ANGRY Trespasser RUINS My DEER HUNT! (Confronting Him)

1 dec. 2020
812 484 Weergaven

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  • Haha, did he leave? And a lot of people don’t have or use onX. I have owned a piece of property for about 3 yrs, and it still hasn’t shown up that I own it. So don’t rely on things all the time

    Don HDon H19 uur geleden
  • Using the Ak-47 is ejecting shells in liberals faces, when they say, "you don't use ars for deer hunting". I know aks arent ars but, you get the idea.

    Joe VoitJoe Voit2 dagen geleden
  • Wow cry like a baby sad lmao why act tuff when your not grow up your channel going too head

    george campbellgeorge campbell2 dagen geleden
  • Have time to practice with the ak but not time to sight the 308? Should not take all day to sight in a gun

    flyinryan 1986flyinryan 19862 dagen geleden
  • Looking for clout

    Anthony LombardiAnthony Lombardi2 dagen geleden
  • Fake af

    Anthony LombardiAnthony Lombardi2 dagen geleden
  • dude in the old gm truck was lowkey being a dick so i think banjo was fine

    Breckin PhanBreckin Phan2 dagen geleden
  • I killed a 328# buck with a 7.62x39.................bad medicine

    Joey CrookerJoey Crooker3 dagen geleden
  • Andrews pissed

    Ginny MurphyGinny Murphy4 dagen geleden
  • Not a fan of starting all your videos like Bobby Guy with your “sheeew”. Like your videos other than that, just use your own catch.

    Cdubp01Cdubp015 dagen geleden
  • Banjo is a legend he should get his own NLworld channel

    Andrew SarbackerAndrew Sarbacker5 dagen geleden
  • I took my very first deer with an ak in west Texas

    AccuracyAccuracy5 dagen geleden
  • I am13 and I know how to use on x

    Kohl GreeneKohl Greene6 dagen geleden
  • You guys belong on the view

    Curly Que2Curly Que26 dagen geleden
  • True hunters know that this kinda shit would have made us go from huntin deer to huntin him

    Iron SightsIron Sights6 dagen geleden
  • How much does your ak hit for in the body and head?

    Will LivermoreWill Livermore9 dagen geleden
  • Used to like em but turns out he is a chubby butt head

    Raptor bert ArceRaptor bert Arce9 dagen geleden
  • These guys suck

    Raptor bert ArceRaptor bert Arce9 dagen geleden
  • heads butt holes

    Raptor bert ArceRaptor bert Arce9 dagen geleden
  • Banjo with the activity

    Do Not DisturbDo Not Disturb10 dagen geleden
  • you can see the trespassers face 11:46

    Patrick QuirozPatrick Quiroz10 dagen geleden
  • Work on that trigger press my man itll make a huge difference in your accuracy

    Kevin EscottoKevin Escotto10 dagen geleden
  • Stand your ground, and be firm, but always deescalate

    High Haven CabinHigh Haven Cabin10 dagen geleden
  • Yall acted like a bunch of douchebags puffin your chest out to a guy who appeared to make a mistake. Went straight into attack mode without knowing what happened. The guy parked a trailer blind in the middle of a cut corn field.... obviously hes not tryin to be sneaky lol

    Rob MRob M11 dagen geleden
  • man i'm pissed that the trespasser was being a b#@%h

    Damian MarinDamian Marin11 dagen geleden
  • AK’s are not made to shoot hogs. Your smoking too much meth

    John HarmonJohn Harmon11 dagen geleden
  • It does suck for y’all. But I’ve been that guy before and it really is a bad feeling when you mess up like that. Banjo was kind of an a-hole though 🤣

    Drew BrownDrew Brown11 dagen geleden
  • 14:50 my man Flair hit the Karen pose 😂

    Dante DavisDante Davis13 dagen geleden
    • I think they could have been more chill about this though

      Adam EliassonAdam Eliasson11 dagen geleden
  • Bit of an over reaction

    M MM M14 dagen geleden
  • Get em snowflakes!

