9 nov. 2020
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Is it worth it to buy the highest end gear for duck hunting? Or does the cheapest gear found at Walmart do just as well? I hope you all enjoy!
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  • gatty mic fatty lmao lmao lmao

    Mr. RightMr. RightDag geleden
  • Flair hunt at the little pond in your yard

    Joseph PittsJoseph Pitts4 dagen geleden
    • Please

      Joseph PittsJoseph Pitts4 dagen geleden
  • Soak the duck in soy sauce

    C broC bro4 dagen geleden
  • Is it just me that thought braydon price and flair were the same people?, No just me?

    Gavyn SheltonGavyn Shelton4 dagen geleden
  • Nice! this was the first of your videos I've watched. Ive always wanted to do this exact challenge! thumbs up

    Savage PursuitSavage Pursuit5 dagen geleden
  • Flair where do ya live what state

    704 Fishing Chris Davis704 Fishing Chris Davis5 dagen geleden
  • Any one els cringe on the first duck when it hit the water

    Elijah Beason 2020Elijah Beason 20206 dagen geleden
  • I've been binge watching these videos. I use to hunt raccoons, but wouldn't mind trying my hand at deer or duck hunting

    Rosie Posie1213Rosie Posie12136 dagen geleden
  • Black lives havnt mattered ever since jhone deer come out lol jk

    Landon MillerLandon Miller8 dagen geleden
  • i found they taste way better if u let the sit in wild turkey for a couple of hours then season them and it taste amazing

    Gabe HeirdGabe Heird12 dagen geleden
  • I wish I could get me a shotgun

    savage rat monkey gamingsavage rat monkey gaming13 dagen geleden
  • Best and funniest videos

    BP VlogsBP Vlogs14 dagen geleden
  • You should try Lawry's garlic salt on some jerky might be good

    Filo MaloneFilo Malone14 dagen geleden
  • Anyone else see the light in the background at 11:25 and think abt mw

    Adam TubbsAdam Tubbs14 dagen geleden
  • Yeet

    Piss RatPiss Rat18 dagen geleden
  • You should go play knock out for a video

    Margo NievesMargo Nieves18 dagen geleden
  • Where did you get that shotgun strap with the cartridge holder?

    Jeff MateJeff Mate18 dagen geleden
  • Banjo is wearing the same dux hoodie I got for Christmas

    Lacrosse DominatorLacrosse Dominator19 dagen geleden
  • You guys aren't even hid up... what do you expect, their not going to work your deacs standing their

    tlpoutdoorsmantlpoutdoorsman19 dagen geleden
  • Once again short barrel against long bear on the Clays to no-brainer the short barrels going to get them over the long gun

    tlpoutdoorsmantlpoutdoorsman19 dagen geleden
  • That is not a fair comparison you can't shoot a 28-inch barrel against a lot 2524 there's no way that's going to work you got to have the same Barrel links

    tlpoutdoorsmantlpoutdoorsman19 dagen geleden
  • It is sad that I bought my dirt bike for the same price as Flairs shotgun.

    Connor Shakespeare vlogsConnor Shakespeare vlogs20 dagen geleden
  • Ohhhhhhhhhh the big momma gomma oooooooooooooooooooooo

    Big BossBig Boss21 dag geleden
  • I love your videos 😍😍😍

    Benjamin BostromBenjamin Bostrom21 dag geleden
  • I love your videos

    Benjamin BostromBenjamin Bostrom21 dag geleden
  • Who’s here in 2021

    Kollin SteeleKollin Steele21 dag geleden
  • Teriyaki will work great

    Rylan BarrRylan Barr22 dagen geleden
  • Not a jerky recipe, but cut you breasts into chunks. Marinate in Italian dressing for at least 24 hrs. Longer is always better. Get some good quality thick cut pepper bacon. Cut in half width wise, then cut those in half length wise so you have 4 stacks of long thin bacon. Wrap your chunks of duck in a bacon strip and toothpick them, then bbq till your liking (for crunch of bacon)

    maahsman19maahsman1922 dagen geleden
  • 2021

    Dr.DrippyDr.Drippy22 dagen geleden
  • Who’s here in 2021

    crackz ytcrackz yt23 dagen geleden
  • U should do bbq sauce duck jerky

    Anthony HawksleyAnthony Hawksley23 dagen geleden
  • Lol nice hunt. The ducks I raise and butcher could fit your ducks whole head in its mouth. Lol. Love your channel. New sub. Really love your straight forward approach

    Tanks critters and urban homesteadingTanks critters and urban homesteading23 dagen geleden
  • Hey are those 12 gauges or 20 gauges

    Will BellWill Bell23 dagen geleden
  • It's funny all this expensive vs. cheap but it's about the guy wielding the gun!

