CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE Bass Pro Shops CHALLENGE!!! (Surprising Result!)

29 dec. 2020
915 736 Weergaven

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  • I understand its a double trigger and how they work. It was the inconsistency that made me take it back. The second 6.5 had a double trigger and functioned properly

    FLAIRFLAIR21 dag geleden
    • I bought a savage 110 ba stealt in 338 lapua mag .. It as a acutriger on it its a monster and its by farrr the best trigger Eva

      r/T Madmanr/T Madman11 uur geleden
    • This video just showed how much you need to learn about firearms. Stick to the cheap guns you're more familiar with

      Tom SkiTom SkiDag geleden

      Jacob S.Jacob S.5 dagen geleden
    • It’s a accu trigger you have to slowly pull it and then you will be able to pull trigger

      codi mcelroycodi mcelroy6 dagen geleden

      TCR_ COOPTCR_ COOP7 dagen geleden
  • Can you make a video of you getting a 243

    Junior Hernandez10Junior Hernandez10Uur geleden
  • That ammo probably killed your wallet

    Airsoft RayderAirsoft Rayder3 uur geleden
  • I feellike im about to be offended by the 2k rifle caus it look like my savage

    r/T Madmanr/T Madman11 uur geleden
  • no body: literally no body: *wind blowing in the mic* subtitles:[music]

    wzxwzx13 uur geleden
  • You need to adjust your trigger

    Joe MorrisJoe Morris20 uur geleden
  • my 6.5 is different so I don't know anything about that 6,5

    Denzel BaltzDenzel Baltz23 uur geleden
  • Bonzo low key looks like a leprechaun.

    Max FarberMax FarberDag geleden
  • Is that a sig cross? Doesn't look like it, but I read sig cross have been recalled for trigger problems. Maybe another variation?

    Jeremiah EmbsJeremiah EmbsDag geleden
  • Flair: shootin out flames our smthin that made me laugh do hard and i dont know why

    brady lavadobrady lavadoDag geleden
  • The first trigger is a safety in case you pull up by accident that’s why it clicks and then the second trigger actually makes a gun go off my gun is the exact same way it’s just a safety attachment

    Ryan SanchezRyan SanchezDag geleden
  • Adjust your trigger poundage

    Landon VerbitLandon VerbitDag geleden
  • Oil change ! That's not an oil change on a new car! That is more like needing new tires, windshield wipers, air filter and an oil change !

    johnnybarbarjohnnybarbarDag geleden
  • You should get a 338 lapua

    ツFaltilZツツFaltilZツ2 dagen geleden
  • It sounds very fucking cheap

    ツFaltilZツツFaltilZツ2 dagen geleden
  • Im still wondering how u find guns i mean u cant buy guns at walmart anymore

    302 airsoft302 airsoft2 dagen geleden
  • It was user error the first click is the trigger engaging then you have to pull even more it’s called a precision trigger

    Zac MZac M2 dagen geleden
  • Why is there no ammo at bass pro?

    Bryson PetersBryson Peters2 dagen geleden
  • You shouldn’t shoot a 50 caliber was that Clay shot

    justus and harper Channel customsjustus and harper Channel customs2 dagen geleden
  • it a taked a second to fire DODO!!!!!

  • It’s a safety trigger

    Hunter BradshawHunter Bradshaw2 dagen geleden
  • I’ll stick with my 250$ savage axis 😅

    The American Hiker 69The American Hiker 692 dagen geleden
  • Break it down and oil all of it everything make sure everything is oiled

    brayden 122brayden 1222 dagen geleden
  • The mighty rate additonally trip because shallot unexpectedly claim between a flaky dessert. unusual, superb paper

    Mike MaroneyMike Maroney3 dagen geleden
  • I like the way he speaks I love to watch his every videos

    Yathartha gurungYathartha gurung3 dagen geleden
  • Your videos are cool

    gingie 789gingie 7893 dagen geleden
  • 2000 rifle lol just cant stop laughing

    243 songs243 songs4 dagen geleden
  • 4,2k in 24 hours on pews..... living my dream.

    Trenton BlevinsTrenton Blevins4 dagen geleden
  • The muzzle loader got corona

    James ClarkJames Clark4 dagen geleden
  • I have a new invention the "SandWedJ" this being beneficial in sand & mud when used on grapnel type anchors, grapnel anchors generally used as the main anchor for many weekend fishermen and as a secondary anchor for most other applications. @t. Thoughts?

    SandWedJ Anchor Assist DeviceSandWedJ Anchor Assist Device4 dagen geleden
  • Imagine spending 2,000 dollars on a gun that don't work. Lol

    henry joelhenry joel4 dagen geleden
  • Isn’t that a accutrigger?

    Not so slow 4.0Not so slow 4.05 dagen geleden
  • Accu trigger

    Vincent JaegerVincent Jaeger5 dagen geleden
  • That scope cam was not the best

  • I’m gonna assume you got some bread to burn so pick up a fightlite mcr belt fed ar upper.

    jackson vanroojackson vanroo5 dagen geleden
  • Only gamers can tell it’s just lag

    Ben FarringtonBen Farrington5 dagen geleden
  • I've gone in to get a hat and walked out with a .17hmr. our pro shop has lots of .300 win mag. But no rifles for it. That's why they have that ammo.

