28 dec. 2020
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  • Pls name the deer blind bucks deluxe

    Jacob BookamerJacob Bookamer13 dagen geleden
  • 🅽🅴🅴🅳 ᴍᴏʀᴇ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一Ꮋ͛ᵁ̼̽ᴺ̼̽᚜ᚸ⃝⃘⃟⃠̰̃᚛ᵀ̼̽ᴱ̼̽Ꮢ

    Round 1Round 117 dagen geleden
  • Sack of potatoes lol

    mr killermr killer17 dagen geleden
  • Not just any sack of potatos... A superpotato mainframe!

    President-Elect Richard MunschPresident-Elect Richard Munsch17 dagen geleden
  • LOL shortest live stream ever!

    Outdoor MikeOutdoor Mike18 dagen geleden
  • Bro this 28 seconds of flair still got me 3 good laughs 🤣

    Darin McVeyDarin McVey18 dagen geleden
  • Flair been looking a little well fed lately

    Bruh ObamaBruh Obama18 dagen geleden
  • Liked the vid because of the chipmunk

    EddieEddie18 dagen geleden
  • Amazing vid! 🤣

    Nelson DoddsNelson Dodds18 dagen geleden
  • Hiw

    David DavisDavid Davis19 dagen geleden
  • Hey flairrrrrrrrr

    The Keepin it Real PodcastThe Keepin it Real Podcast19 dagen geleden
  • I wonder how much money Flair will make off this 29 second video???

    Austin FreemanAustin Freeman19 dagen geleden
  • Was anyone’s stream pixelated

    Anthony BullardAnthony Bullard19 dagen geleden
  • Get a Wilson Cell Booster for that bad boy, and at the cabin. They work great!

    Charlie PCharlie P19 dagen geleden
  • The tart art traditionally alert because golf numerically spoil past a decorous creature. beneficial, daily slime

    Omar BuenoOmar Bueno19 dagen geleden
  • dumbo

    Grayson ShellyGrayson Shelly19 dagen geleden
  • Who was that old man fumbling and mumbling with banjo? Lol

    david gdavid g19 dagen geleden
  • Nice stream guy. I hope you enjoy the deer that u shot in 28 seconds lol

    EASESHOTEASESHOT19 dagen geleden
  • Who else wants flair to do another snow survival challenge?

    Zeke 10Zeke 1019 dagen geleden
  • Day 31 of asking flair to take Macy hunting

    Tristan MorrisTristan Morris19 dagen geleden
  • Doe.....

    Super DadSuper Dad19 dagen geleden
  • wow 28 secs lmaooo

    FLUKE_DA_MANFLUKE_DA_MAN19 dagen geleden
  • The video is so bad

    Gunner FoltzGunner Foltz19 dagen geleden
  • Flair I look just like you I just want you to know I hope someone mistakes me for you

    Aaron ReasonerAaron Reasoner19 dagen geleden
  • Will you bring back the Flair logo tshirt?

    Teale OlsonTeale Olson19 dagen geleden
  • I was so happy 😁 but now I’m. Not don’t forgot agin lol flair the beat

    Hunting bro’s The huntersHunting bro’s The hunters19 dagen geleden
    • Best

      Hunting bro’s The huntersHunting bro’s The hunters19 dagen geleden
  • The thumb nail

    Myles CharbonneauMyles Charbonneau19 dagen geleden
  • WTF

    Priscilla BaxterPriscilla Baxter19 dagen geleden
  • You should get a cell booster and something like a Jackery portable power supply stations to run it so that you can do live streams anywhere on your property. Like at that new deer blind or your cabin, you could stick the booster antenna out the window or up on the roof and plug the power cord into the Jackery and prob' get full bars on your cell phone for many hours before it runs out of charge.

    Calvin H.Calvin H.19 dagen geleden
  • EEEEE let’s go!

    Dylan AndereggDylan Anderegg19 dagen geleden
  • hhhhhh

    daniel molaebdaniel molaeb19 dagen geleden
  • The thumbnail had me convinced it was a good video

    Alexander RoseAlexander Rose19 dagen geleden
  • So wheres the video?

