Building an OFF-GRID CABIN in My BACKYARD!!! (Part 7)

2 dec. 2020
404 303 Weergaven

Thanks to my friends at MTN DEW for sponsoring this video and making so many of my fishing trips better. Out here, it's about hunting, fishing, and building a cabin -- but it's also about The DEW. It's pretty cool that they reimbursed $200K in hunting and fishing licenses as part of their Outdoor Stimulus program.
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  • Like this comment if I should release a new flavor of MTN DEW called MTN SHEEW

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    • If MTN DEW doesn't do this, I won't do a thing, but they should. sheew.

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  • 9:06 sorry ignore this just picking up where i left off

    Lyla SutherlandLyla Sutherland5 dagen geleden
  • What the name of the music?

    Terrence MontgomeryTerrence Montgomery26 dagen geleden
  • Use your left Over 1x12’s for the floor seal the cracks up with some 230 burn it and stain it with some gun stock , no point in sitting on that left over lumber esp when you won’t be using it on your deck .

    Hunter PiggHunter Pigg26 dagen geleden
  • An incredible idea Yess, I learnt how to build sheds/cabins and in LOVE with them from amusingwoodworking com

  • You probably need a casement window not an awning window. Casement windows swing to the left or right

    Chris WorsterChris Worster27 dagen geleden
  • I’m sure you probably know this but ladders are supposed to go 3 rungs above the roof

    Hayden LucasHayden Lucas27 dagen geleden
  • You can tell bonzo wasn’t impressed, there was no viscious head banging while he deepthroated the pizza

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  • Why is this labeled as an ad for me?

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  • Do you have any jobs other than making vids

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  • If it wasn't for Goat Dad, Flair wouldn't even be a Kid.

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  • All I want is Mountain Dew now.

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  • How much was that cabin??

    Heather GibsonHeather GibsonMaand geleden
  • Get life proof flooring for your cabin

    Ray AnklinRay AnklinMaand geleden
  • You should use the 2 by 4s on the inside for shelves

    Just Vikings17Just Vikings17Maand geleden
  • I honestly think you guys should but a fireplace in there so you really get that cabin feeling

    WolfKrieger 1077WolfKrieger 1077Maand geleden
  • What are the dimensions

    Mason MorrisMason MorrisMaand geleden
  • Insulate the inside as well the roof and all the walls don’t skimp

    Scooter Mc'dScooter Mc'dMaand geleden
  • Bro the music at the 13 minute mark gave me so much Jon B. vibes. Freakin love it

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  • deck it out in camo

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  • who wants to see flair fish again?

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  • Day 7 of telling flair to make a how duck hunt video

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  • Flair next time you do insulation be sure to wear a mash as those particles that come off of it while your cutting it are horrible for you

    Derrick SchweertmanDerrick SchweertmanMaand geleden
  • Did you finish the cabin lol

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  • Nobody: Pool jet: oh it’s excited Love that guy!

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  • No tool belts on anyone my boss would be losing his mind

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  • Y’all should put the fireplace under the tv

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  • where is the 8th part (still waiting)

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  • Who remember wheb banjo was called banz daddy

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  • Pool jet the only one that works hard lol

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  • Where y’all gonna put the restroom ?

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  • You guys in your neon green Beefcake LLC hoodies doing work makes the Beefcake LLC so legit. Funny to think it went from kind of a joke, to a merch idea, now a legit construction company lmao. Good color for the MTN DEW sponsor too

    Crazy Hand GrowsCrazy Hand GrowsMaand geleden
  • You should built a gun rack up in the loft, you could make it out of cedar

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  • My favorite drink sponsored my favorite youtuber life cant be bwtter

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  • Yo

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  • You should move Pool Jet and Banjo into the cabin

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  • Flair, I'm 12 and I just fished in a tournament on sat. Dec. 5th and I love ur content keep it up bro!

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  • Flair, I would use the tongue and groove ship lap on the ceiling so you you don’t see the osb.

    Daniel ShueDaniel ShueMaand geleden
  • I’m I the only person that noticed the skull at 18:14 btw top right 😂😂😂 check this out

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  • Anyone else want him to get a pet deer??

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  • Make a part 8 and 9

    Cole MaclellanCole MaclellanMaand geleden
  • When you build a deck build it bigger than you think you should go big and put a dock on that new pond

    nathan arnquistnathan arnquistMaand geleden
  • What happend to your pond we never see it

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  • Well not everyone wants to shoot a deer out of a window

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  • Wow the cabin is looking really nice.!! It looks really cozy already.

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  • Tyvek is what we call Maine siding.

    Nicholas AmaroNicholas AmaroMaand geleden
  • Loving me some Ralphy.

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  • Every thing is turning out great

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  • Gotta put trophy mounts above where the fireplace is gonna go

    Parker TParker TMaand geleden
  • Busch light would have been cooler

    Hook'N N Cook'NHook'N N Cook'NMaand geleden
  • Worlds largest shooting house

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  • I work for the company that made those windows where did you find them ?

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  • Love the cabin videos 👍🏽

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  • You should put two handles on the inside of the loft window so it’s easy to pull in and push out

    Sam RustmanSam RustmanMaand geleden
  • You should mount the deer you shot up on the top of the wall right of the tv

    Carter BurkenCarter BurkenMaand geleden
  • Youre gonna come out one day to Peric living in it.

    Jesse HJesse HMaand geleden
  • Roast the wood with a flame torch to give it a burnt rustic look

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  • Get fueled up by that MTN SHEEW

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  • Bathroom shower?

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  • How do you plane on having electricity are you getting solar power

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  • How does one own a camel..a petting zoo camel no less. And have not ridden him???? If I had a camel I'd ride it all over my property, screw the ATV! I'm showing up to the cabin build on a freaking camel like a boss!

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  • Your going to break that window with the blowback when you shoot out the window

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  • Don't get Peric to build your bunk beds............

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  • you got to be a legend to be sponsored by mtn dew

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  • You should take the little shack by the pond and move it to the cabin and turn it into a shed and take the bed and tv out and put in your cabin

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  • projector might work out better with a roll down screen than a tv

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  • Who else thinks flair should make a video of just saying come on come on

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  • Yes

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  • How the heck is it a off grid cabin if there is a tv!

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  • Dale merch!!! Dale merch!!! Dale merch!!!

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  • Wrapping a building. You are working in a whole art genre!

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  • is anyone just vibeing with the music

    Charlie WardrepMesserCharlie WardrepMesserMaand geleden
  • use the tong & grove you didn't put on the roof for the flooring. Save you some money that way.

    Charlene McgeeCharlene McgeeMaand geleden
  • get a reindeer for the farm

    Owen WarnerOwen WarnerMaand geleden
  • Have you guys had Mountain Dew throw back?

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  • This looks more like a house in my backyard as apposed to a cabin. I might just be me But I was thinking it would look more like a LOG cabin or so.

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  • I drink mountain dew like water

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  • I'm in a cabinet class I would gladly help but I'm in PA

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  • Where's the bathroom going to be at

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  • it was the mid of the night when i wached this and i had to crack open a open a MTN DEW for you guys i have school tomoro

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  • Just make sure you don’t blow out the window with your muzzle while you take your shot

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  • Flair is the professional grain tosser

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  • Shhheeeeeewwwww! To anyone reading this, stay safe out there and happy holidays! My goal is to also have a popular NLworld channel one of these days!

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