Finding Out if My PET MINI DONKEY is PREGNANT!!! (Vet Gives Ultrasound)

24 sep. 2020
431 802 Weergaven

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My mini donkey was due to give birth in June and so far she hasn't popped out a baby. So we called the vet and had him give her an ultrasound to see if she's pregnant! I hope you all enjoy!
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  • Ima hurt my pet so that vet pu to my house ( to much ok)

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  • Flair with the frie at the edge of your dock go to T supply and get smaller pellets to train them if you want the fish to be pellet trained also add some smaller floating pellets to the feeder so the smaller fish have a chance to eat and get used to it because floaters mean more top water hits or feeding frensys.

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  • It takes donkey 13 months to give birth. And it hard to tell if they are pregnant because they are always fat

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  • The look on the vet tech's face was priceless during Tiffany's exam!

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