    Anthony XiongAnthony Xiong19 dagen geleden
  • chimonk

    mud hogsmud hogs19 dagen geleden
  • A 29 second video of a chipmunk still gets over 100k views in less than 9 hours. Meanwhile, I can’t even get 100 subs on my channel, what am I doing with my life?

    The Fishing ExpatThe Fishing Expat19 dagen geleden
  • Flair “I don’t look like a chip munk” Video ends

    Joe PJoe P19 dagen geleden
  • Hey flair bud think you forgot the next 20+ minutes

    kevin linkevin lin19 dagen geleden
  • Flair flashin gang sign,s like he's in the Nebraska white bread posse .

    Adam SmithAdam Smith19 dagen geleden
  • What was that shit..did you guys go back in time 20 years and record that shit on an old Emerson cell

    johnny feathersjohnny feathers19 dagen geleden
  • You should make a mondo optic camera lens so we can see in the water 💦

    TH Gaming and OutdoorsTH Gaming and Outdoors19 dagen geleden
  • Stoppppppoooopppppp live streams they suck

    Josh Van RyswickJosh Van Ryswick19 dagen geleden

    jontavius the fourthjontavius the fourth19 dagen geleden
  • 100k views for 25 seconds lmao

    D GordonD Gordon19 dagen geleden
  • Flair: posts 28 second stream Also Flair: still pulls 91k views

    Ryan LeeRyan Lee19 dagen geleden
    • fr the other live stream, viewers thought it was a continuance. i did too

      Johnboy70Johnboy7018 dagen geleden
  • Lol

    Max WhyteMax Whyte19 dagen geleden
  • Haha lmao

    Blakethe GamerBlakethe Gamer19 dagen geleden
  • Rippppp

    simon wrinklessimon wrinkles19 dagen geleden
  • well, is was expecting a flair vid today but this was not expected. lol

  • What

    Layne WolffLayne Wolff19 dagen geleden
  • That’s the biggest buck I’ve ever seen!!😳

    DARNEZZ xDARNEZZ x20 dagen geleden
  • Are you that famous dude from the camping in a blizzard video?

    Mason DrogeMason Droge20 dagen geleden
  • Shortest video ever more like a tik tok

    Brandon ParkerBrandon Parker20 dagen geleden
  • cool

    salvador bogersalvador boger20 dagen geleden
  • Why is it so blurry

    HD FishingHD Fishing20 dagen geleden
  • His internet went ,"YEET"

    Dog RoosterDog Rooster20 dagen geleden
  • Welllt ha5 was short

    Isaac WegnerIsaac Wegner20 dagen geleden
  • FLAIR we waited 41:05 watching Bonzoes live video to hear the answer to what happened to your mini pond. You said to watch it and he would tell..... NOT ... Come on and quit avoiding the question..

    David BeersDavid Beers20 dagen geleden
  • That one sucks what happened

    JimmyMcJimmyMc20 dagen geleden
  • I’m going hunting on Wednesday

    Daylon HarrisDaylon Harris20 dagen geleden
  • sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

    Kali KubisiakKali Kubisiak20 dagen geleden
  • Yo man you're doing your thing putting out videos everyday very hard so I support you thank you ..pew pew

    Blood OpsBlood Ops20 dagen geleden
  • Whoo 2p seconds

    aulbeutaulbeut20 dagen geleden
  • Hahahah right when he got near the blind the stream just ended 😂😂😂

    manvir judgemanvir judge20 dagen geleden
  • Poor Flair

    Andrew HamiltonAndrew Hamilton20 dagen geleden
  • 28 seconds but it still desrves a like

    Delvin JordanDelvin Jordan20 dagen geleden
  • Nice deer man, you got a good shot on it! How much did it weigh?