    NORTHBROOK1978NORTHBROOK19785 dagen geleden
  • So the difference between a 200 dollar shotgun and a 2000 dollar rifle No difference they're both shit maybe the shotgun came out on top 🤔

    Julian FrameJulian Frame5 dagen geleden
  • Yo I don't know if you'll see this I'm pretty sure it was an error because you're not pulling it back all the way I watched when you were doing like the shots in a row like you got the three shots in a row when you got the first one like felt perfect it was because you pulled back a lot harder I think you just got to pull back a little bit harder up on the trigger so it's more of a clean break you should do another recap video up on this gun Low key if you still even own it because I would like to see if that theory is true

    Lil gunplay Yonug loc XoyLil gunplay Yonug loc Xoy6 dagen geleden
  • Double trigger you have to pull it and release both of them and let them go at the same time

    Caleb CasoCaleb Caso6 dagen geleden
  • They put cheap springs that’s eject the bullet

    Chris MalbroughChris Malbrough6 dagen geleden
    • For the double barrel

      Chris MalbroughChris Malbrough6 dagen geleden
  • That first 6.5 was a disappointment. I have the exact same rifle but 308 and its never missed a pull for me. Then again I ordered it in so it wasn't a floor model.

    Mick EkdahlMick Ekdahl6 dagen geleden
  • Why not keep the gun a fix the trigger??

    Airsoft lord_321Airsoft lord_3216 dagen geleden
  • This was painful to watch....

    bruteforce2011bruteforce20116 dagen geleden
  • My dad said never to buy that brand

    Robert KalousRobert Kalous6 dagen geleden
  • I have two trigers on my 7 millameter 08 like a safty triger and that is what I have shot all my deer with.

    Thomas LandersThomas Landers6 dagen geleden
  • Lucas Gun Oil is wonderful

    DAVID FLOYDDAVID FLOYD6 dagen geleden
  • It’s a precision trigger you have to do the initial click and the follow through pull.

    That Fishing GuyThat Fishing Guy6 dagen geleden
  • 22:52 he said gun

    Lorik ZyrapiLorik Zyrapi7 dagen geleden
  • Sight in the muzzleloader by going 10 to 20 to 50 yards then your desired distance. That would fix the sight.

    Andrew StricklerAndrew Strickler7 dagen geleden
  • With the Muzzleloader you need to clean it every time after you get done shooting

    Robert KalousRobert Kalous7 dagen geleden
  • You should buy a smith Wesson 500

    Liam SurlsLiam Surls7 dagen geleden
  • Jesus man that's not how you sight in a rifle lol

    James CruickshanksJames Cruickshanks7 dagen geleden
  • Get a .270

    Tawera Tahi-MartinTawera Tahi-Martin7 dagen geleden
  • Tc is aware of the trigger issue on the lrr send it in

    wyatt weberwyatt weber8 dagen geleden
  • Just re-sight the muzzle loader.. The optic probably can't handle the recoil of it.. Maybe that's why it's off now.. If it falls out of sight again.. Look into the optic your using and what recoil it's rated for. N yes the 6.5 rises around 18"-24" from muzzle-200 yards with a 24" barrel. It becomes level at about 200 yards depending on ammo and rifle. So sight it for 200 and you're pretty set to shoot out to 500 easily once you learn the drop. It ain't much at 400… Idk what grain you're shooting so I can't say .. Up to you to figure out. See what your grouping is with that rifle.. (The working one lol) maybe a mile rifle flair.. F those .300 win mags for mile range shots. 6.5 creedmoor's where it's at.

    name_ lessname_ less8 dagen geleden
  • You have to squeeze the first Traeger and then squeeze the second one

    Chase BrashearsChase Brashears8 dagen geleden
  • Bro there's nothing wrong with it it just has a long trigger pull

    Mason AdamsMason Adams8 dagen geleden
  • I miss the vids

    Bob LongmireBob Longmire8 dagen geleden
  • I hope y'all all have a blessed day🙏 But do me a favor look at my name

    Sub or your gaySub or your gay8 dagen geleden
  • Muzzleloaders get super super dirty and take a lot to clean, you need to make sure it’s cleaned good.

    Gavin BartelGavin Bartel8 dagen geleden
  • Hey said he ain’t hateing it’s a 200 doller gun

    Justice PointerJustice Pointer8 dagen geleden
  • Dux needs to make waders

    LerpLerp8 dagen geleden
  • Flair if you buy guns Winchester,Remington and browning are great rifle and shotgun brands for pistols ruger and smith and Weston are the best in my opinion

    TheonlyghostTheonlyghost8 dagen geleden
  • Want to buy a 20 gauge shot gun

    Jaymes GeronJaymes Geron9 dagen geleden
  • Go to the Bass Pro Shops in Memphis Tennessee

    Cayson OwensCayson Owens9 dagen geleden
  • Triggers need to be adjusted out of the box sometimes especially when they are double stage

    Sir Borkington_11Sir Borkington_119 dagen geleden
  • Look like the gun jumped left when you shot probably made it go way left