    HuntFish BreatheHuntFish Breathe15 dagen geleden
  • Cant wait till everyone catches up then what we gonna do

    gh0stgh0st15 dagen geleden
  • Hits real good when they dint even care what they film.just knowing as long as theres somthing

    gh0stgh0st15 dagen geleden
  • Would be nice video litterally whatever u want and that's ur job

    gh0stgh0st15 dagen geleden
  • I woulda just been chill about it and he would be gone pretty fast I swear u guys need to grow up

    Gunner LeiningerGunner Leininger15 dagen geleden
  • Uncle banjo the foreshadowing

    ClickySquideClickySquide16 dagen geleden
  • Y’all are dumb.. it was clearly an accident

    Zach HillZach Hill16 dagen geleden
  • His stupid truck has more frame damage than the titanic lol

    Jonathan JacobJonathan Jacob16 dagen geleden
  • Soft....soft as fuckin charmin

    TrentJ202007TrentJ20200718 dagen geleden
  • bro why vidoes so lonnnnnnnggggggg

    Gary WheelerGary Wheeler18 dagen geleden
  • Flairs buddy needs to learn how to treat people..lucky the dude was calm and respectful..could of got the breaks beat off that would make good for youtube video... learn how to treat famous doesn't give you right to call someone a "dingus"..because of a mix up...not everyone use's onX...this video pissed me off..."ruined my deer hunt". 😂😂😂

    Frosty VlogFrosty Vlog18 dagen geleden
  • Thats a good way to lie and hunt people's property

    jefffowlerrjefffowlerr18 dagen geleden
  • He’s a fucking Karen

    D RHD RH18 dagen geleden
  • why tf would you hunt with a AK47?

    Diego GonzalesDiego Gonzales18 dagen geleden
  • A bit of over reaction here, shit happens, gotta maintain your cool and talk it out or y’all look like a bunch of dicks. Bit of respect lost here.

    Stuart JStuart J19 dagen geleden
  • K

    Jenna KoehlerJenna Koehler19 dagen geleden
  • A guy poached a big 10 on my properti

    Aiden MitchellAiden Mitchell19 dagen geleden
  • The go pro quality was amazing tho

    Andres Enriquez, JrAndres Enriquez, Jr19 dagen geleden
  • Let it go. It probably wasn’t the first time that happened and I doubt it will be the last.

    Stuart WhitakerStuart Whitaker19 dagen geleden
  • I deal with trespassers a lot, gets me very pist off and I’m a very easy going guy.... Ya ruined me hunt!!! Hilarious

    Brendan FazekasBrendan Fazekas19 dagen geleden
  • "You Ruin Me Hunt!" haha

    Ethan StewartEthan Stewart19 dagen geleden
  • Hi I'm knew here love the vids

    Jonathan GandaraJonathan Gandara20 dagen geleden
  • I have a rifle and it has that same iron site

    Crystal ArcherCrystal Archer20 dagen geleden
  • All I see are white trucks

    Abiel BrantleyAbiel Brantley20 dagen geleden
  • Pool jet: Hey sir how you doing today? Banjo: This is my land b*tch!

    Ben StykaBen Styka21 dag geleden
  • why did it take you so long to start walking?

    American AutoAmerican Auto21 dag geleden
  • people in the early 1900’s creating the .762x39: “yeah is gonna be for hog hunting”

    quaid mquaid m21 dag geleden
  • In Lithuania if someone's ruins our hunt we just shoot the motor of the car🤣🤣🤣

    Mr. Koks?Mr. Koks?23 dagen geleden
  • ah yes the finders keepers act of 500 bc

    fishfish23 dagen geleden
  • Flair swore he was gone do something until he pulled up lol

    50ktrae50ktrae23 dagen geleden
  • I have problems with trespassers, but once I found out it was a mistake I would let it go and if it happened again, I would be pissed. But thats just me. I have 60 acres that I actually bought, and there is a hunting club leasing land next to it. I'll be dealing with this for a while lol

    Danny DNADanny DNA24 dagen geleden
  • Good jobFLAIR

    Matthew GravesMatthew Graves25 dagen geleden
  • Good job

    Matthew GravesMatthew Graves25 dagen geleden
  • I hate trespassers good job Flare

    Matthew GravesMatthew Graves25 dagen geleden
  • The 7.62 was not made for hog hunting....

    bennie salinasbennie salinas26 dagen geleden
  • Calm down karen

    Maximo LueraMaximo Luera26 dagen geleden
  • Love all the people pointing out he was nice to the dude after "talking shit" When you are pissed off you rant and rattle off random shit until you calm down and actually start thinking logically.

    Some Random FaggotSome Random Faggot26 dagen geleden
  • My 8 year old granddaughter deer hunt's with a 223 ar and she has bagged her limit this year so they are totally capable of killing deer if you know how to shoot

    Gary SmithGary Smith26 dagen geleden
  • Amazing and innovative fishing !!!!!

