Building an OFF-GRID CABIN in My BACKYARD!!! (Part 10)

22 dec. 2020
329 752 Weergaven

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  • Love the vids flair

    Parker HurleyParker Hurley18 uur geleden
  • flair pls reply did you repost this video

    Jordan BonifasJordan Bonifas13 dagen geleden
  • im no contractor but.....doesnt putting the boards on vertical like that defeat the purpose of siding? weather will go right through those seems. Secondly, Shou Sugi Ban siding would have been your friend.

    FrankenBMWFrankenBMW23 dagen geleden
  • That must be so enjoying.😎💥💫

    Fish LockerFish Locker26 dagen geleden
  • Try to put a bathroom in the corner

    Brandon AguilarBrandon Aguilar27 dagen geleden
  • Dart Board?

    UrAvgContentUrAvgContent29 dagen geleden
  • An awesome end result Ye, I learnt lots how to build sheds/cabins from amusingwoodworking info

  • 3 videos in 1 day:o

    Angel SalgadoAngel Salgado29 dagen geleden
  • Where is the “shitter”?

    Jim WallochJim Walloch29 dagen geleden
  • Look at 14:10 and watch what pooljet throws into the pond😂😂😂😂

    CJ SpencerCJ Spencer29 dagen geleden
  • I want to see northen pike fishing get those in us pond they are good to eat too

    Dynamite850Dynamite850Maand geleden
  • That first song got me hyped

    Wyatt RoyWyatt RoyMaand geleden
  • And supposed to screw every two feet

    Nicholas BinghamNicholas BinghamMaand geleden
  • The gable is still soffit it’s just solid instead of vented

    Nicholas BinghamNicholas BinghamMaand geleden
  • Flair is my favorite youtuber

    StaTic DxnksStaTic DxnksMaand geleden
  • Staging is so much safer than that genie you had to put the roof plywood on in my opinion

    Nicholas BinghamNicholas BinghamMaand geleden
  • You should put a nice deer rack right over the front door. That would be cool

  • Flair I am at my grandparents house and saw 3 doe’s walking like 10 feet away from the house it was so cool

    E's AdventuresE's AdventuresMaand geleden
  • You should put gutters on the cabin and feed them into a tank and have running water at the cabin for catch clean and cooks. Demo Ranch did it with this metal building

    KR 6.4KR 6.4Maand geleden
  • gets scaffolding uses ladders anyways

  • What state is this property located it looks amazing

    Adam GamingAdam GamingMaand geleden
  • You need to be a minimum of 2ft above thepeak of the building to be safe. This will give you a proper draft and will not kill you

    Gerry GelhaarGerry GelhaarMaand geleden
  • should have hired my tios they would get all that done ina week

    Spooky BoisSpooky BoisMaand geleden
  • Hey Flair, is there any way you could drop a link for the company you ordered your cabin kit from? Much appreciated, thanks!

    Low Budget Productions LLCLow Budget Productions LLCMaand geleden
  • 24 inch wide gas stove so you can do a frozen pizza, and a small fridge/freezer of some sort... will need a generator for the ridge though! Trying to run one off solar is NOT easy

    Mary BrownMary BrownMaand geleden
  • Animal wall mounts would bring the cabin theme together

    Trevor S.Trevor S.Maand geleden
  • Someone get these guys actual hammers

    Aaron BangaAaron BangaMaand geleden
  • @FLAIR seems like you got everything planned out for the cabin but your missing the main component... you need a POOPER you should do an OUTHOUSE BUILD! Make it true off the grid rustic cabin!! You probably won't see this but everyone else comment OUTHOUSE BUILD

    Rz_Lux YouTube ChannelRz_Lux YouTube ChannelMaand geleden
  • This has been the most "Ocean Approved" construction project that I've ever seen.

    Fire Turtle AdventuresFire Turtle AdventuresMaand geleden
  • Didn't know I could be so bored watching a flare vid

    William NorrisWilliam NorrisMaand geleden
  • This place lowkey looks better than my apartment lol

    BOQ WalleyeBOQ WalleyeMaand geleden
  • You should get a sink that runs off rainwater from the roof!

