HUNTING from My OFF-GRID Backyard CABIN for the FIRST TIME!!!!

7 jan. 2021
534 098 Weergaven

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  • Build a underground bunker In your cabin

  • you need a porch or some steps

    Definitely not jayusDefinitely not jayus11 uur geleden
  • Cover the wall with old rustic fence board

    Fortnite trick shots Trick shotsFortnite trick shots Trick shotsDag geleden
  • that fan is using a peltier element. when they are hot on one side and cooled on the other they produce electricity

    Gustaf GaggeGustaf GaggeDag geleden
  • You should make a little run off from the top pond to the pond by the cabin so it can push fish and some more water in the pond your trying to stock like so he can see

    Stephen SmithStephen Smith2 dagen geleden
  • To make your non stick last longer don't use metal spatulas or things also don't let the inside of the pan touch the outside of the other ones

    Mark CantrellMark Cantrell2 dagen geleden
  • Barley noticed that the tv fell over it’s probably broken

    Progamer 10191Progamer 101913 dagen geleden
  • more like your sheeewwin window

    Owen LoveOwen Love3 dagen geleden
  • you cant

    Owen LoveOwen Love3 dagen geleden
  • hey dont forget the badger mount

    Owen LoveOwen Love3 dagen geleden
  • The end of the video sbakgdjdjfhdksgshhf I don’t even know what he said 😂

    Eli TranEli Tran6 dagen geleden
  • What pocket knife do u have

    Max CabreraMax Cabrera7 dagen geleden
  • Geothermal power

    This is memeThis is meme7 dagen geleden
  • I just subscribe

    lap khuong dinhlap khuong dinh7 dagen geleden
  • Me for shr

    Carter MulcahyCarter Mulcahy8 dagen geleden
  • i hate it when this meathead says sheeeew

    L BL B9 dagen geleden
  • Insulate your roof first, that is very important

    N GN G9 dagen geleden
  • 18:57 "Ooooooo, is that silicone?" - Pooljet. Shit made me laugh way too hard.

    Crazy Hand GrowsCrazy Hand Grows10 dagen geleden
  • 💞💞 love from south africa 💞💞

    Patrick LombardPatrick Lombard10 dagen geleden
  • Looks like a shitty, lazy-built cabin. No insulation, no shower, no toilets etc.

    tuner25IItuner25II10 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else cringe because how dirty the cabin is 😂

    FreshwaterGospelFreshwaterGospel10 dagen geleden
  • Banjo: drops tea Me:😂 Also Banjo: its a little slippery Also me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    DylanTheDanglerDylanTheDangler10 dagen geleden
  • Strain spoon. Used to serve corn and what nots

    Deni GongDeni Gong10 dagen geleden
  • Yeah you need to vent and stuff. Then r32 and dry wall

    Deni GongDeni Gong10 dagen geleden
  • Flair the cabin needs a wall mount . Like a yote head or a big buck

    CammiCammi10 dagen geleden
  • Um anyone c flairs black eye 👁

    Jett FlemingJett Fleming10 dagen geleden
  • Flair chilling in his igloo liking the comments

    mason scottmason scott11 dagen geleden
  • Looking good Starting my day of with a good sheewww

    TristanTristan11 dagen geleden
  • Flair love your channel and I think you should camp down at the animals

    Out BushOut Bush11 dagen geleden

    ian reiserian reiser11 dagen geleden
  • Sheeeeww

    Ty MrtnzTy Mrtnz11 dagen geleden
  • we have a heet powered fan in our hunting cabin

    Dixon Lew SextonDixon Lew Sexton11 dagen geleden
  • That fan looked like it was going slow. Of how fast it was brooo

    Jacoby BartonJacoby Barton12 dagen geleden
  • I’m confused, the fan is blowing so fast it looks slow?

    X8 PlasmaX8 Plasma12 dagen geleden
  • you need a hose with a special regulator to use that heater on a gas propane tank. Mr. Heater 12 ft. Remote Propane Installation Kit for Vent Free Units, F273684 is the part I just bought one of those heaters

    Tut MasterTut Master12 dagen geleden
  • Yo what's bonzos channel called

    Devin Lipsey vlogsDevin Lipsey vlogs12 dagen geleden
  • love it, plyboard sheets and insulation on the roof

    Clarkys CuttersClarkys Cutters12 dagen geleden
  • you need a foyer so you can stop bringing all that dirt in your cabin

    PepsToCoolPepsToCool12 dagen geleden
  • It's been sooo long since I've watched flair

    flxm4flxm412 dagen geleden
  • Here for the Sheeewwww stayed for the beefcake

    HookAndReelHookAndReel12 dagen geleden
  • I’m just glad the beeping is gone!!