    Marine Biodiversity and AquacultureMarine Biodiversity and Aquaculture27 dagen geleden
  • You do some sh!t like that out here in Georgia and we’re gonna use your truck for target practice

    The InspectorThe Inspector27 dagen geleden
  • banjo went full cursing mode

    jared vazquezjared vazquez27 dagen geleden
  • Family, land, country. I wouldn't be fuckin around with a camera would of been up in that dudes shit while he's playing smart acting dumb. Idk maybe your a better man then me.

    13mike Asher13mike Asher27 dagen geleden
  • Y didn’t u just sight the 308 in

    Kaleb CoonKaleb Coon27 dagen geleden
  • Flair is mad I’m gonna f this guy up , Flair showed up then got punked lol 😂

    SajoirSajoir28 dagen geleden
  • “This blind is about to take flight “ 😂

    Adil KhanAdil Khan28 dagen geleden
  • get a bolt action ,fool

    martha mossmartha moss28 dagen geleden
  • Banjo and PoolJet should have just stayed in the blind and scared tf out of Dingus

    KernzKernz28 dagen geleden
  • Guy,you ruined my hunt, banjo,YOU ARNT ALOWED TO HUNT HERE!!!!!!!

    Jennifer DethlefsJennifer Dethlefs29 dagen geleden
  • You should have bought a boot and put it on his trailer

    Marshall ThompsonMarshall Thompson29 dagen geleden
  • I would be so freaking mad if it was me

    Chase BakerChase Baker29 dagen geleden
  • Only reason you hunt it cause your sister is married to the land owner. Also not your farm. Spiegel’s buddy not you.

    Nate SloopNate Sloop29 dagen geleden
  • Make more videos where you hunt deers with a like a mini gun BB pistol

    Megaera HenryMegaera Henry29 dagen geleden
  • Don’t shoot the does that you see

    Fat OgerFat OgerMaand geleden
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Holli ParkHolli ParkMaand geleden
  • I woulda shot em he’s trespassing

    ThatOneCountry DudeThatOneCountry DudeMaand geleden
  • "O NO HE DIDN'T" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🤗

    Myron HighMyron HighMaand geleden
  • Tell him to f off

    Tanya JacksonTanya JacksonMaand geleden
  • You’re my favorite NLworldr

    Sidney BennettSidney BennettMaand geleden
  • It doesn't look like the deer live on that property. Usually does live on a property if it has at least a 50acre bush with adequate cover and bucks are usually the ones moving from bush to bush and they stay if there are does.

    mihajlo525mihajlo525Maand geleden
  • Tresspass and yell at the property owners armed with a 6.5 creedmore, conceal carry, and an AK-47. GREAT idea... Some hicks can only learn the hard way.

    mihajlo525mihajlo525Maand geleden
  • At 11:47 you can see his face XD and at 13:38

    Griffin BitchGriffin BitchMaand geleden
  • How many times have we heard the ol’ “I’ve hunted this ground for ______ years.” Doesn’t matter, you’re not hunting it now 😂

    Joshua SunbergJoshua SunbergMaand geleden
  • Flairs a pussy just stands there the whole time tough guys haha I would fold all three of you guys

    Kurtis KroonKurtis KroonMaand geleden
  • Wait it might not be legal in the state ur in but can't u just like put the limit of rounds into ur mag instead of having just one shot

    Josiah JonesJosiah JonesMaand geleden
  • Yo put a sign up that says "No trespassing violators will be shot... survivors will be shot again!"

    Josiah JonesJosiah JonesMaand geleden
  • You should get a grip or a wooden dong for the AK 47

    Jacob MelvinJacob MelvinMaand geleden
  • What is banjos NLworld channel

    Oliver LadehoffOliver LadehoffMaand geleden
  • I usually know when someone is lying and that dude was full of bs the whole time. If I was strapped like banjo I would walk up to anyone trespassing on my land. If I was there I would’ve definitely threatened to shoot the dude. Him having a gun and on my land. He was talking all crazy to y’all to like he was gonna do something. I would’ve said these exact words “you need to leave now before you get shot. I don’t know who you are and you have a weapon in the vehicle, I need you to leave before I shoot you. Your lucky I didn’t shoot you the second I saw you”.

    Ope OpeOpe OpeMaand geleden
    • @Jamie Kohler The problem started the second that guy drove on their land.

      Ope OpeOpe Ope9 dagen geleden
    • That's called making a problem when there isn't one

      Jamie KohlerJamie KohlerMaand geleden
  • Wtf are guns for just for show or hunting, especially

    ABowlOfDixABowlOfDixMaand geleden
  • Y'all sound like a bunch of colored women when the hair dresser fucks up the wigg

    John SmithJohn SmithMaand geleden

    LongwellLongwellMaand geleden