    ThatKidJofoThatKidJofoMaand geleden
  • Wood flooring

    ReelFishingYTReelFishingYTMaand geleden
  • Flair with the glasses on his head at the end😂

    Kjo_outdoorsKjo_outdoorsMaand geleden
  • Same thing happened to some uhaul trailers at my work that happened to ghat ladder😂

    Caleb BakkenCaleb BakkenMaand geleden
  • Awesome video Flair 💯💯 lookin good 👍

    Troy HarperTroy HarperMaand geleden
  • I sure hope you are going to stain that a darker color... that's the ugliest shade wood for a cabin

    Trevor AlexanderTrevor AlexanderMaand geleden
  • What kind of wood heater you going to get man?

    Josh DollarJosh DollarMaand geleden
  • Everything "100% complete".....wasnt 100% complete

    Derek ObertDerek ObertMaand geleden
  • Andrew you have the best dogs because they go out on the ice first to check if it’s safe😂

    Elijah The redneckElijah The redneckMaand geleden
  • This cabin looks so great you guys did a great job. I still don’t understand how two guys can do this in 80 hours seems impossible.

    Justin CollinsJustin CollinsMaand geleden
  • Gotta get those 1x2 strips on the siding to keep moisture from getting in between and behind the 1x12s yes those little strips are important

    Randy RichardsonRandy RichardsonMaand geleden
  • When you get the roof on get a hand pump sprayer and some 4hompsons water seal and spray the outside of the cabin so you dont have to worry so much about rain and snow water damage

    Randy RichardsonRandy RichardsonMaand geleden
  • put in flooring

    Yungdro710Yungdro710Maand geleden
  • Put a door on before you do anything else. That would be the smartest thing.

    Colton DavisColton DavisMaand geleden
  • could you get more ps4 controllers and play cod ww2 or any cod against banjo or pooljet

    superb_sagasuperb_sagaMaand geleden
  • Woww, an amazing video Yea, I LOVE tiny houses so much from amusingwoodworking. store

  • Yo Andrew you should play farm simulator

    Caden ShounCaden ShounMaand geleden
  • I would just like to point out that flair was not born to hammer a nail but to flip a bandito bug

    Jeremy DuehrJeremy DuehrMaand geleden
  • I have 30 years of experience as an independent fireplace installer... I love your vids... my three sons watch your vids religiously.. I live in Brainerd lakes area And great friends with merda (Fishnmore). Id love to be a oart of the cabin build.. advise or on site work...

    cuustomfireguycuustomfireguyMaand geleden
  • A jelly bean bag would be cool 😎

    Erick MendezErick MendezMaand geleden
  • 14:08 anyone see pooljet absolutely launch something

    Aidan McDanielAidan McDanielMaand geleden
  • Yo Flair you should in my own opinion get some old school country style rustic feeing rugs for all the furniture in lounging area!! And some old and new decor plus some mounted animals you've harvested on your hunts!! That would be sweet!!! Def BeefCake and OSHA approved!! 👍🤘

    Elray BanderasElray BanderasMaand geleden
  • I want a cabin now 😤

    Xavier BoykinXavier BoykinMaand geleden
  • Led lights all the way around the inside and the outside would be legit

    Landon GreerLandon GreerMaand geleden
  • Don’t feel bad about drawing the episodes out!! I enjoy this shit!!

    Ethan EEthan EMaand geleden
  • So are you going to do landscaping or are you going to rough it and let look woodsy?

    Preston BurtonPreston BurtonMaand geleden
  • Propane heater and stove, wood chairs and everything wood. Homemade!

    Noah SchoenikeNoah SchoenikeMaand geleden
  • You need a door

    Andy RaheAndy RaheMaand geleden
  • Just take your flat top grill and propane tank for a stove. And a round table and some chairs for hanging out and eating

    Carter RivasCarter RivasMaand geleden
  • The husky character provisionally crawl because grenade consquentially knot with a rural venezuela. stingy, squalid sushi

    Omar BuenoOmar BuenoMaand geleden
  • Where's Banjo 🪕🪕

    Luke BengeleLuke BengeleMaand geleden
  • Think it needs a woodstove

    ColinColinMaand geleden
  • Now that’s a Cabin. I love how you show all your mistakes and how you learn from them least you’re honest about everything. Love your videos keep up the good work flair.

    David NealDavid NealMaand geleden
  • Think you should put a futon couch that makes into a bed. They make wood frame ones.