    Lou CLou C12 dagen geleden
  • wouldn't hurt for you to change your clothes unless you like the cartoon character vibes. Also if you like seeing the steam off your breath so much, get a vape.

    Elvis PresleyElvis Presley13 dagen geleden
  • Should put some gun racks in the cabin

    trevor Millertrevor Miller13 dagen geleden
  • what is the caller you are using ?

    Aza_644Aza_64413 dagen geleden
  • Hiii

    Xavier ElsXavier Els13 dagen geleden
  • Natural gas heater? Your you propane for heater so you need Lp gas that's for propane....natural gas is basically for city not off grid

    Kevin ZKevin Z13 dagen geleden
  • Hey flair I do woodworking in the side and would love to do a custom kitchen or coffee table for the cabin please let me know

    Danny HolmesDanny Holmes13 dagen geleden
  • Love y’all big fan sheeeeeeeew

    SiteSite13 dagen geleden
  • just don't wake up???

    Brittany KratzerBrittany Kratzer13 dagen geleden
  • Is that the guy from the live stream?

    Jn AwesomeJn Awesome13 dagen geleden
  • You should add a car port for the mule

    the iron fishermanthe iron fisherman13 dagen geleden
  • Flair: “Im too cheap to go out and buy a new table” Then goes out and buys new sets of cookware

    CoolMan555 YTCoolMan555 YT13 dagen geleden
  • Can I move in

    Betty McGarryBetty McGarry13 dagen geleden
  • Id epoxy the floor, LVT the material its self is waterproof but the installation is not.

    thomas utschinskithomas utschinski13 dagen geleden
    • Thin layer of self level then epoxy it

      thomas utschinskithomas utschinski13 dagen geleden
    • Even a floating floor would let water settle underneath and rott your sub flooring

      thomas utschinskithomas utschinski13 dagen geleden
    • Basically the glue will give if you track alot of water in or are mopping the flooring all the time

      thomas utschinskithomas utschinski13 dagen geleden
  • You should paint it camo

    Penguin MorrisPenguin Morris13 dagen geleden
  • As a fellow hunter.. I LOVE UR CHANNEL....

    Raelyn BastienRaelyn Bastien13 dagen geleden
  • flair what happened to the fish pond by the barn???

    Terri MimsTerri Mims13 dagen geleden
  • Next video series, "off-grid backyard cabin outhouse build"

    dabeevdabeev13 dagen geleden
  • almost feeling the same as summer, eating beef jerky and watching FLAIR instead of doing online homework, the thing missing is warmth and shorts

    WillemWillem14 dagen geleden
  • Wise words from flair “am I dead!?, no!.

    JustinJustin14 dagen geleden
  • Use the straining spoon for when you fry fish or anything to drain the grease off your food

    laryn.nobles nobleslaryn.nobles nobles14 dagen geleden
  • Me and you were matching when I was watching this

    Frankie DFrankie D14 dagen geleden
  • Hey flair what happened to ur face I see a bruse also I like ur content keep up the good work

    Chris GarciaChris Garcia14 dagen geleden
  • You could use it to grab fish outta oil when your frying it

    Carson BlakeCarson Blake14 dagen geleden
  • 19:19 That is for scooping Goldie Crispies out of hot oil.

    Jason McDanielJason McDaniel14 dagen geleden
  • i live in omaha as well and if you ever need a helping hand building anything out of wood or really anything or fixing anything machanical i am very handy just let me know would just be cool to hang and have some good times hit me up lol

    Starr BuiltStarr Built14 dagen geleden
  • you need some kind of water system for drinking cooking and washing dishes and game

    Randy RichardsonRandy Richardson14 dagen geleden
  • the roof and walls need insulated and sheet rocked you will just need boxers in there

    Randy RichardsonRandy Richardson14 dagen geleden
  • Dude the cabin is awesome

    Jacob FJacob F14 dagen geleden
  • Heat rises, u won’t be able to heat the cabin well enough without the roof insulated. For ex. Pour water into a cup, then cut the bottom off the cup it’s gonna fall str8 out because there’s nothing to contain it. Heat does the opposite and rises so without roof insulation to contain it the heat is leaving str8 out. If your gonna do a project this time consuming u might as well make it usable and do it right. Just my opinion so it doesn’t matter anyway 😂

    KLUZLILDKLUZLILD14 dagen geleden
  • Hey Flair you should put a porch with some rocking chairs and it will also help with keeping the floor clean.