    HighlightsForYou StyleBenderHighlightsForYou StyleBender9 dagen geleden
  • The trigger on the rifle is actually one of the better triggers made which is an accue trigger and it is and should be fully adjustable! I have a rifle with the same trigger mechanism! That’s why it’s delayed it’s probably adjusted to a high trigger pull weight from the video it looks like the weight pull is 5LBS atleast the rifle comes with a small little tool you use to lessen the amount it takes to pull the trigger probably down to like 3 to 3.5LBS

    TrevTrev9 dagen geleden
  • I’ve always been taught to disassemble, lube and check every new gun I buy. Guess it’s just personal opinion but I wonder if that would’ve made a difference with that trigger and the old crack-barrel shotgun opening correctly.

    CajunRedCajunRed9 dagen geleden
  • Who’s the make of the pew pew sniper.? And also what’s the brand of the scope?! Would be awesome to know!! Thanks! Good video!

    TrevTrev9 dagen geleden
  • I heard the sig cross has recalled

    Ron HanRon Han9 dagen geleden
  • Why do you like the 6.5 creed more? And not like a.270 or .308

    gavin jetergavin jeter9 dagen geleden
  • A better double trigger

    Hookin SquadHookin Squad9 dagen geleden
  • The deer I killed my eight Puerner with was a youth 243 and it had a double trigger

    Hookin SquadHookin Squad9 dagen geleden
  • Or that trigger might just be bad if it’s getting stuckI thought it was just a second trigger and then another trigger I think the trigger is just bad

    Hookin SquadHookin Squad9 dagen geleden
  • It’s called a safety trigger and then you want to squeeze you’ll feel the first trigger go back and then you’ll feel the second trigger the reason I know that is because I killed my first deer those type of triggers but it’s better it was a Ruger Youth. 243

    Hookin SquadHookin Squad9 dagen geleden
  • Flair you should get a 500 magnum next

    erica fishererica fisher9 dagen geleden
  • Why don’t you get like a 243, 270, 30-30, 30-06? You only named three calibers that your already have

    Zealand WylieZealand Wylie9 dagen geleden
  • That is a cheap rifle cause if you would have but the browning x bolt pro you would spend 3000 dollars

    Mario LealMario Leal10 dagen geleden
  • Need lunkers

    Deni GongDeni Gong10 dagen geleden
  • #bassproshop 👍👍

    Ford RavenFord Raven10 dagen geleden
  • Your barrel on the mussle loader is baffled that is why you are not hitting the target you should clean each rifle before you take a first shot because there is grease in the barrel so you should clean it

    Henco Du PreezHenco Du Preez10 dagen geleden
  • You said that there is 2 triggers and l think you need to squeeze the first trigger and after use the Second trigger to fire

    Maxtax 54Maxtax 5410 dagen geleden
  • That was not user error that trigger was trash 🗑

    CholomanCholoman10 dagen geleden
  • the bullet is too small

    Celso ValenzuelaCelso Valenzuela10 dagen geleden
  • it is a 2 stage Triger

    The Redneck SniperThe Redneck Sniper10 dagen geleden
  • you should hold the muzelouder cause its sifts when you shoot it so its sliding around so keep in stable with youre hand and then shoot then you shoud be able to shoot strait and hit you’re target

    Jaden PringleJaden Pringle10 dagen geleden
  • 2000$ for a 300$ rifle with a 1800$ chassis

    Big foot Was hereBig foot Was here10 dagen geleden
    • Ripped off I got a tc compass for bout 200

      Big foot Was hereBig foot Was here10 dagen geleden
  • anyone else notice him call an acuttrigger a double triger

    Chase PikeChase Pike11 dagen geleden
  • Nerf guns had better response then that trigger

    Gregory GirgentiGregory Girgenti11 dagen geleden
  • Just use the sniper upside down

    Totally not Morgan Gaming channelTotally not Morgan Gaming channel11 dagen geleden
  • if any body feels depressed just say ur depresser suppresser

    Keaton R0698Keaton R069811 dagen geleden
  • Two stage trigger

    Jabreil JohnsonJabreil Johnson11 dagen geleden
  • This guy acts like hes been in the field for a long time but can barley hit center mass at 50yd

    Christian BanickChristian Banick11 dagen geleden
  • my dad assembles AR-15's, maybe he can help you.

    Kenzie GarrettKenzie Garrett11 dagen geleden
  • Does he not understand a 2 stage trigger?

    Alek LAlek L11 dagen geleden
  • You get two shots off at a deer with a muzzuloader, you are lucky.

    WardenHerringWardenHerring11 dagen geleden
  • Survive in the wild with only a knife you buy from bass pro High quality knifes only

    Lil TrunksLil Trunks11 dagen geleden
  • I love how you have to say "pew" to avoid being demonetized

    maddog_1230maddog_123011 dagen geleden
    • I have one of those clay shooters

      Ashton OsbornAshton Osborn2 dagen geleden
    • What 6.5

      Marko SkoricMarko Skoric4 dagen geleden
    • Innir

      Archie TaylorArchie Taylor8 dagen geleden