    Gregory PattersonGregory PattersonMaand geleden
  • nice looking cabin flair like if agree with me

    Jackson WillemsJackson WillemsMaand geleden
  • Camo recliners for sure

    Jacob FultonJacob FultonMaand geleden
  • You just need an old wood burning stove in there. You can cook and heat the cabin.

    life with Jonathanlife with JonathanMaand geleden
  • Is it true that the reason Banjo got the bib overalls is because he is now on Farmers Only .com looking for women?

    Leonard CavarettaLeonard CavarettaMaand geleden
  • Flair with the fresh cut g

    Tucker RomeroTucker RomeroMaand geleden
  • Get a good wood burning stove. Will heat the cabin AND cook your food.

    Obi1kenobi10Obi1kenobi10Maand geleden
  • Bathroom???

    Michael YarbroughMichael YarbroughMaand geleden
  • Yoooooo pool jet for QB 2021 @14:09

    Kyle JohnsonKyle JohnsonMaand geleden
  • Wood stove that you can cook on

    Am OutdoorsAm OutdoorsMaand geleden
  • You gotta get a fryer in there for the catch and cooks

  • Flair: asks PoolJet a question PoolJet: 2-5 words in response to question Flair: interrupts response A lot!

    YupYupMaand geleden
  • You should do a fully functional mini kitchen Using appliances similar to what’s in a rv mini oven mini sink mini fridge would be dope !!

    SoCal Fishing _760SoCal Fishing _760Maand geleden
  • flair- the exterior is done, beside the trim, fascia, gables and roof

    Jude LakesJude LakesMaand geleden
  • Who else think he should bring Ralph inside the cabin?

    Brianna DickensBrianna DickensMaand geleden
  • Future Video..... Raining. Flair sleeps in cabin. Flair's ears... BANG BANG BANG BANG Flair: 😑 RIP THATS LOUD (yelling at us viewer's) Video after that. WE SPRAY FOAMED THE CEILING OF THE CABIN. Me... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Chad FortChad FortMaand geleden
  • Looks beautiful can’t wait to see you guys hunt out of it, amazing video love it

    Tyler Entertainment videosTyler Entertainment videosMaand geleden
  • Do a update video on mini pond we did not see any video for a long time on mini pond

    Moises RiosMoises RiosMaand geleden
  • Who else thinks that Flair should do a colab with DemolitionRanch?

    Deklyn McBeeDeklyn McBeeMaand geleden
  • I think you should make fishing holders in side the cabin on one of the wall

    Tennille DreierTennille DreierMaand geleden
  • You got a cut

    DrmessiDrmessiMaand geleden
  • Put some flooring in the cabin besides the subfloor

    Joel MillerJoel MillerMaand geleden
  • cant wait how it would look when u done

    Eve CamEve CamMaand geleden
  • make sure to put some sort of critter guard wrap on the bottom to keep the skunks from getting under there. #SHEEEW

    Tommy HuffmanTommy HuffmanMaand geleden
  • Wassup flair

    Hudson brashearHudson brashearMaand geleden
  • Get some kind of a fur rug to make it more cabin like

    Nellie ClayNellie ClayMaand geleden
  • Thank You for liking my comment on ur last video u made my year with that!!!!!!

    Hunter OdenHunter OdenMaand geleden
  • Interior = comfy

    Ty RiceTy RiceMaand geleden
  • flair use the nail gun it would be quicker

    jessicajones012jessicajones012Maand geleden
  • Where the hell is ol banjo at?

    Quinton WallaceQuinton WallaceMaand geleden
  • Flair you should put a bear rug in the middle of the dinning room

    Steve WallSteve WallMaand geleden
  • I know it’s not related to the video but I’ve been deer hunting my whole life but I am new to duck hunting. So my question is, when calling are you supposed to call only when you see the ducks or every so often. I want to have the best odds as possible.

    Koen DoermanKoen DoermanMaand geleden
  • When Macy gets mad you know where flair is going😂

    landen dohertylanden dohertyMaand geleden
  • My boy got a fresh cut 😂

    Thomas_MitchellThomas_MitchellMaand geleden
  • Get a 25 ought 6 they're good for coyote hunting and deer hunting

    Dallon RoesDallon RoesMaand geleden
    • And they have not that much kick

      Dallon RoesDallon RoesMaand geleden
  • Later on you should build a porch

    Nick LugoNick LugoMaand geleden