    Matt AlleyMatt Alley23 dagen geleden
  • 1:28 that’s what she said 😏

    Schuylerwhite113Schuylerwhite11323 dagen geleden
  • It's still too unfair of a challenge since Banjo is using a pump and yours is semi. At least give him the same advantage lol

    Ethan BrooksairEthan Brooksair26 dagen geleden
  • Pooljet could’ve grabbed that mallard

    Micah BeltMicah Belt26 dagen geleden
  • I gotta stop watching this dude just bc he say rip to much like cmon bro stfu making me wanna smack you

    kody bissonkody bisson28 dagen geleden
  • Best hoodies on dux waterfowl

    Reelin with ryanReelin with ryanMaand geleden
  • What is the cheap shorty shotgun? Looks like an IAC Hawke.

    Gene SmileyGene SmileyMaand geleden
  • My mom bought me a 500$ gun

    Crystal WellsCrystal WellsMaand geleden
    • Noice

      RK ProductionsRK Productions23 dagen geleden
  • Go get em flair do I hear limits. I think that’s what I hear

    daylon adamsondaylon adamsonMaand geleden
  • 2021 scooby snack merch

    Bryson PopourBryson PopourMaand geleden
  • I get a fix freedom shirt and used code flair for 10% off thx flair for 10% off

    T3 cbargerstock 8T3 cbargerstock 8Maand geleden
  • 12:30 😂💀

    Daniel de la MoraDaniel de la MoraMaand geleden
  • Mack deer jare

    tanner webbtanner webbMaand geleden
  • Flairs shells are a 5th of my shotgun💀

    Noah HimselNoah HimselMaand geleden
  • A1 sause is the best on duck jerky

    Nolan TurboNolan TurboMaand geleden
  • allergos hot and spicy marinade quarter cup of brown sugar marniade meat 24 hrs yummy

  • Where can I find Banjos channel?

    M_ McDowellM_ McDowellMaand geleden
  • why dont you try pepper gain and the kit

    game time 90game time 90Maand geleden
  • Try using steak sesoning

    Tamela HamrickTamela HamrickMaand geleden
  • one day there gonna get to expensive world vs cheap world lol

    Frickzy JrFrickzy JrMaand geleden
  • Flair should try to kill a duck with a slug shell. Who agrees? 👇🏻

    Teegan LeroyTeegan LeroyMaand geleden
  • Hey so I’m just getting into duck hunting do you guys have any tips?

    Justin BlackhamJustin BlackhamMaand geleden
  • Who in the hell smokes jerky for 1 hour? My goodness you can cook to save your life.

    Robert DavisRobert DavisMaand geleden
  • bonzo looks like a kid with the gun

    Luke SchrefflerLuke SchrefflerMaand geleden
  • I rock the old estate shells and I can't complain

    Joseph McDanielJoseph McDanielMaand geleden
  • Love your vids

    Jayden OlsenJayden OlsenMaand geleden
  • I would suggest using a shorter barrel, so when you shoot the pellets spread, and it’s a duck so it don’t take much to kill one.