    Jacob FaulknerJacob Faulkner14 dagen geleden
  • Do you 55 and commenting on Flairs videos until he comments back

    River BohacekRiver Bohacek14 dagen geleden
  • I looks like he has a black eye

    IBM OutdoorsIBM Outdoors14 dagen geleden
  • Sheww it was cold outside today

    Florida Saltwater anglerFlorida Saltwater angler14 dagen geleden
  • Didint you put some Fish in thé pond

    Miguel RobichaudMiguel Robichaud14 dagen geleden
  • I’m here😂 lol

    Ashton ParkerAshton Parker14 dagen geleden
  • You can use the strain spoon when you fry stuff to pull it out

    Steve RoegnerSteve Roegner14 dagen geleden
  • For me and everyone else can you please improve on the loft ladder I don't want you guys falling through or it breaking on you Please

    Harland VaughtHarland Vaught14 dagen geleden
  • Flair: sheeeeeew Me: oops sorry i farted

    Sylis DuBoisSylis DuBois14 dagen geleden
  • The loft needs another bed and some kind of railing so ya don’t take a tumble from above. Maybe some bed frames up yonder to have some storage underneath

    Jon HJon H14 dagen geleden
  • Go get a dog fence thing like the ones people put in there house if they don’t want the dogs to get in your kitchen or something to put around the bottoms bunk in case someone sleeps down there the dogs won’t aggravate them if the dogs try to sleep on the bed

    Jackson Jones filmsJackson Jones films14 dagen geleden
  • Not going to lie, I’m missing the daily uploads man! Lmao keep up the great content 💪

    The Stafford WayThe Stafford Way14 dagen geleden
  • Why don’t you upp loud as much as before

    Mehmet ParlakMehmet Parlak14 dagen geleden
  • All great cabins have a nice lodge brand cast iron pan or two!! Ya can cook right on the top of wood some play station, reach over stir some scrambled eggs...

    Jacob Wagner Can Am X3 CrazyJacob Wagner Can Am X3 Crazy14 dagen geleden
  • Flair drinking game, take a shot every time he says "see your breath" lmao

    Mike BurnsMike Burns14 dagen geleden
  • If my mom made the house she would care

    xx_ risingphoenixxx_ risingphoenix14 dagen geleden
  • Flair can u please buy me that dewalt tool set you have?! Thanks😄

    Aaron BangaAaron Banga14 dagen geleden
  • When ur kinda depressed cause flair hasn’t posted in 2 days :/

    Gabele_007Gabele_00714 dagen geleden
  • Okay that electrical work is definitely not up to code🧐😂😂

    justin smithjustin smith14 dagen geleden
  • Flair love your channel! Check out my Dad and I. He almost dies in this video. It would mean the world to me if you commented on it.

    Georgia River BoysGeorgia River Boys14 dagen geleden
  • Ayyyyy the electrician is from my home town Kansas cityyyyy

    Brandon BlyBrandon Bly14 dagen geleden
  • It hurts my soul there is no insulation in the ceiling. 😭😂

    Jordan MartinJordan Martin14 dagen geleden
  • thermal

    Gavin ShutterGavin Shutter14 dagen geleden
  • You should buy a BB gun from t supply

    Hunter SierraHunter Sierra14 dagen geleden
  • Straining spoon is for if u deep fry chips u strain the oil or doughnut balls etc.

    Cameron BartonCameron Barton14 dagen geleden
  • Why haven’t you been posting daily

    Ethan ColsonEthan Colson14 dagen geleden
  • Me watching before 2020 at 2020 I see the title well we burned down the cabin

    Ashley DavisAshley Davis14 dagen geleden
  • Flair search up a dong chicken I think it's called there the most expensive chickens

    George DugganGeorge Duggan14 dagen geleden
  • You know what would be nice in there, a camping toilet

    dark ice dragondark ice dragon14 dagen geleden
  • Can you get a swedish duck

    Eldiboi Al-TaihaiEldiboi Al-Taihai14 dagen geleden