBraxton Burchard25 dagen geleden
  • RIP Bambi

    Colton MinkColton Mink25 dagen geleden
  • late night thermal hunting

    lucas swenbylucas swenby25 dagen geleden
  • war wagon 10x better

    MrVelmaMrVelma25 dagen geleden
  • My man flair what was those hot dogs called my man

    faggatron___987 faggatron___987faggatron___987 faggatron___98725 dagen geleden
  • Taj mahal

    Chad DopChad Dop25 dagen geleden
  • Legit just a camper with a camo rap😅😅 still cool tho

    Nathan JordiNathan Jordi25 dagen geleden
  • Brother; I have a love/hate relationship with Muzzleloaders. If you watch my video where I missed a beautiful 8 point at 80 yards you will see why. Shot perfect on the range; but the gun had issues that I discovered after the hunt. Love the channel! -JTF

    Joe The FarmerJoe The Farmer25 dagen geleden
  • 28:21 That's what she said!

    Jason McDanielJason McDaniel25 dagen geleden
  • It'd be cool to see if the Mini Truck can pull that. It would be a perfect match; as they're both camo'd out and for offroad.

    Jason McDanielJason McDaniel25 dagen geleden
  • Know he has 2 hunting cabins

    Country KidCountry Kid25 dagen geleden
  • Should really store those hay bales inside/undercover

    Mikey McHaleMikey McHale25 dagen geleden
  • Flair you put the table in the middle then the pillows on it

    Stephen BeesonStephen Beeson25 dagen geleden
  • I think I the only one who will play to see banjo and Rick fight in a ufc match 😂

    Kelly FralixKelly Fralix25 dagen geleden
  • 11th time asking flair to do an animal mount and trophy video.

    Zander le RouxZander le Roux26 dagen geleden
  • Awesome man

    Jackson StroupJackson Stroup26 dagen geleden
  • if this is the deer slayer 3000, get in the shop and make an ice shack and make a fish slayer 3000

    Dallon PerryDallon Perry26 dagen geleden
  • And to think flair had rick for so long by himself and almost got rid of him.

    Dallon PerryDallon Perry26 dagen geleden
  • Pop up beds , radios , yeti cooler seats , hidden play station console

    Lorenzo CummingsLorenzo Cummings26 dagen geleden
  • Buck Box 2020

    Benjamin FeltyBenjamin Felty26 dagen geleden
  • Hammocks

    very nice, high 5very nice, high 526 dagen geleden
  • Please make it the dearanator 1.0

    Logan PlanticoLogan Plantico26 dagen geleden
  • The table turns into a bed it lays across to make a bed

    Dillon HorvathDillon Horvath26 dagen geleden
    • Or it should atleast thats what all pop ups have done that I've seen

      Dillon HorvathDillon Horvath26 dagen geleden
  • Survival chalenge in this thing would be awesome

    Dillon HorvathDillon Horvath26 dagen geleden
  • Who else agrees that chungus should be an indoor pet?

    sky_line06sky_line0626 dagen geleden
  • You should name the camper or deer blind big papies B&B

    Owen TuckerOwen Tucker26 dagen geleden
  • I like rick🤣

    Tyson CleggTyson Clegg26 dagen geleden
  • Pipe the cords then bury the cords and pipe keeps them from severing them

    Duke AdamsonDuke Adamson26 dagen geleden
  • anyone else think that flair spoils lucy more then milli

    Brogen LewisBrogen Lewis26 dagen geleden
  • Ayyyyy my boy flair and I both shoot left handed!

    GT Baseball #39GT Baseball #3926 dagen geleden
  • please train your dogs dude its psychotic. The reason they do things like jump on tables and act insane is because they dont respect you. Thats just what the dog whisperer says..... idk if he knows anything tho....

    Jason WattsJason Watts26 dagen geleden
  • Put some Solar panels on the roof and the you can have a.c and electricity

    redneck boysredneck boys26 dagen geleden
  • Take Fin hunting

    Jack ButlerJack Butler26 dagen geleden
  • U have 1 shot after that’s it’s pre far off

    Aiden GratzfeldAiden Gratzfeld26 dagen geleden
  • Do u clean your gun after u use it

    Aiden GratzfeldAiden Gratzfeld26 dagen geleden
  • That table should fold up and fit across the 2 benches and use the backs of the seats as a mattress for the bed.

    Connor EigenmanConnor Eigenman26 dagen geleden
  • I watched your 29 second stream😂

    Noah MatthewsNoah Matthews26 dagen geleden
  • When are you going to go deer hunting

    Brayden SturgillBrayden Sturgill26 dagen geleden
  • Get a 350 legend Winchester bolt action

    Brayden SturgillBrayden Sturgill26 dagen geleden
  • Hook it up with the mini truck

    cory breescory brees26 dagen geleden
  • His dogs are pain in the asses

    Joey AdamsJoey Adams26 dagen geleden
  • Overnight in the blind😳

    Christopher TateChristopher Tate26 dagen geleden
  • One word. Solar.

    David MazerDavid Mazer26 dagen geleden
  • The Flair Deer Slayer BnB

    Chandler TurnerChandler Turner26 dagen geleden
  • I just got my first goose call on Christmas 5 days later my dad and I got 500$ worth of decoys for 100$ I can’t wait to hunt

    Rise _VampRise _Vamp26 dagen geleden
  • Reupholster the interior cushions with Dux Waterfowl and Googan Squad logos

    Antwon ClarkAntwon Clark26 dagen geleden
  • That’s nice

    Aiden BarthelAiden Barthel26 dagen geleden
  • Built one of those from a Apache pop-up camper and froze my ass off!! That little heater will not keep you even a little warm.

    Dr. Frag3575Dr. Frag357526 dagen geleden
  • Most the time muzzleloader are 100 yards max

    chris putninschris putnins26 dagen geleden
  • intercom to make the noise to stop the deer before you shoot it maybe train horn. & throw some 360 camera for the outside

    marcus johnsonmarcus johnson26 dagen geleden
  • That’s a camper 😆😆

    Wyatt RoyWyatt Roy26 dagen geleden
  • Bambi buster

    Camdyn HittnerCamdyn Hittner26 dagen geleden
  • He know the gun dont shoot he do rite?

    Josh SeJosh Se26 dagen geleden
  • U need a water float thats what i use to fill my water for like 40 years

    Josh SeJosh Se26 dagen geleden
  • Lol animal hodge podge afaf

    Josh SeJosh Se26 dagen geleden
  • The new flair Bnb

    Alex marklewAlex marklew26 dagen geleden
  • I think the blind should be called boujee 3.0

    Dylan FurmanDylan Furman26 dagen geleden