    Grá lóiséasGrá lóiséas20 dagen geleden
  • Ended 28 seconds in lol

    Ryan MitchellRyan Mitchell20 dagen geleden
  • Day 17 of asking flair to fly me out to spend a few days on the farm dm me @bentley_kinzer_13

    Bentley KinzerBentley Kinzer20 dagen geleden
  • Sheeeeewwww ....Lol talk about a long episode folks, cheese n rice guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣#botched

    T.H.N outdoorsT.H.N outdoors20 dagen geleden
  • Most comments and likes for the most pointless video of flairs channel

    Gooseman OutdoorsGooseman Outdoors20 dagen geleden
  • Quality check 🤣

    Jacob TroutmanJacob Troutman20 dagen geleden

    icuabc 123icuabc 12320 dagen geleden
  • Chicken fried venison. The best!!

    Carol BiermanCarol Bierman20 dagen geleden
  • I was waiting for this and then I miss it and then he stops it

    Mark BeronillaMark Beronilla20 dagen geleden
  • Banjo looks like steph curry

    Ray RodriguezRay Rodriguez20 dagen geleden
  • Idiot

    Stranglehold OutdoorsStranglehold Outdoors20 dagen geleden
  • Will that sucked

    Brian UnderwoodBrian Underwood20 dagen geleden
  • why is it 28 secents

    Bethany MadlBethany Madl20 dagen geleden
  • Flair getting 5k likes for a 30 sec video SHHHEEEWWWW

    Karson SanderKarson Sander20 dagen geleden
  • Bro no offense but u gotta stop making those dumb faces. I can tell ur self-conscious about ur face but making a dumb face makes it worse...

    Sam SchroederSam Schroeder20 dagen geleden
  • Insane graphics my guy

    InABagInABag20 dagen geleden
  • Flair you ended your stream bud

    Antonio OvalleAntonio Ovalle20 dagen geleden
  • That thumbnail tho 🤣

    trip mihalskitrip mihalski20 dagen geleden
  • coolest 30 seconds recorded on a potato

    Bruh hurBBruh hurB20 dagen geleden
  • You should do a video of it

    Huntin’ With StephensHuntin’ With Stephens20 dagen geleden
  • Hahahhaah

    Brans MBrans M20 dagen geleden
  • Lol

    TheNeptuneaxeTheNeptuneaxe20 dagen geleden
  • efficiency right there

    Marino CaraccioloMarino Caracciolo20 dagen geleden
  • The best vidio yet god luck tomorows hunt

    Jekabs DunavskisJekabs Dunavskis20 dagen geleden
  • This video is still longer than the time I last in bed 🛌 😢

    Collision CrisCollision Cris20 dagen geleden
  • the live stream probably ended because the link was crap and it was transmitting at 144p. what we got was 2 year old finger painting. like the conversation, hated the visuals.

    william wetheringtonwilliam wetherington20 dagen geleden
  • Flair can you please make a new video of you hunting in the new deer blind ?

    Katelyn SchmidtKatelyn Schmidt20 dagen geleden
  • Luxury blind 1933 quality

    Dumb PersonDumb Person20 dagen geleden
  • Hahaha

    Angling with AidenAngling with Aiden20 dagen geleden
  • The graphics are great lol

    Kristina DubeKristina Dube20 dagen geleden
  • Whoever commented in your other live stream is a hater. If you are farmer or have a hobby farm and have animals you have to expect some losses. I grew up on a farm and worked on other farms. Calves getting killed my coyotes, chickens getting killed by raccoons,weasels, skunks, oppusoms, and fox. I have seen birds get stepped on and killed my horses and cows. I have seen 6 month old calves get their heads stuck in fences and goats too and seen them die. You will see animals die from diseases that you may or may not catch and have treated if you catch it and they will still die time to time. To anyone who wants to have a farm or hobby farm in the midwest and raise animals, the midwest is the thunderdome. If the weather doesn't kill your animals the predators will. You're doing a great job Flair. Haters will hate.

    Livin' CountryLivin' Country20 dagen geleden
  • I wish I could give you some money but I make 1075 an hour and get 28 hours a week all I can do is comment

    Jestin GravelyJestin Gravely20 dagen geleden
  • Lol

    anthony sebastiananthony sebastian20 dagen geleden
  • Flair my beef cake merch still had not came?!?!

    Brady BermantBrady Bermant20 dagen geleden
  • Lol filming on a ds

    Jacoby RussellJacoby Russell20 dagen geleden