    TypicalAsianTypicalAsianMaand geleden
  • Bushy Beard Banjo

  • Why do u never look at the camera when I talking I love your vids

    رشادرشادMaand geleden
  • soak them in Italian and wrap them in bacon

    Aubre WellsAubre WellsMaand geleden
  • Hopefully my work starts carrying the the new merch we sell your socks lol

    No ThxNo ThxMaand geleden
  • Literally my favourite NLworldr right here I’m a hugeeee fan

    Caleb IwikauCaleb IwikauMaand geleden
  • i got the same head light it slaps

    William HawkinsWilliam HawkinsMaand geleden
  • bro i just got ricked rolled by a ad

    Franklyn_da_bestFranklyn_da_bestMaand geleden
  • Try browning them ducks down with some onions and bell peppers really good , will make a onion gravy put over rice ready to roll

    Zack DempsterZack DempsterMaand geleden
  • I'll take a $300 mossberg 500 over anything any day once you get up 600 and over I think your just having a pissing contest to see who can waist the most money for the same thing.. sorry a shotgun is a shotgun IDC what the name or price tag says

    blane upshawblane upshawMaand geleden
  • $12 shells is expensive I pay about $7-$8 at most

    blane upshawblane upshawMaand geleden
  • Are you one of my favorite NLworldrs

    Lindsey ParksLindsey ParksMaand geleden
  • Dux needs to make waders

    Anna Grace RowlandAnna Grace RowlandMaand geleden
  • i have the non exspensyv shotgunni love it

    Alexander VukmanicAlexander VukmanicMaand geleden
  • I use a little soy sauce marinade.

    David McDonaldDavid McDonaldMaand geleden
  • I hunt I got a 22 and a BB gun my dad has shotgun and a assault rifle

    Yeeting VlogzYeeting VlogzMaand geleden
  • Challenge You should go duck hunting with no calls And with the cheapest gun at a pawn shop

    Fazey Ry NeeleyFazey Ry NeeleyMaand geleden
  • I really want to get my first 12 gauge but I don’t know what one and where to get one that’s good for a decent price, not looking to spend too much

    GFEASTGFEASTMaand geleden
  • I love u no homo

    killer boykiller boyMaand geleden
  • Try gorlicpowder onion powder and mustard powder with ketchup and quarter cop of red wine vinegar with a half cup of Worcester sauce it makes great jerky

    Austin BeltAustin BeltMaand geleden
  • Blinded by the light pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Amos SewellAmos SewellMaand geleden
  • 🥴

    FNQ spearNfishingFNQ spearNfishingMaand geleden
  • It's not about the price. You can make anything work. If you have skill.

    BM_ MysticBM_ MysticMaand geleden
  • Bruh you can’t use a pump duck hunting 😂😂

    ツFaltilZツツFaltilZツMaand geleden
  • Hey I love your videos hope to see more

    Brantley PenningtonBrantley PenningtonMaand geleden
  • Yep I stopped buying 3 1/2" shells. Costs too much now

    2 Bird dogs and a Wolfdog2 Bird dogs and a WolfdogMaand geleden
  • This vid awesome keep it up

    Bernadette PeplinskiBernadette PeplinskiMaand geleden
  • try old bay

    Son of a dbgSon of a dbgMaand geleden
  • Hey flair

    Hayden AdamsHayden AdamsMaand geleden
  • How much meth do you pay banjo per vid?

    Bobby BrownBobby BrownMaand geleden
  • You should make a shirt that says make Ricky great again

    Noah BlendenNoah BlendenMaand geleden
  • What kind of gun is the cheap one

    Steel RhodesSteel RhodesMaand geleden
  • your so damn hyper. calm down.

    Dark CrowDark CrowMaand geleden
  • If you hammer the jerky it will make it more tender

    jayjay06513jayjay06513Maand geleden
  • 3:15 (flairs voice cracks) Bonzo: did you just hit puberty Flair: i just hit puberty Bonzo: congrats

    Carly RospopoCarly RospopoMaand geleden
  • How many people just kept on rewinding it at the beginning jut to hear flare say SHEW

    Mason LeaMason LeaMaand geleden
  • Use milk to get the wild game taste out.

    Nate PNate PMaand geleden
  • Dude got everything in the world and can’t even use a clay target thrower. Smh

    PumpinsteinPumpinsteinMaand geleden
  • Herters are my expensive shells..

    Tim52581Tim52581Maand geleden
  • What do they do with them

    Judson FerrisJudson FerrisMaand geleden
  • you should hunt with the little shotgun that is about half the size of a regular shotgun

    Jessica DearJessica DearMaand geleden